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While Flash Sentry waits for Rarity to work on his outfit for a performance, Pinkie Pie asks to put makeup on him.

Also known as, just best friends being the best of friends.

This is just a short little thing I did for practice. This teeters on the line between Everyone and Teen but I am currently keeping it on Teen.

Happy Bi Visbility Month!

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So as a human thing who recently began identifying as he/she and genderfluid (but who outwardly remains cisgender he/him to all but a few trusted people) this was a very cute and affirming little read that had me smiling the whole way through.

Also, the fact that you posted the characters pronouns and identities in the author's notes was satisfying in a way I was not expecting. Thank you very much for the story dear author.

Man, that picture gives me a whole different view on Flash Sentry. Good for them!

Why dose this story has so many dislikes?

Because it features a trans/nonbinary character, and a whole bunch of Fimfiction users are transphobic as hell

I guess some people here can't deal with characters whose gender identity is anything other than their assigned gender at birth.


Thaks for responding and also transphobic idiots can go to Tartarus for all I care

No problem :twilightsmile:
and thank you....with the like/dislike ratio I was expecting to see some nasty and bigoted comments or replies glad that's not the case...so far.

To the author - omg welcome back sweetie, i missed you. such a fun, beautiful & wholesome fic:heart::heart::heart:
first off...who's the artist for that picture! :raritystarry:

message written out on September 25th,2021

I'm friends with the author and he drew that pic ahah

Oh! completely forgot that they're an artist as well as being a writer. call me stupid:facehoof:😵

um you should know that when i'm writing out messages that say 'to the author' means i only want the author's response! no offense btw. it's mostly to prevent encounters from random users on fimfiction:pinkiesmile:

Oh I see it's alright!! She doesnt want to check fimfic due of the transphobia so I'm checking things for him. Also a quick check up my friend / the author uses she/he pronouns :)

Frankly I didn't care much for Flash a few months ago but all these pieces I've been reading recently are making him grow on me... How dare you. How dare you all

Ikr, Flash was never really a character I'd thought much of one way or another but after reading this fic and this one
I think I'm having a change of heart.

thanks for being understanding about this!

p.s: just so you're aware...

first off i'm friends with an author named Morning Rose who has written trans fics but their stories do have issues like pacing & conflicts that are resolved too quickly.

second - when following an author tend to make sure i read their bio description like sexuality & pro-nouns.
so why would i be discriminatory?:rainbowhuh: i'm very open minded guy, don't make assumptions about me at first glance PLEASE!

third of all i write m/m stories but do feature couples (in my stories) who are straight & lesbian.
ratings for the works i write are between teen & mature.

also referred to smallcrystals as 'they' in my previous comment! don't know if you noticed it or not?
originally had written she but didn't wanna misgender another writer by mistake again then looked up their tumblr page while i as typing out said message.

This was really nice, and it was great seeing Flash bounce off of everyone.

thank you so much for reading !!

sorry it took so long to reply to this! but this comment still makes me smile every time i read it. i'm so glad you enjoyed this, it means a lot, especially coming from a fellow genderfluid person!!

giving people a new perspective on Flash is basically my job so i'm glad i accomplished that !!!

ahehehe my scheme is working

i see where you're coming from with referring to me as "they" since commonly ppl do say "she/he" when they can just use "they" but i have explicitly stated i go by both she/her and he/him pronouns! it's a common mistake so i'm not mad, just letting you know that if i did want to be referred to as "they", i would have said so !! it technically is still misgendering if you use "they" when i don't go by that. again, i'm not mad, i know you mean well! :twilightsmile:


but anyway, i am so glad you enjoyed this!! and yes, i did do the cover art too 😭

yeah i expected a lot of bigoted comments here too which is why it took me so long to get the courage to look at these comments but i am pleasantly surprised! the like and dislike ratio is upsetting to look at but i know it's for a stupid reason rather than anything constructive

Omg girl, thanks for coming back & reading my comments...a year later:heart:😏
i'll not use that word around you anymore.

there are degenerates and absolute monsters in the mlp fandom. just ignore those people and keep doing what you love! which is writing🤗 here's a song for you - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dtkjaMh7d0 (this one is going be featured in my spike x thorax [human au] story based on a musical adaptation called the prom.) although i hate the company that made it *cough* Netflix!*cough*

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