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Part-time writer, pony enthusiast, and the madman behind The Ghost of Coltistrano. I'm here to present tales of adventure, heroism, excitement, and a hint of romance.

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As a Writer:
The Ghost, Assorted Adventures - In Progress...
The Ghost of Coltistrano - DONE
Jecolt/Hyde - Cancelled
Calling Home - DONE
The Burglary at the Boutique - DONE

Other Fun Ideas:
Do We Ever Just Talk?
Gilda's Diary
Untitled Maud Noir
Untitled Applejack Adventure

As a FIMFictioner:
Get Featured - Not Done
Do a Joint Story - Not Done
Get Interviewed by FIMFiction - Not Done


Just Who This Nerd Is:

My pen name is Ethan Clark. I'm a writer and have been for a number of years, now. I recently released my first novel-length story, The Ghost of Coltistrano, and am now typing away at an extended series following it.

My favorite genres to write include Adventure, Romance, and Mystery. I'm currently working on multiple stories at once, both conceptually and tangibly, but I'm determined to release something spectacular for you all!

First Became Brony: Season 2
Best Pony: Applejack/Rarity
Best Background Pony: Lyra & Bon-Bon
Best Princess: Princess Luna
Best Villain: Tirek
Best Episode: A Diamond Dog and Pony Show
Best Season: Season 2


The Ghost of Coltistrano is getting a sequel! · 3:46am May 8th

Happy quarantine, everyone!

For those of you who don't know, my fan-novel The Ghost of Coltistrano was released last July, and in that time I've made an effort to begin a sequel series following that characters and expanding the world a bit more. It's been a great way to spend the quarantine and stretch the ol' writing legs again.

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