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With several best friends having taken part-time jobs in or around the same mall, lunch break hangouts were inevitable.

Juniper Montage and Twilight Sparkle are no different, and an electronics- and media-filled shopping center is catnip to them both as they reflect on themselves and their future...

...with a 55% chance of playful supervillainry.

Part of the Montage Cinematic Universe.

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Absolutely adorable, you may turn me into a fan of Fanfic-Juniper Montage yet!

*evil laughter intensifies*

Has there ever been a shipping for those two?

This would require Juniper to get fanworks, period. In other words, people actually acknowledging her existence and using their imaginations, instead of just shoving her into bad complaint memes and worse porn.

The closest Juniper/Twi ships get to date is the Juniper novella I wrote -- though to be fair, it's pretty darn close. I believe SMJames also wrote a ship with her and Sunset.

There's also this other book I'm working on for the summer, so.


Also, cue Twilight bursting in to a room with all her friends in it with a glove on one hand going "GUYS I NEED TO BORROW YOUR GEODES FOR MY COSPLAY"

I would pay to see that. Literally.

"What, what happened?" Juniper frantically looked around. "Store on fire? Clearance sale? Someone fell down Devil's Gorge and has a compound fracture of the lower mandible?"

The Fearsome Five have taken over Canterlot High!

It pleases me to know that some of my people still exist.

Once again you supply me with a cute fix for the day. I love the way these two play off each other here, and, if I'm not mistaken, there's a reference to a previous Juniper story here?

I find it hard to step away from the story and say "I ship it". I can't quite put my finger on why, though.

"The Montage life is a lonely life," she said, her voice dripping with fake, lilted melodrama, "but she lives it with the grace and stride befitting a rising star! Witness her plight and be moved!"

And now I can't help but wonder how bad/amazing it gets when Rarity and Juniper feed off of each other in a melodrama spiral.

Wonderful stuff. Your Juniper makes wonderful parallels with Twilight given her unease with her sudden influx of new friends and how they might leave as easily as they came. These two play off of each other fantastically. Thank you for another great installment in this series.

"One does not consider fun when bringing balance to the universe—"
"What!? But one should always consider fun!"
"Pinkie, it's just a line from the trailer—"
"Don't care. I will not let fun go unconsidered!"


TBeing Juniper Montage
Juniper Montage may have been given a second chance, but before she can truly embrace friendship... she'll have to overcome her crippling, deep-seated fear of it.
Bookish Delight · 42k words  ·  108  2 · 1.3k views

the answer to both of your paragraphs!

Ri2 #11 · May 17th, 2018 · · ·

When Twilight triggers the robot apocalypse, she'll naturally be in control of the whole thing (she's too smart not to be) and then give the world she's conquered to Sunset as an engagement present. It will be the most romantic thing Rarity's ever seen and she'll start whining about how all AJ gave her for their engagement was apple pie. Pinkie will throw the biggest party the world has ever seen as congratulations. Rainbow will form the rebellion because that sounds to awesome for her to pass up. Fluttershy will be too distracted by adorable robot animals to notice.

And of course, Juniper will be their propagandist and film a docudrama about the Twin Queen's rise to power that will be absolutely adorable and snuff out virtually all resistance with only a small amount of subliminal mind control.


This is so absolutely spot-on and perfect that I'll even allow the Rarijack.

Well, this is a fun little bit of fluff.

Also, this seems vaguely appropriate. Or should I have saved this for the sequel fic?

This is at least 55% more appealing. Do approve.


Oh, they aren’t together? Sorry, I presumed they were from junipers comment on country/city romance. Who are they together with then? Pinkie and Strawberry?

With few exceptions, I tend not to think too hard about my ships.

That said... hmmm. I do enjoy the taste of strawberry pie.


I loved this story so much!


Okay, because I could easily adjust things for a different pairing, like Pinkie tries to outdo Twilight's romantic gesture by blowing up the moon for Rarity, but is thankfully stopped in time. Also, AJ joins the rebellion because Twilight's newfangled robots make her obsolete.

Someone needs to write a Terminator/Equestria Girls crossover. Now.

"Princess of All Media?" Twilight looked at Juniper with a slanted grin. "That's a pretty lofty title."

So, Juniper wants to be the next Cat Grant, eh? She aims high indeed.

On it!


::throws you a gummy bear::

oh hey I honestly wasn't sure anyone on this site would catch it. :pinkiehappy:


oh twilight, you'd build 20 sweetie-bots if you had the chance

Well, in the defense of some of us, we just aren't quite as quick on the draw as you are.


complaint memes?

