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Trixie needs a new pet.

Fluttershy works at the local pet shop.

This has about a 50/50 chance of working out.

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They'd be able to combine their voices into one super-voice of actual human volume and get people to listen to them.

Oh, that is adorable.

It's funny; you'd think this interaction would be old hat, but I'm not sure if I've ever seen Fluttershy and Trixie interact so positively before. And the inclusion of just who Trixie picks for her pet is truly inspired. Another excellent entry in the series, even if I don't have any ponidoxical addenda to offer. Thank you for it.

(Also, I, for one, welcome our Flutterclone overlords.)

Nice Capper cameo! This was amazing.

This was really an unexpected delight. I did not expect a Fluttershy and Trixie story to have this emotional turn (poor Fluttershy... I felt so bad for her with the news about the old animal shelter :pinkiesad2:) and seeing Trixie be the one to give her some encouragement and genuine advice was a wonderful bit of character stuff.

And also, the reference with Trixie's new pet was just brilliant. :pinkiehappy:

(Also, yep, of course there's a Juniper mention near the end there! XD)

And left before she could watch what had happened to the rest.

That's okay; I didn't feel like being happy today anyway, :fluttercry:

I think this is my favorite entry in the series so far. Fluttershy was spot on and her interactions with Trixie were fantastic. The cameo and shipping fuel were just icing on the cake.

Although this is only slightly connected to the story with Applejack, I think that you should put them together as they are linked parts of the same story.

I can see a cute story where Fluttershy and Trixie put together a metamorphosis act in honor of their (friend?)ship and Trixie’s impact on her. Use of Flutterclones to make the trick work optional.

Trixie being sympathetic and teaching Fluttershy to be confident? I didn't know I needed this, but I NEEDED THIS! Bravo.


(Also, I, for one, welcome our Flutterclone overlords.)

Same. Just like how I welcomed this nice little bit of fluff between two individuals.....who I didn't quite think would work out so well.

Fluttershy is a silly pony. I liked that. And she also worked quite well with Trixie. Synced better than you'd expect.

Excellent! This was a true (Bookish!) delight to read. Fluttershy showing some spine, and letting loose? :yay: Loved how you wrote Trixie here; bombastic yet slightly awkward, with some really good advice for 'Shy. And yes, the choice of pet for her was just perfect!

Trixie being helpful and kind? I love it!

Pretty solid all around. You never think about it but Trixie and Fluttershy are basic opposites. Fluttershy is quiet, timid and lacks confidence, Trixie is loud , prideful and arguably has more confidence than even Rainbow Dash. Of course, Fluttershy is also extremely Humble and modest, something Trixie could learn a thing or two about.

So it makes sense if they interacted they could potentially benefit from the other. Only problem I have is the animal Trixie picked, maybe it's cause I prefer it when every character has a unique animal and Rarity already had a cat, I don't know. Would've been funnier if Trixie got something unexpected like maybe a Snake, or something nuts like a Bear or Badger.

Eh, well... Human Twilight has a dog, so... that was already kind of impossible in this world.


Spike doesn't count, he can talk and is more a friend than just a pet.

Dog Spike 100% counts until Sci-Twi gets an owl. Unlike Dragon Spike he straight up started as a non-sapient pet. Even now, he can't exactly be an assistant, but he strikes an interesting middle ground.

XD this was awesome. Keep up the good work!

I agree with 8929579

This was my favorite entry for now, and with such a nice balance between fluff and character exploration. Lovely.

What a cute story.
I struggled, but somehow managed not to yell 'now kiss'...


Also, nice cameo.

I agree with you about this good story and in a sequel to Getting back on your hooves Trixie gets a skunk as a pet. Not even Trixie expected that outcome.

Oddly enough, I've already thought of Trixie as having a fondness for cats. Though that's mostly thanks to the manticore Pony!Trixie had in her act in No Second Prances.

