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After the Starswirl Music Festival, Sunset Shimmer apologizes to Pinkie Pie for losing patience with her.

...at least, that had been the plan.

Follow-up to Sunset's Backstage Pass.

Part of the Montage Cinematic Universe.

Chapters (6)
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Was marked "Complete" by accident when initially posted. This oversight has been corrected.

Though honestly, it probably could have worked either way. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm not sure why these aren't all one chapter.

Well, I've definitely got some events to catch up on...

Pinkie being both Pinkie and insightful is so great.

And here we see Sunny in here natural habitat of feeling guilty about something. At least she's trying to make it up to Pinkie, even if she doesn't remember why Sunny's apologizing.

All I want to say to Pinkie is just let Sunset apologize to you in her own way. Speaking as someone who suffers from enormous amounts of guilt, one of the best things you can do when someone is trying to make something up to you is to let them. You may not feel that she needs to make anything up to you, but she does. And sometimes, that means letting her so that her conscience can rest easy.

"Meh. Twilight's not the only genius in our group." Pinkie shrugged. "I was working with universal improbabilities way before she showed up."

I have several questions.

I also have great anticipation for seeing where you're going with this, especially with as self-aware a Pinkie as this one seems to be. Looking forward to more.

I shudder to think what Limestone Sense is.

Woop-de-doo! Loved the special, and I love this story!

Pinkie is being quiet and serious. I am both pleased and concerned.

Right, I still need to watch this.

...Reading the preview pages of the novelization a few months ago is probably enough. :pinkiecrazy:


Hm. They, uh, they both make good points? Need to see more of where Pinkie's introspective line of thought is going here and whether or not she's still trying to defuse Sunset's guilt or just absorb it.

is it really a Bookish story if nobody's hugged it out yet

Huh... not romance?! Owo
I actually respect that! :)

"What I mean is, look at yourself right now! You're apologizing for being yourself, too!" Pinkie sniffled, rubbing her eyes. "And you're apologizing for not being me. Do you know which one's worse? Because I don't. I just know it's all my fault."

End, yes and no. You did screw things up royally the first time, but you weren't the one resetting time, although your Chaos did let Sunset somehow become immune to the effect of the reset which let her break the loop and give you a fantastic day for the most part so...


I used to love time travel fiction as a kid.

Now it tires me like you would not believe.


To be fair, this is less time TRAVEL and more a time LOOP. Although what it really is is me being needlessly pedantic on the Internet when that's not even remotely the point of the story. Sounds like an average Monday to me.

The feels. Oh by the light, the feels in this one. That was heart-wrenching to read, but also so good. Well done Bookish.

"But I still do them because... because there's a whole lot to smile about in this universe, but there's also a whole lot that's not, and the not stuff is easy to get hung up on!" Pinkie gestured around herself. "And those things are everywhere, you know? I can turn on my phone and see someone having a bad day in five seconds, and they're someone I can't help because they're all the way across the country from me, or even just a different school, or because their problem is way more than some high school girl with an infinite supply of cotton candy can fix. And it..." Pinkie hugged herself with one arm. "It hurts too much, after you see enough of them."

Oh, Pinkie. This is one of the most heart-wrenching truths about being empathetic towards others. You look out at the world, and see all the pain around you, and wish that just for a moment, you could make it go away. But, without people like that, who want to bring joy to others, the world would be a much darker place. Its just that the desire needs to be tempered with understanding, because otherwise, as she says, you get so wrapped up in making others smile that you don't notice that your efforts, as well intended as they are, cause them pain.

Hoo boy, this chapter hit close to home. I totally get where Pinkie's coming from. Sometimes, things just suck, and it can be so easy to let those parts consume all your attention. And if you try to just ignore those bad parts for the sake of your own mental health, people might think you're being insensitive. And then you start struggling to understand whether it's your fault, and how much to blame yourself for not being what other people expect you to be, and you start feeling depressed...

Good grief, I need some lunch. Anxiety sucks, but being anxious and hungry? That sucks even worse.

Oh no, they're caught in an apology loop. Hopefully one of the Cakes can break them out of it before they form a guilt singularity.


It would be like a meeting between Spider-men!

