• Published 27th Jul 2019
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Amending Offences - Bookish Delight

The night after the Starswirl Music Festival, Sunset Shimmer apologizes to Pinkie Pie for losing patience with her. At least, she tries to.

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3: Recalling the Incident

Sunset took a long time to hesitate, before taking just as long to gather the nerve to speak. "You know how you and I were in perfect 'chaotic' sync during all of yesterday?" she asked, making air quotes with her fingers.

"Of course! It was the best!" Pinkie's grin showed teeth. "I don't remember anyone really... getting me like that. Especially for so long—like, a whole day!" She leaned against the wall, sidling next to Sunset. "It was really nice, you know?"

"Yeah. It was nice for me too." Sunset took a deep breath. "But it also only happened because, well, the Time Twirler gave me a whole lot of tries to get that day right. You included.

"The truth is, we were actually out of sync for most of those loops, including the very first one. Really out of sync." Sunset gestured back and forth with her hands. "You were so impulsive, and I couldn't keep up, and somewhere out there in the big wide infinite space-time-continuum, there's a timeline where I..." She lowered her head. "I blew up at you. Hard. I made you cry, and run away from me. All understandably, of course."

Pinkie stayed silent as Sunset continued. "The paint, the water, the churros, the ejections from the park... I let it all get to me, even though in the grand scheme of things, that stuff is... well, just stuff. Due to how the Time Twirler works, that timeline may not even exist anymore, or at the very least is so far out into the multiverse that we'll never have to worry about it again. But it still exists in my memories." Sunset buried her head in her hands. "And in those memories, I remember being the worst to you. Pinkie, I'm so sorry."

A long silence hung over the two of them—and after a while, Sunset decided that it had lasted too long. She uncovered her eyes to see Pinkie wearing... a happy smile.

Her usual smile. That smile.

She liked that smile, but it wasn't what Pinkie should have been wearing right now. It wasn't what she wanted Pinkie to be wearing right now, it wasn't what Pinkie needed to be wearing.

"Awww, Sunset, that's nothing to feel bad about!" Pinkie said, in her usual bubbly, reassuring voice. "Everyone gets heated or frustrated, and we were fighting Equestrian magic on a day when we just wanted to have fun!" She bounced on her toes, adding, "I'm sure Timeloop Me knew all of that, and didn't take it personally or blame you. So, it's all okay—"

"No!" Sunset no longer felt like beating around the bush. "It's not okay, Pinkie! Don't you get it?"

Pinkie clamped up again, though she still held her smile. Sunset felt bad about that too, but she wasn't about to back down. Even if it meant condemning herself, she wasn't going to stop and watch Pinkie do what she always did in this situation!

Not when Pinkie deserved better.

"Pinkie, none of that stuff matters. The Equestrian magic, my frustrations, none of it! What matters is that I got mad at you for being yourself. For being who you are. And who you are did not deserve anything I did or said." She gripped her shoulders. "You shouldn't have to take that from me, or anyone! Do you hear me?"

Another long and hesitating silence happened, until Pinkie broke it. "Sunset."


Pinkie's smile finally disappeared, and she met Sunset's eyes, speaking in a soft, level voice.

"Just because I'm myself doesn't mean I'm perfect."

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