Trixie stared into its green eyes. "I believe this feline may like the look of show business," she said, cooing at it with her fingers. On top of that, he's is gorgeous. Just look at these dapper paws ."

"My," Fluttershy said. "How Rarity of you."

"Well, he will be part of my suite of disappearing hat tricks, so how about..." Trixie snapped her fingers. "Capper!"


A waifu thief reference! (Rarity is my waifu):raritywink:

I've reviewed this story HERE!

Well that got dark. :pinkiesad2:

But not for too long, and assertive-but-not-absurdly-so Fluttershy and the Reasonable and Wise Trixie are both a treat. :twilightsmile:

so are dwarf seahorse Novo and a cantankerous group of parrots around there somewhere too

To get through a show, you have to assume that everyone watching you is on your side, even if they might not be. Of course, Trixie never assumes they're not, because with her exquisite act, at worst it's simply a matter of them not knowing how much they love her yet."

And now, a behind the scenes look into the mind of one Trixie Lulamoon, as reported by Sunset Shimmer:

Oh Trixie, you're so fine
You're so fine you'll blow their minds
Hey Trixie, hey Trixie

Oh Trixie, you're so fine
You're so fine you'll blow their minds
Hey Trixie, hey Trixie

"It doesn't end! It just keeps going, and going, and going! Forever!"

"Should it not?" :trixieshiftright:

Why did I get some TrixieShy vibes in some parts of this?

I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering if my madness was in play here.

Point the first: the reveal with the cat is the best kind of brilliant reference that I love most in all the world.
Point the second: this is adorable and wonderful and it might be my favorite of these yet (not that I've read the two most recent ones just yet, nor that it is not a super stiff competition regardless). Like, right off the bat, I adore the way you handle Fluttershy's voice here, both in terms of actual dialogue and how the prose approaches her internal thoughts; the slightly stream-of-consciousness flow of it, the way she mulls over ideas and takes them down trains of thought until they reach a peculiar but ultimately-understandable conclusion (the way she contemplates the full implications of cloning herself, defined ultimately by the fact that she immediately empathizes so strongly with her hypothetical clones, is just such a delightful and fascinating bit of writing and character work)...it's unique from the withdrawn, often-silent nature of her pony counterpart, but ties in so keenly with her shy nature that it feels eminently believable and compelling even so. And, as you did with Pinkie and Rarity, I love the common vector you find between her and Trixie (who herself gets to again play The Worst Customer to even stronger effect, since here she gets to turn things around, which I appreciated). The idea of how we present ourselves to the world...how we learn to speak truly, openly, and strongly to the things we want...Trixie and Fluttershy are on near-opposite ends of that spectrum, but that's exactly what makes the dynamic here so fantastically compelling, and you nail it every step of the way. I loved Fluttershy humbling Trixie, I loved Trixie helping Fluttershy tap into her inner showstopper, and dangitall I loved this whole danged story.

Interesting direction.

This was a delight from start to finish. Everything was fun and fluffy and cute in a really lovely way at first, then that serious turn popped up and it took me totally off guard in a way I was completely alright with. It’s good to see Trixie applying a grating but fairly ingrained side of her for a positive influence.

Thanks for writing this! :twilightsmile:

Of course, glad you liked it! :pinkiehappy:

(your name just clicked with me from my recent gabs w/summer; I'll be reading at least one of your things pretty soon <3)

This was a good one. have a like:trixieshiftright:

This was very fun, rather cute and would make for a great episode of the digital series!

Fucking! Goddamnit Booky!
I felt. I giggled. I cried at the poor animals.
And then I lost my shit for a good ten seconds at Capper.

Pretty sure by the end of Trixie's show, Capper will be running back to Fluttershy with all the bits Trixie will earn.

'Super voice', awwww. :twilightsmile: This was an engaging read. Thank you for sharing. :pinkiesmile:

Say, what was it that Fluttershy agreed to do with Juniper? :rainbowhuh:

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