Armoured Hearts

by Milo_Chalks

8: Mystery

“Starry… who did this to you.” Silver sat there on the chair again, looking down at the comatose, bandaged pony, now looking significantly healthier than he had two nights ago following his arrival. Now, the final day loomed over his head. He had hoped upon hope that Starry would wake before being whisked back to Canterlot, but it was increasingly certain that he would leave, not to know of his friend’s state or anything. Starry would wake up here, alone, with no-one around.

He sighed, sinking into his chair, attempting to block out the sound of the heart rate monitor, annoyingly close to his ear, sending a loud beep rattling through his head every off second. He shifted and stirred in his seat attempting to get as comfy as possible in the hard, oversized plastic  chair. Closing his eyes and tried to at least try to get some rest before his next guard shift, Silver sat there for what seemed ages, the heart rate monitor and the clock ticking idly beginning to fade. Eventually, Starry began to drift, his tiredness winning over discomfort.

Nights had been spent trying to work out what is going on and worrying about Starry. But also, he had been questioning his own feelings, days being spent at work, then dashing to the hospital to visit at night. Little time was spent on sleep, and next to Starry’s bed was one of the few places he even felt he could. However, this sleep was very short lived, as Silver was jolted from his chair nap by the rustling and tossing of Starry next to him. The many tubes around his face kept him firmly rooted as always, but less could be said for the hoof which had jolted free of Starry’s blanket which was one of the few things on his body that lay intact after the assault.

Silver looked around carefully, checking the door and leaning over to the window. He used his horn to quickly draw the curtains to the outer passageway. With nopony around, Silver, as quiet as a mouse scootched his chair right up to the bed.  He reached out his hoof and gingerly placed it on Starry’s own. Gently holding his hoof and feeling the warmth of his fur, Silver’s own heart raced faster, the fear and excitement coursing through him. He felt exhilarated as his heart pounded. But it also filled him with a mix of sadness, as he was reminded of just how far away Starry truly was.

Silver’s ears twitched. He could hear the sharp click of a door unlatching behind him. He quickly threw the blanket back over Starry’s hoof and pretended to be fast asleep.

“You know those doors have a window in them right?” Doctor Wavelength’s voice sounded unnaturally loud having spent the last ten minutes in silence. Had it really been ten minutes? Silver asked himself.

Silver went to get up out of his chair, but the doctor quickly spoke up. “Oh, I’m not kicking you out Mr. Heart, just doing some quick tests on him,” He added, choosing to distinctly ignore the fact that he was grasping the hoof of one of his coma patients. “He could probably do with the company anyway,” The doctor sighed. “It’s not like his family has been to see him, and yes. I can disclose that information, you’re still under family exemption, as odd as that may sound.”

Doctor Wavelength went up to the monitor and began pushing buttons, testing the equipment around him, feeding tubes and redistributing drip lines.

“Any news on his status?” Silver sat up in his seat, looking hopeful at the doctor who was currently redistributing sticky sensor pads on Starry’s shaved chest area.

The doctor bit his lip and stopped fiddling with the equipment for a moment. “Well… that’s not looking too bright. We want him to have a relatively-”

The doctor paused, grabbed a  chair and sat on it backwards, now looking directly at Silver. “-Stable experience waking up, and in order for that to happen we need to make sure some of the more severe injuries are under control, he may panic if his left hoof and leg are still paralysed.” Silver leaned forward, his mind racing trying to guess how long that could take.

“So… tomorrow? Two days?” Silver asked, beginning to get impatient.

The doctor slowly shook his head, looking like he was straining to think. “Six? A week? We’re going to do that assessment tomorrow so if you wai-.”

“Six Days!?” Silver slammed his chair with his hoof, sending a loud noise bouncing off the walls. “B-But, you said-”

“I said, it was a safe, stable coma; Not a short one, his injuries need time. Look, I’m sorry for your friend, but you raising your voice in here isn’t going to help him. If you care for him, as obvious as you make it,” Starry noticed the doctor look down at his hoof buried under the sheets; his teeth clenched and his heart felt like it was about to race out of his chest. “Then you would understand that he needs time to heal.”

