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Happy Holidays!


The Apple Family is preparing for Hearth's Warming Eve while in Canterlot. Everypony is in the spirit of the season while collecting gifts for friends and family. However, Big Macintosh can't help but feel as though there's something or someone missing.

Meanwhile, Bright Sight is hard at work on his studies as he's looking forward to the Christmas festivities in the Dream Weaver homeworld. Unfortunately, his unpredictable magic forces him to question his worth.

A little bit of holiday magic will show that things forgotten are never truly gone.

Thanks to Vivid Syntax for the helpful feedback!
Cover art was drawn by me!

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Cute and interesting fic.

This feels like a sequel...but to what story?

Sort of a sequel to another fic I wrote, but I never finished it.

I was wondering if that was the case hehehe hope you have the chance to finish that story :twilightsmile:

I enjoyed this :)

Will there be more?

To the author - Omg hello! how have ya been?
Bright winter nights (your 2nd work) was left on a cliff hanger & completely unfinished then you write a supposedly one shot sequel a year later...
There are explanations that need to be addressed here!!!:applejackconfused:

p.s: you probably have a very good reason for all of this. PM me whenever you logged back in here man:pinkiesmile:

Like I said before, super cute. I always love seeing more of this saga.

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