Well, we can tell Juniper isn't a Rarijack shipper. :duck:

But yeah, another lovely little story! Your Equestria Girls fics are so damn wholesome, not to mention fun and well crafted, that they practically deserve an official slice of the fanfiction nutrition pie chart. :pinkiehappy:

So, Applejack gives Trixie the confidence to approach Fluttershy, who has the confidence to appear in Juniper's next original fan-vid, who therefore helps Twilight decide to really go all out with her science-stuff. I wonder where this chain of encouragement will go next?


I just had an idea

Sweetie Belle gets hit with equestrian magic and turns into an android and is forced to fight against her own robot logic and the robotics club's machines that have gone haywire

Beauty and the beast, nice reference. Obviously, Juniper has more going on than we give her credit for.

God there are so many fantastically subtle bits of "i c whut u did thar" pop-culture references going on here (my favorite might be quoting the "Gaston" reprise, but it's a stiff competition and the Darkwing Duck "Devil's Gorge" bit is putting up a REALLY strong fight) seeded so seamlessly into the story that if you don't know to look for them you'd miss them, and the fact that this does not in any way harm the story whatsoever speaks perfectly to why it is basically my platonic ideal for how to do that exact kind of wink-and-a-nod reference to begin with.
As to the story proper, I am reminded that one of my favorite elements of the exceptional "Being Juniper Montage" was the exceptional relationship you developed between Twilight and Juniper for how well it built up both characters (expanding Twi's love of science into being as much a fan as Juniper is a brilliant extrapolation on your part, maybe the single sharpest you've ever done, and that is saying something) and for how delightful it was to just...watch it play out; the two of them bounce off each other so well. And that's in full force here, too, especially as the story continues to build on all the best trends of this mini-saga-of-sorts in the background. Again, you find a brilliant link between the characters to explore (their differing and yet not so different perspectives on technology and Geeking Out Over Shopping), and again you use a few carefully-played elements from the previous stories to supplement this one (we get a clearer sense now of the chain reactions leading Trixie between her two stories here, for example). But you also let this dynamic unfold in a very particular way; I especially appreciate how well you convey the nervous energy that emerges around uncomfortable topics, the way attention can drift to other, nicer things. And the back-and-forth playfulness? The way that playfulness can sometimes falter when it doesn't click, but just as often rewards and enlivens the characters? That resonates with me strongly. It's the key to why this relationship is so compelling to read, the believability and depth of its shape and foibles. I have experienced so many of these moments itself, and so to see them here makes this friendship feel palpably real to me in the best possible way. VERY much into it.

Alright, back in the saddle.

at least part of the delay is that I have to emotionally prepare myself for anything that looks like a followup to BJM yes


"Yeah. Thanks for not. Taking that. Badly."

Juniper laughed, bumping shoulders with Twilight. "Come on! We're both past awkward apologies at this point, aren't we?"

...eheh. :twilightblush:

"I know what you mean. Shopping centers certainly have changed. They were boring for me when I was growing up, so I always spent time in the library. But now that marketing to geek culture is economically viable? I can just walk in here and find things I'm actually interested in just by—"

Oh hey, it's some sort of cool, magical wonder mall. :raritycry:

"You want to make... I don't know, a city-country romance? You have to talk to people like Applejack and Rarity—but never at the same time, because they instantly start arguing. Seriously, I know that genre's all the rage, but I do not get it."

It's not about the arguing so much as what happens after. :raritywink:
cool knighty finally fixed copy-pasting italics


Alright, no serious damage done. Less tied into the work theme than the rest, but heartfelt and terribly real all the same. :pinkiesmile:


Has, uh, has anyone told you that you should be watching new Ducktales if you aren't already, for uh.... reasons?



Shut up, Dax.

I understood that reference and I don't know how to feel about attaching Juniper to it. XD

"Look, there are best friends, and then there are super best friends,"

I see what you did there. :pinkiecrazy:

"After which I did a lot of thinking."

"A dangerous pastime," Twilight said with a slanted grin.

"I know," Juniper said, grinning back in kind.

NOOOOO...ONNNNEEEE... :rainbowdetermined2: like Gaston, no one :rainbowlaugh: like Gaston!

"Someone fell down Devil's Gorge and has a compound fracture of the lower mandible?"

I don't get that reference. o_O

Juniper looked above the window Twilight was glued to, to see the name "RoboShop" above a store full of metallic gadgets, big and small.


Okay, now I'm going to read Super Heroine Time and see how many references I can spot. =P

What is that reference if i might be so bold?

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