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God ot nearly took forever and the animations are based of. The story he wrote in bright winter that bright shows big mac https://youtube.com/user/64SMBZ

yeah no problem!
i understood most of your reply (like the first 3 lines) but it's the second line that's confusing please check or re-edit it
so it's much clearer & a lot more legible to read. i'm not a grammar nazi just so ya know😉

p.s: wait a minute…he's got a YouTube channel!:pinkiegasp: could you link to me? i'm really curious.
this message was written out on 4/11/21

Thanks i just really love this story. And his story about. The unicorn that is cursed to be forgotten so it just sad that there is not much on i there project i there hear or on his youtube chanel

hi👋 i'm good friends with inlustrius ghost. here's a little bit of info that'll delight you...
about 3 months ago (in January 2021) told me that he plans to finish/complete BWN🎊
just give him time:pinkiesmile:

p.s: Please Don't Follow Me! i'm super wary of users with blank pony avatars & can't be too careful.

  • Viewing 10 - 14 of 14
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