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Pinkie Pie invites Rainbow Dash over to help bake some cupcakes. Y'all know what happens next. But not in this story.

Based on the original Cupcakes by Sgt. Sprinkles, with a twist of my own.

The cover art belongs to erika-lancaster85.

A/N- Honestly, I get the wackiest ideas sometimes. But that's a good thing, I think.

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This story is a sequel to Scootaloo's Shenanigans

Rarity has just returned from a long trip with a gigantic backlog of orders to clear. Unfortunately, upon arriving home, she discovers the Crusaders have caused chaos in her home.

Already stressed, this proves to be the last straw, and her magic misfires with unexpected consequences for the entire city.

Co-write with a wonderful author, The Blue EM2.

Artwork for this story has been kindly provided to us by Fude-Chan-Art.

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To put it simply, Anon-A-Miss is back, but not for revenge. Everyone at CHS is terrified of the outcome, except they get a pleasant surprise indeed.

Yet no one is able to figure out who she is. Oh, and Sunset Shimmer and the CMC have no part in it whatsoever. None at all.

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Everything in Ponyville is peaceful now. Yet, there's one mare who visits a certain grave. Because, there is nothing else left to do now.

Written for the "Cozy Glow Short Story Contest" and based on the prompt "In Equestria, no creature mourned Cozy’s death, except one." Also, do note I've written for fun, though the theme is anything but.

The cover art belongs to Darksly-z, many many thanks.

This story now has a Russian Translation done by NovemberDragon!!

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Sometimes, all that we look for are right in front of our eyes, yet we are unable to see them.

Written for the Spike Shipping Contest.

Cover art does not belong to me.

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What happens, when one very bored group of friends decide to go poking around in Rarity's house?

Chaos everywhere, that's what.

As requested by Gaius Stephanus Caesar.

Cover art belongs to Metalhead97trx.

Edit: DT and Scootaloo’s friendly competition at the end might seem similar to The Blue EM2’s Battle of the Ballgowns, I have no intention of any plagiarism, just inspired by it.

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