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For the last few days, Twilight has been acting suspicious. Sneaking out of the castle with Sunburst during the day, and sneaking into the castle with Sunburst at night. In particular, the pair seem to be avoiding a certain pink unicorn.

But Starlight has noticed this, and decides things will go easier for everypony if she just steps in now to confront the pair about the matter.

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Sooo adorable :rainbowkiss: These two are gonna have to up their game a lot more if they hope to keep this a secret for who knows how much longer. I'm so glad you finished this, another Twiburst fic, yay! :rainbowkiss: Thanks for the shout out too :twilightblush:

This was very cute. I do enjoy seeing these two in a romantic relationship. I am looking forward to reading your other stories.

"Look on the bright side," said Twilight. "Our distraction didn't not work and, bonus, we were reminded about Starlight's birthday in time to do something about it. She even gave us a guest list."

You seriously forgot your best friend’s birthday? Way to be a good friend Twilight.

Wow Starlight is so oblivious!

Wait... what was the real reason Sunburst didn’t have his cloak?

He and Twilight were going to be engaging in... amorous activities.

I was trying to create a parallel to situations in sitcoms where a character tries to play off a relationship as non-romantic while being caught under-clothed. A classic example from Friends is Rachel wearing lingerie with Joshua, and then pretending that it is just a dress.

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