Silver looked down and realised he was throttling the chair, he didn’t even realise he had been standing up. When had that happened? He wondered. It was like somepony had replaced him with an angry double. He never got angry, especially irrationally so. The room was bright… so bright, why hadn’t he noticed before? It was hurting his eyes, it was going to wake Starry, why did this matter? Why did everything annoy him? It was loud and angry bright white, it was hot, it was irritating. He tightened his muscles, he squinted but the more he did so the angrier he got. No, Stop stop stop!

Deep breath… In… Out…. Starry sighed as opened his eyes, the room was fine, it was okay. This was okay.

“I uh… sorry doctor.” He began stumbling out the room, half present, half not. Just wanting to leave. The anger was replaced with nothing but a desperate desire to leave, he forgot about everything, his only goal was to ‘get out of here’.

“I need to…” Silver cut himself off, not quite sure what he was doing or why.

Silver ripped the door open and made to a brisk pace away from the hospital room, not using a single second on turning back.

“Sir,” Silver began, leaning forward in his seat and politely resting his guard helmet on his lap. The words ‘how are you’ were caught in his mouth as the Sergeant thrust his hoof into the air, forcing Silver to looked jolt his head up, his eyes widening at the sudden move.

“Save!” He paused for a moment, putting his hoof down and taking off the small thin glasses that barely sat on his thick, bulbous head. “The pleasantries Heart. Now, please, entertain me with why you have made an unannounced appearance in my office for the second time in two days, and I’d find it beneficial to both of us if you did it in a timely manner.”

“Uhhh, right. Okay,” Silver, recuperating himself, took a deep breath, filling his eyes with determination and leaned on the table to matched the Sergeant's own hard stare. “Sir, my time in the Crystal Empire has made me reassess my current situation, and with due consideration.” What am I doing? Why am I acting like this? Am I seriously about to do this?

Deep breath.

“I would like you to consider me for a transfer to the Crystal guard.”

The Sergeant sat there for a second, continuing to stare down at Silver, who sat there looking back, holding his ground. But slowly the bulky stallion leaned forward in his seat, crossing his hooves and planting them firmly on the desk. He was doing his best to look as intimidating as possible to Silver, who remained in the chair and maintained eye contact every second, regardless of how his much superior towered above him from across the desk.

Finally, Sergeant Market Garden spoke, in such a cold, deep tone, that Silver tried hard to not shiver as he sat there, “The Crystal Guard are not taking applications,” It was low, and calm, but terrifying nonetheless.

Silver pushed on, determined not to allow the Sergeant to defeat him that easily. “But sir, if you would just-”

The Crystal Guard... are NOT taking applications! Now, prepare your things for an early dispatch back to Canterlot, as you were told by your leader, Heart!” the Sergeant interrupted, much angrier this time.

Silver sat quietly in his chair. He hadn’t anticipated such a stoic, harsh response. What am I going to do? He thought to himself, looking around the desk for any sort of way out of this mess; That’s when he caught it. Half trapped underneath the Sergeant's monstrous hoof, he saw a piece of paper which, at a glance, he caught the word ‘Ambulance’. Looking at it properly he made out Starry Scroll’s name sprinkled throughout the document.

Ambulance…. Like… Ambulance records? Why would the Sergeant have documents that the police had taken? Why had the documents ended up in here if that would destroy…


Everything was starting to click in Silver’s head, as fear, rage, disappointment, and anger began to boil within him. He looked back up again at the Sergeant, who looked as if he was going to shout him out of his office again. But before another word could be spoken by the giant stallion, Silver sprung out of his seat and threw his helmet against the wall. An ear splintering crash and clang rang throughout the room as the helmet left a large mark on the wall.

“I’ve been meaning to do this ever since I met you, Seargent Market Garden, I quit!” Silver shouted, storming out of the office and slamming the door shut as loud as he could.