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In Rarity's line of work, absolutely anything can inspire the next great fashion line, up to and including: corporate warfare, cinnamon buns, fortunate coincidences...

...or simply being with your best friend.

Part of the Montage Cinematic Universe.

(Cover by fromamida on dA)

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So, who wants to tell all those dieters that cotton candy is lactose-free, gluten-free, and vegan? (Unless there's something in those artificial colors I don't know about...)

In any case, some wonderful friendshipping and food porn. Thank you for it. (Also, Best Human is wise. Sometimes the best response to Pinkie is a blank stare.)

This was a sweet story.


There is always something in those artificial colors (to say nothing about the processing, er, process of processed grub) that we don't want to know about. :pinkiehappy:

Rarity laughed. "Never change, Pinkie. Please and thank you."

Damn straight!

Should be a treat when Rara finds out Rarity and Pinkie know Applejack.
Assuming they're childhood friends in this EqG continuity like in FiM canon.

Grounded, actually-a-real-person Pinkie is always welcome.

"There was this one time we gave someone a vegan milkshake and gluten-free cotton candy, but regular pastries," Pinkie went on, counting on her fingers, "and she got mad because she wanted a regular milkshake and gluten-free pastries! So, then she tried to sue us a week later

I know there's a real fad diet trend you're playing off of here, but seeing a mix up like this being trivialized is still pretty uncomfortable. For most people it doesn't matter, but for some, gluten-free is Serious Business, and stuff like this winds up reinforcing the idea that it isn't.


This was wonderful. ^_^ Wish I had something more profound to say, but this was just really cheering and sweet. :twilightsmile:

Have an upvote and a fave!

Hey, appreciate the check, and the link in particular.

I did my best to play up whole fad diet thing (which I have Strong Opinions about--namely, personal nutrition and body care is something that requires work, research and level-headedness rather than diving into dietary changes willy-nilly, especially when those changes better fit folks with conditions like those you describe) but I definitely see your point about the trivialization and will naturally do my best to do better going forward.

Thanks again.

Should have known you would find a way to name drop Juniper, Bookish. This was a lovely story, even if I was mentally chanting "kiss..." near the end.

What is the sequel going to be? Never Say Pleather Again?

Lovely. I was doing the voices from start to finish. Your characterization is spot-on as always. Also, hi Rara!

Gah. A part of me wonders if people who engage in those sorts of diets are simply pretentious gits. Would explain why there's so many of the things...

8925785 Piefall.

Or Tomorrow Never Dyes?


Look, all I originally had was Goldenpie and the title I actually used I accept any and all suggestions because you're all better at this than me :rainbowlaugh:

8925949 How did I forget Live & Let Pie? :facehoof:

Though I kind of want to see the more feminine approach, Thunderballgown.


Thunderballgown and the Pleather one are officially my favorites so far.

...Runway of Solace.

there's no getting out of this rabbit hole

8925999 That's a good one!

The Pie Who Loved Me

Can I get fics like this just injected into my bloodstream? *breathes in* I love these so much. Grand adventures and goofy comedies are great, but this is my favorite type of story. I love seeing things like this, just short interactions, that really highlight why two characters who are so different make such good friends. Both characters absolutely shine here. I could go on, but I feel like I'd start repeating myself. Suffice it to say, I really enjoyed this story. Maybe more so because it was just the relaxing story I needed at the end of a long and tiring day.


The Living Stagelights
The Purl is Not Enough
A View to a Frill
Diamonds Are Foreve—wait hang on



Buns of the Patriots Pastriots

edit: 20% funnier

How bout Moonpie baker

You only pie once. Live and let pie. A license to bake

Ooh, this was a lovely little slice of life-and-cinnamon-bun story. Quality friendshipping, Bookish! :pinkiesmile:


Damnit, I was already beaten to the MGS joke.

What a frill......

OK, so just to get this out of the way right now, these are clearly short-and-sweet stories, so these are likely going to be short-and-sweet reviews going forward.
With that established? I'd say this story puts the emphasis on the "sweet" side of "short and sweet". It isn't, perhaps, the first time where you've simply decided to take a peek at two characters in a moment together and let that, almost entirely in and of itself, be enough to make a story; indeed, I think the thing I already appreciate about this new mini-series of yours is how it hearkens back in its way to the classic P3 stories of old, if only in the sense that you let the scene you set sit on its own and unfold calmly and naturally. Which admittedly makes Coloratura's sudden appearance a bit of a surprise; it fits the key theme of the story, mind, and is a very enjoyable scene in its own right (especially since Rara herself is such a perfect fit for the EqG world I'm legit shocked she hasn't shown up yet as far as I'm aware), but the slight change in tone and structure it represents took me by surprise in a more-than-slightly jarring way. But that really doesn't detract from the overall story: Pinkie and Rarity bounce off of each other here so perfectly, and I deeply appreciate the unexpected yet wholly believable points of commonality you find between them, in particular the ways in which, radically different as they may be, they are each in their own way artists. The way the strain of new jobs hangs over the conversation is also keenly felt and well observed, and I really do love how perfectly each girl walks away with something learned and appreciated from the other here. It's all just such a pleasant, endearing read, the sort of character piece that isn't striving for Great Thematic or Emotional resonance but nonetheless in its own way hits on something moving and profound precisely because of that simplicity.

Yep, a great Pinkie. Called it. Maybe a few hairs off, but great still. Rarity's still got as powerful presence as always I can tell that you like writing her too.

That said, though - implying that you think your friend is trying to *steal* the place's hard-earned bun recipe just so her own place can sell it and make money? And approving of it and wanting to assist? That would be *super mean*. For shame, Rarity.

Also, foreshadowing! Adventure ho!

Weeellll... I can't speak to the fashion side, but I did once, on my local ponythread, come up with an entire thing of names once I read somewhere that Northern Spy was a sort of apple.

And that clearly must meant Northern Spy must be an Apple, who worked in Celestia's service in the mysterious underworld of culinary espionage.

It is probably for the best that doesn't get dug up again...

In EqG, Applejack and Coloratura are childhood friends?


Pinkie and Rarity bounce off of each other here so perfectly, and I deeply appreciate the unexpected yet wholly believable points of commonality you find between them, in particular the ways in which, radically different as they may be, they are each in their own way artists.

This is precisely why Ponk and Rarity are my favorite duo in the show.
They compliment each other in ways you don't generally see in cartoons, and it just feels very genuine.

Yeah. Makes you wish they played with it a bit more, and a bit more often, but I agree wholeheartedly.

Now kiss.

Now that was utterly delightful. :twilightsmile:


So... my default amused noise is like a dry/breathy chuckle? But when something funny just like, suckerpunches me in the gut I have a very Pinkie Pie snorty squeaky giggle?
This got some happy noises just from being one of my favorite duos and being written with signature Booky aplomb and perfect characterization. It also got said loud squeaky Pinkie giggles.

Now this is what I call an enjoyable little slice of life story!

It really sticks out to me just how perfectly in character Pinkie and Rarity are. Even in some stories I enjoy overall I find myself distracted by characters having moments when they seem a bit off, but that didn't happen here. Excellent work!

The beginning reminds me of when I worked as a toy salesman. Dealing with customers. The cameo of Rara was a nice touch too

Heartwarming. I like how you captured Rarity and Pinkie's similarities.

I spotted Derpy! I didn't know she works as a waitress, I thought she would be a newspaper delivery girl. :derpytongue2:

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