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Working with fruit was always Applejack's calling. It's the customers she's not always sure about.

The friends, however, are never in question.

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Hmm, "sugarcube" was the magic word? Right, Applejack, we believe you...

Excellent use of every character involved... though I do have to wonder how pony Applejack would react if she ever heard about this...

"The hay's goin' on in that monkey brain o' yours, fraternizin' with the enemy like that?"
"Enemy? I'd go crazy if I didn't have Strawberry on shift with me!"
"But she don't like apples."
"Now I didn't know what kinda person I'd be in Equestria, but I didn't think I'd turn out t' be some kinda fruit bigot."
"I ain't a bigot! All other fruits are equally inferior to apples."
"And what's that make Momma?"
"... You go have fun with Miss Sunrise."
"Don't need your permission, but thank you kindly."


...I wrote 2700 words just now to try and fix that damnable episode for myself--and wouldn't you know it, turns out I was a hundred short.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Okay, I have a soft spot for Trixie and I realize the thing that annoys me about her is an integral part of her personality...but good god, I would not be able to put up with her manner of speech for very long.

This was great. And it was a really delightful surprise to see Applejack and Strawberry Sunrise get along so well here! :rainbowlaugh: God, I bet the pony AJ would really lose her apples at that!

Got to try the smoothie AJ makes for Trixie some day, it sounded genuinely lovely. Also, good use of the G&P one overall! Also also, I think Sunrise's got her shipping goggles on...

AJ and Strawberry Sunrise dating? Eh, I'd ship it. Awesome characterizations all around, as usual.

This is perfect in every way. Zero to feels in 100 words flat.


Which damnable episode? The one where AJ was Worst Pony (again) and was awful to Rarity and the other designers?

The most recent one with her and Rainbow was pretty damnable too.


Strawberry and AJ...TOGETHER?! That...buh?!

Also, I wouldn't really call Trixie blonde.

It's accurate because she has silver hair (hence platinum-blonde).

I knew I liked the smoothie short. This is a... very refreshing AJ.

Would you believe this isn't the first EG Strawberry Sunrise shipfic I've seen
also is it weird dating someone with the exact color palette of your little sister because that feels like it would be a little weird


In real world terms, platinum blonde is a valid descriptor for that sort of shade, but with EG's polychromatic Doug people, yeah, you could reasonably shorten it to just platinum, since blonde isn't such a universal base color.

Well...I don't know if I ship it or not, but that was a fun read! ^_^

Hmm... not much of a fan of the ship, but the story was a lot of fun! Do you know of a way I can 'follow' a bookshelf? I want to make sure I catch all of these!

You could always just follow me for the rest of the week. :raritywink:

Where's the fun in that? :twilightsmile:

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :pinkiehappy:

Oh boy. Yeah, it never fails to amaze me when people insist on taking away the exact opposite thing from what that scene was supposed to say.

Anyway. Good representation. Trixie in good form. Applejack showing her good side without being over the top. And a nice introduction of Strawberry, even if she didn't get shown too much. Maybe later. (I'm guessing this version doesn't hate Apples, though. She seems quite fond of them, in fact... at least the local variant. :trollestia:)

And avocados are great. Nutty and subtle flavor. Though blending them would ruin the texture, which is the best part in my opinion.

OK, personal anecdote time: I work in the food industry. Have for close to four years now. It sucks. I hate basically everything about it. So this story, which in its own right is a charming and enjoyable attempt to imbue an actual, meaningful character into human!AJ*, is a special little treat by virtue of managing to honestly find an aspect of that work that speaks to me as an artist and a person in a way that I deeply appreciated. Even as it still keeps the Crap side of the equation in mind too, which is only right. But by that very same token, it makes the satisfaction Applejack finds in the work feel that much more meaningful because we know it comes with that weight attached to it, yet shines through anyway, and indeed the way in which that satisfaction is discovered is itself noteworthy t'me. I mentioned yesterday how I really appreciated the Artist connection Rarity and Pinkie found, and that applies here too in its own way; the opportunity to get creative, to learn and discover and share, that drives AJ here is really so great, and feels shockingly believable given how little I can think of having really seen it in anything EqG proper up until now. But you're always really good at exactly that sort of Character Building, so I suppose it's not that shocking. What is a little surprising is who our other players turn out to be, but here too you prove clever and insightful in your choices. Trixie is the perfect choice for The Picky Customer whom the employee has to basically soothe into submission (especially because the worst of what she does ultimately doesn't come from a place of willful malice or cruelty but simple self-absorbed inattention), and I rather enjoyed the obvious fun you had with making Strawberry AJ's partner (perhaps in multiple sense of the word going off that ending, which incidentally has a fantastic punchline to close it out). But, as is often the case for me, it's the strong work you do with AJ, the effortless energy with which you show the best of who she could be, that sticks with me the strongest.

* who maybe gets it the worst of the hu-Mane Six, already a group that could use some more meaningful screentime at this point, in terms of lacking any meaningful sense of personality or inner life, but who to my mind manages to stand out strongly enough that I feel she could so easily be used to amazing effect on the basis of exactly one exceptionally powerful scene.

I can always appreciate a "Trixie gratuitously uses smokebombs" joke.


Did you just say it's not fun to follow Bookish?

Uh... I plead the fifth.

Just wait until AJ meets pony Strawberry, or the two AJs compare notes. Hoo boy.


FOME already took care of it.

Though I'm not averse to trying to put together a Strawberry Sandwich. :3

wait aj is a bigot, where did that come from

Bear in mind, it's just one Applejack's impression of the other... though given the pony's curriculum at the School of Friendship, there may be some truth there.

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