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I dream of a world where sex is not shameful.


Thunderlane struggles with gender.

Can Roseluck understand what he needs?

Content Warning: This story doesn't actually involve sex, but it does briefly mention the existence of rapists.

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Interesting point put out.

....wish I had more to say on that, honestly.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Thunderlane being trans (or gay for that matter) is a fanmade idea I've never understood. Unless I missed something in the show. AU that this.

Fandom is full of ideas that aren't based in canon, and that's ok! It's all fiction to begin with. It's all a big game of "What if?".

Thanks for your comment, and your support. (The downvotes have been pretty hefty on this one.)

I’m sorry, exact thing happened to me too. Too many bigots have been made to feel like they own this fandom, but tbh they’re just pathetic. Downvoting trans fics for the sake of being trans is some pretty beta behaviour ngl

You were right about one thing: gender is complicated. And then you happily ran across this minefield and exploded.

Same, but with trans Trixie. I could never get that. The "she was written as male at first" is grasping at straws. Going by this logic, Ripley is also trans in Alien.


beta behaviour

If I think this whole Alpha beta thing is cringe, does that make me a sigma? I'd rather identify as omicron.

D/w, you can be cringe without believing in it

I think Trixie's design just goes well with the colors of the trans flag. Also her name starts with "Tr".

Obviously, none of that proves that Trixie is trans. (Canonically, I'm sure she's not.) But this is fiction, right? We don't need proof to do anything. Everything is just made up!

If someone says "Trixie MUST be depicted as trans", that's ridiculous. But if they say "Personally I'm a big fan of TransTrixie fics, because I just think it's a fun concept", that's totally fine. And likewise it's totally fine if you're not into that. We all have different headcanons for various characters. Love and Tolerate! =)

The gay thing, at least, is easy enough to explain. It's because we're all a bunch of homos.

Hasbro did the smart thing in not making any character trans. People tend to forget that we are not the target audience. If Hasbro had, then it would have raised a serious ruckus among parents of the target audience: little girls.

At least part of the LGBTQIA+ community does exist in MLP, since we saw Lyra and Bon Bon are married.

Meanwhile, Aloe and Lotus' colors are literally trans flag... (I don't think they're trans either, though).

Fanon and Canon does not have to agree. Derpi was a mailmare long before the show acknowledged it and the fandom just agreed Lyra was obsessed with humans because of how she sits in one frame.

It's just a neat idea that leads to some great stories and it doesn't really matter if it was intended with the show or not.

Not sure why this got such a low rating, I loved it. Though to be fair it resonated hard with me.

Comment posted by Moonight deleted Aug 5th, 2022

Very much agreed

I'm glad it resonated with you.


Hasbro did the smart thing in not making any character trans. People tend to forget that we are not the target audience. If Hasbro had, then it would have raised a serious ruckus among parents of the target audience: little girls.

...a point that completely ignores the fact that there are many little girls who are trans, and who would love to see people like them, who they can relate to, in their favourite shows.

“This is the potion that I took when I became Rose.”

how magical potions affect the way transphobia is expressed is interesting to think about (assuming they do “more” than HRT, though i guess there is no inherent reasons to assume this)

Tried? What do you mean, tried? I saw your closet, Thunderlane! I have literally been inside your closet and I saw with my own eyes-”

ah, the literal closet metaphor!

I sighed. “I feel guilty…even just imagining that I’m…gonna try to kiss a girl, ok? So…sometimes it’s easier just…to imagine that I’m the girl, and I’m asking some guy to kiss me. Because nobody’s ever scared of the girls. Nobody thinks a girl might be a rapist. So, it’s … it’s easier that way. That’s why I do it.”

i can see why Rose might not have expected this because i would not have either. 

i definitely understand the guilt about being attracted to women, and have felt that fear and awfulness though perhaps not in the terms Thunderlane put it. that sense of scrupulosity in general is something i’ve struggled with a lot, though it has gotten better over the years.

it’s an awful feeling, and i hope that Thunderlane can heal past it and find a synthesis that lets him accept that he does not have to hate and fear himself in order to be good.

Thank you. And yeah, scrupulosity is a real bitch. I've struggled with that a lot. 😢

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