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Luna is the small-chested princess. The petite princess. Celestia's big, beautiful chest floof drives everyone wild, but Luna plans to overtake her sister at last. All she needs is a discreet clinic capable of a simple procedure:

A floof job.

Now with a dramatic reading!

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Hahaha! Good show, jolly good show, old boy!

The feeling of clicking the upvote and getting the perfect 10/0 to appear. Just means that 8 other people have a very good taste in fics. Really liked the fic. :twilightsmile:

A funny, well executed idea 👍 upvoted!

This is quite the, um, fluff piece.:trollestia:

And Luna using a fake mustache as a disguise to get a (generally mare-specific) procedure done is somehow surprisingly on brand.:rainbowlaugh:

“Sorry,” Luna snapped. “Your floof draws the gaze like gravity.”

Don't worry Luna. It has the same effect on those reading this story too

"Small-chested Princess" then. You'd think ponies wouldn't care as much about the size of their chests as humans do.

Wonderfully absurd! Pity it wasn't longer. It was rather petite-Much like Luna.

Poor Luna, atleast she has learned her lesson! Big chest floofs are simply not worth it.

I just hope she doesn't trip on her tail extensions. :twilightsheepish:

I still think Luna in the Equestria Girls universe is also petite/slim like her counterpart.

I will not change my mind.

This was a lot of good, fluffy fun. :raritywink:

They mean that writer liked their own story

I know it's an analogy, but why would you need a doctor to glue fuzz to your chest?


I know it's an analogy, but why would you need a doctor to glue fuzz to your chest?

Maybe it's magic glue—Equestria tis' a pretty high magical world after all, that makes your body actually go 'oh snap, that's part of me now! Better keep growing it!' or something?

Could see that being more than a bit of a bother if you do that classical glue your fingers together thing, just for one example. More than enough to have that sort of glue be a tool you need to be a trained professional to use safely.

Really great story! Loved it lots for the word play, the analogy and the actual sweet Aesop that Luna learns. The end left me giggling too.

My favorite line was : Celestia was definitely not normal-sized in any direction. Her floof spread across her chest like a majestic pillow, thick enough to suffocate lucky stallions in the most wonderful death one could imagine.

This is hilarious. I like the commentary on how the fashion industry along with society work, intentionally or not, to make people(or in this case ponies) insecure in their skin or in this case, fur.

That was good, made me laaugh!😂
Like deserved!

I dont understand why this is downvoted.
The math IS off.
If Isseus's upvote made it 10 likes 0 dislikes than its 9 other people who also liked it. Not 8.

and I can’t ever be seen without my regalia because then it would droop and look ridiculous. Even on days off I need to support it else it’ll ache between the shoulders

It was at this point that I realized that flood was an analogy, and whatnot was an analogy for.

... Things became even more amusing. :rainbowlaugh:

It’s Equestria. Any disguise is foolproof unless played for laughs. Clark Kent would be proud.

Poor Celestia (and now Luna). Though I imagine kirin have it worse. Much, much worse.

Mstar #22 · Aug 9th, 2020 · · 1 ·

I've known many busty ladies. There is plenty of quiet misery going on there. I've always felt bad for the more generously endowed.
Back rubs are worth gold.
It was nice to see this ponified, as well as get some insight into the minds behind it. After hearing how irritating having extra front weight was, I've never understood why anyone would ever want to add to it.
Then I have to remember, people are almost never happy with what they have. :)

Good ol' Luna hijinks.

Beautifuly written

Unless the author upvoted it too.

Though one could argue the author is included in those people with good taste :moustache:

This was fun to read :-)

I know a girl who underwent a breast reduction surgery because of the issues her big breasts caused her.



This is just such a masterpiece! I can't begin to describe the enjoyment factor being sky high and the formation of words being so professionally well done! Well structured bliss to a T, that's for sure! I hope you didn't mind, but I just HAD to read this glorious fic of yours!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/viWYpqLjU4s

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)


Poor Celestia (and now Luna). Though I imagine kirin have it worse. Much, much worse.

The year after their discovery, the kirin's home became the #1 popular vacation spot in Equestria. The kirin attributed this to their pleasant natural environment, warm springs, and cultural achievements.:trollestia:

Oh, my! This is an honor. I will not be able to watch it live, but I will be certain to do so and signal boost when the recording is posted, please let me know.:twilightsmile:

...i mean you could argue floof is a cultural achievement and that it adds to the natural environment.:moustache:

If only you could snip boobs off. Would make transitioning easier for some people.

Were you gonna warn us about an nsfw picture? She's floof-flashing all of us!

I find it interesting that the most common depictions of Celestia vs Luna in the chest department have Celestia as the "Winner". After all, the moon is a symbol of fertility, not the sun.

I rate this story five floof-puffs!

this looks like a job for SUPER F!

That was light, charming, and funny. Have an upvote.

Cute and silly, always love how the lesson is learned, but not really.


What mythology are you getting that from? More sun gods/goddesses are responsible for fertility than moon gods/goddesses in my memory.

On top of that, heat cycles are solar-based in horses. The longer the day, the more active the reproductive cycle. The shorter the day, the less active the reproductive cycle. Thus, for horses (relevant) the sun is the symbol of fertility in a very real way.

28 days in a lunar month, 28 days in a reproductive cycle and scientists have found that a woman's cycle tends to be in sync with the cycles of the moon. The moon is also a symbol of fertility in Hinduism. Plus, the Luna, or half-moon/sickle moon, is also a sign of fertility. That's right, even Luna's name is a reference to a lunar symbol of fertility.

Oh dear gods; this was pure genius! :rainbowlaugh:

Definitely puts that one scene from Ponyville Condifential into a new light.


Ah, I hadn't looked into fertility in Hinduism.

Thanks for that!


Now I want a story where Luna or Celestia have to make an heir for the good of the world, and they continually try to convince the other that she is the more fertility/reproduction-associated goddess so she bears the child instead of 'me.' ^^

I'm not sure if you've coined the term "floob," but I'm still happy to have encountered it.

Wonderful interlude with the royal sisters. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

amusing bit of fluff here ;P

Um, we were talking about floof right?

Doctor Oggle will be right with you.”


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