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Ever since he first saw the charming and dashing Flash Sentry, Sunburst is head over hooves in love. Unfortunately, all his attempts to get the stallion to notice him are all in vain. Starlight and Twilight make it their mission to get them together. Will they succeed?

Written for the M/M Shipping Contest

Cover art belongs to SUGARKITTYCAT04.

Oh my gosh, featured on the first day!! Squeeeee, thank you so much everyone!!:heart:

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Another rare ship!

Aww, thank you. But yes, it's true.

Howdy, hi!

You have been successfully entered into the MxM contest! Thank you very much for your participation and we look forward to reading!

Brace yourself for downvote bombing.

Oh dear lord...

Thanks for the warning though. It's pretty obvious someone's deliberately doing it.

It speaks volumes about the community, sadly. Lily Orchard once observed that 'words are one thing, actions are another', and I think this applies to bronies/pegasisters too. A lot of them say they are tolerant, but then show their true colours by downvote bombing anything with a hint of LGBT in it.

Still, I enjoyed this.

The fact that someone actually downvoted a comment that said 'thank you so much' tells me a lot about the person that did it as well. Then again, I had someone downvote a comment asking me if I was doing okay after I'd been gone a while, so I guess some people are just offended by odd things? :rainbowhuh:

As for the story, I think it's fine, certainly not something I'd downvote. The main thing I would suggest is more banter between characters and details for extra length, because the concept had a lot of untapped potential.


I thought you'd like to know this is in the featured box.


Thank you for your review, I'll be sure to keep in mind the next time I write something.

I just noticed, squeeeeee!!

Cute :twilightsmile:

....Are Starlight and Twilight meant to be together too? Or am I reading too much into this? Because they totally read like a married couple :derpytongue2:

The comedy tag on this did not disappoint. FlashBurst, I can definitely get behind that ship....especially since TwiGlimmer is my # 1 G4 ship.


....Are Starlight and Twilight meant to be together too? Or am I reading too much into this? Because they totally read like a married couple

They do read that way and I think they make a great couple.


Aw, thank you! And yes, since I do ship TwiGlimmer, I intended to have a hint of them being a couple in the story. Glad you guys caught that!:twilightsmile:


Any chance of a sequel? I'd love to see their relationship grow. You could even ship Twi and Starlight.....then a double date!

Maybeeee. In fact, that does sound like a really good idea! And since I'm still learning, I wouldn't mind a little help. If that's fine by you, of course.


Learning as in learning how to write?

Learning how to write better. As you can see, this story could've been better with more dialogues.


One thing with me is I tend to write differently than most people. Most people but "comment here", said character x while I tend to do it the opposite.

character x said, "comment here."

Well I don't always use said, I use whatever fits with the character's emotion at the moment. i just thought I'd warn you about that. I don't know what you think of that....my writing ain't exactly perfect despite me having so many stories under my belt.

Pfft it's alright don't worry. I think you're an excellent writer despite having a different writing style. It's no problem at all, as long as you're comfortable.


Thanks....some people have brought up my different writing style....it just seems easier for me.

As long as you're comfortable, it's completely fine by me.

"Talking!" Sunburst exclaimed, horrified at the very prospect. "Twilight, talking is out of the question! Every single time I see........Flash.......my tongue spontaneously combusts as my heart sings with joy and even angels descend from the sky to see this beautiful specimen of a stallion!"

oof! maybe Sunburst is better off not talking instead of saying that, lest he come on too strong

Flash chuckled as Twilight and Starlight both face-hoofed in the background.

ah, so much for that plan!

"Well look on the bright side, you got five more words than last time, which is definitely an improvement," Starlight joked.

Sunburst wailed even louder at that, and Twilight glared at her, who looked away sheepishly.

classic Starlight hoof in mouth

Sunburst sniffed and blew his nose loudly. "Yeah....except he was allergic to the pollen and had to be on bed rest for FOUR DAYS!"

oof, that is a very delicate Flash Sentry! Equestria is full of flowers!

Sunburst was bright red and gaping like a fish.

Flash leaned closer and nuzzled him. "How may this knight be at your service, your Highness?"

i mean, if he was bright red and gaping like a fish before...

Whatever he'd been planning to say next was cut off as Flash lifted his head with his hoof and stared at him with those piercing sapphire eyes.

"Say nothing more," he whispered and leaned in, closing the distance between them.

Flash is really good at this! as he said earlier, Sunburst is very lucky!

From behind a crack in the door, Twilight and Starlight high-hoofed each other and smiled at the embracing pair. A job well done indeed.

aww! always nice when a plan comes together. except Twilight and Starlight didn't really do anything, and it was all on Flash, but shhhhhh.

short and very sweet. thank you for it!

And thank you for you wonderful review!! It means a lot!

Eu gostei continue o bom trabalho!!

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