Guilt singularity is now my favorite desciption

This is an interesting take on Pinkie. I love how the existence of the internet is used here, giving a solid element to split pony and human Pinkie. Human Pinkie having access to the suffering of billions of people that she can’t help at her fingertips is something that probably never even crossed pony Pinkie’s mind. This Pinkie needs to keep herself distracted, otherwise she ends up miserable from all the background misery that she’s powerless to affect. Unfortunately for her, her way of keeping distracted can make others miserable, but so does her being miserable, leaving her stuck in a Catch-22. It explains her actions, but doesn’t excuse them, and she knows it.

And on the other side we have Sunset, who of course blames herself. That’s just what she does, taking the blame in every situation, no matter how justified she was. Of course she’d get mad at Pinkie, Pinkie put her own whims over their plan (and arguably over Sunset herself), to the point where on the second loop where both Sunset and Twilight were trying to stop her (and Sunset trying to keep her from getting kicked out), Pinkie completely ignores them and gets them kicked out. Sunset had every right to be mad the first time, but she still tried again. It was only after the second attempt where she decided to put herself first instead of Pinkie (admittedly, she could’ve just said she’s going ahead to grab seats on the third day, but she was mad at Pinkie). But since she’s Sunset, she felt bad putting her own wants above Pinkie’s whims, even when those whims left her alone with the Dazzlings (I’d argue Pinkie really crossed a line in that scene), and even if that guilt is completely hypocritical with the way she excused Pinkie’s actions.

Can’t wait to see where this goes.


She isn't even my waifu, but this is the Pinkie I can't imagine living without. It'll be difficult going forward as FIM and EQG ends. I pray the fanworks continue.

wondered how I'd missed getting update notifications yesterday right up to the point where I realized I forgot to track both of these, derp

Yeech, guilt singularity is right. Two people who love each other plenty, but don't love themselves enough. Two people falling over themselves to forgive each other, but who really need to forgive themselves first. Gonna keep eating them alive until they do, but that's the hard part.

I mean, can you imagine, me having a whole bunch of friends who were all just like me?

And the pink girl with the teal-streaked hair in another booth began sweating.

As did the three girls who looked exactly like Pinkie.

In all seriousness, wonderful bit of catharsis. The messy bits are how you tell pleasant acquaintances from true friends. They may not be fun, but they're worth the effort.

I'm afraid that there is only one thing that can fully describe exactly how I feel about this entire thing:


Poor Sunny still has issues with her past. Understandable that, but that's why she's got friends to help her heal. Not forget, but maybe find a way to forgive herself.

Thanks for the mid-day dose of cute and sweet Bookish.

I love this friendshipping, so much.

Whoops, went and lost at emotional Russian Roulette again. :fluttershyouch:

lousy psychic writers mining my head for story updates that feel too real, *grumble grumble*

This is the Pinkie Pie I've wanted for nine years.

We'll literally never get it since the shows are wrapped now. But here she is anyway.


This is the Pinkie Pie I've wanted for nine years.

We'll literally never get it since the shows are wrapped now. But here she is anyway.

Well said Bookish. Well said.

That wrapped up nicely: both of them grew as people, and as friends, helped each other understand what was going on in the other's heads, and found a way to make their friendship stronger for it.

Correction: We'll get her by making her. Case in point. Brilliant work with both characters. Thank you for it.

Lots of words to live by in this one—about having good friends and being a good friend—even if they're punching a few raw nerves for me. :twilightblush:


Good thing Too Many Pinkie Pies happened before Equestria Girls, otherwise one of them might have escaped through the mirror.

It’s up to us to build the pony mythology now. Which you’re doing a wonderful job of. Pinkie as ‘secretly’ insightful is exactly how she should be. And I love what you did with her regarding news in the internet and how hard it can be to stay positive when you can see so much wrong in the world.

And then you have things like this making it brighter again.

On a lighter note. ALL Sunset’s friends bring out the blushing and mild flirting when they’re together. Now I know Twiset is canon to the MCU and I’m a big fan of that. Just pointing it out :p

Take notes, people. This is friendship at its best. Frank, honest dialogue about personal desires and shortcomings, setting appropriate boundaries and expectations, and becoming even better friends because of it.

This is definitely a take on Pinkie Pie that I can approve of.

Beautiful! I loved it.

Maybe one did. After all, we don't know the time difference.

What adorable interactions

Fantastic. Such a beautifully in-character way of dealing with stresses your friends cause you, and coming out of them stronger and closer. This is what I come to FimFiction for.

This sure was quite great and emotional and actually made me feel like crying on how good and sad it is at the same time

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