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This story is a sequel to Shy and Sour

All Sour Sweet wants for Valentine's Day is for you to simply spend time with her at her house. However, when she teasingly refuses to say "I love you", a painful memory is triggered. One of a Valentine's Day that you had wished to forget.

Cover art by Kul.

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I cannot wait until work is over with to read this!:pinkiehappy:

God i love this series :pinkiehappy:

You're an expert on this.

When everything is worse, your work is complete.



6935843 May I ask what that means? Is that a reference that I'm not catching? Compliment? Criticism?

6935831 Well, it helps that this is a true story that happened to me. Blue pen and everything...

A reference to Pokémon.

6936219 The story of the rose is true, not the French kissing Sour Sweet part, unfortunately :rainbowwild:

Yeah, in High School I did have a friend who never had anything to write with (the slacker class clown type). I let him borrow a blue pen pretty much every day in one particular class. Then, one Valentine's Day, the school let the students buy roses for each other exactly the way I described in the story. Indeed I got one. I really did go all day thinking that I had a secret admirer. I did hope it was from my crush at the time. I was so pathetic back then that I actually even considered it could have been from the cheerleader who said "Hi" to me after we almost bumped into each other one time LOL But, of course, in the end, it turned out to be from that friend. I did thank him, but was so devastated that I did throw it in the trash afterwards.

The cover art is astonishing. Whoever that person is, tell them not to stop drawing.

6936287 Hmm.
I had a similar experience like that back in Sophmore year of High School. This one girl in my Speech/Debate class had a seriously harsh mouth and short temper. She looked a lot like Sour Sweet gone CA valley girl, and would swear 10 times as much. She made a short explanation one day that she couldn't get enough to eat for lunch. Our teacher was a pretty cool guy, and offered any of us time to snack in class if we were still hungry. I tossed her a Snickers bar I had bought but hadn't eaten, she said "thanks a lot", and was sweet as Sonata afterwards.

Same experience with the rose thing that's something I'd like to forget lol. Anyway another great job I can't wait to see what happens next with these two. Any hint for the next story lol.

Story with many emotions and romance moments. :twilightsheepish:

love the reference to your own series by sour sweet, it actually a sour sweet gesture.

Sour sweet please go easy on me...... you my favorite out of your school.

A rose on valentine's day as a thank you for being allowed to use a blue pen repeatedly.


Either T. Hoof is just kinda quirky that way or that wasn't his actual reason for it.

Someone please slap me for calling him T. Hoof


Someone please slap me for calling him T. Hoof

On one hand, you did said please, but on the other, you may just send your little mouth straight through my head if I do. Indecision...

I love this series, it's so good! I love how the male character completes sour sweet. I like how you portray her as well.

Mate, you are amazing. ^-^ And so is Sour Sweet. I love how you've done her character, it's fantastic. You gotta keep writing these ^-^ Please.
Muffin rating? Why, ten muffins out of ten, of course! :derpytongue2:

This is both incredibly cute and deliciously meta

I see your twenty...*puts another ten muffins on the table* And I raise you five! *slaps five more muffins down*

7014721 Oh so that's how it's gonna be huh? Very well ALL IN!

*calmly holds up two threes, a six, a King... and a "Switch Hands" Uno card*
Ha! *switches hands with you* Looks like I win.

Why, thank you ^-^
I can't eat all these muffins myself, though.
*takes half of the muffins, leaving the other half for you* There. For a game well played. :derpytongue2:

7015588 Honnor in victory? My sword is yours -kneals and swears Vasslege- :trollestia:

*takes the sword, taps you once on each shoulder* Rise, Vassal. *gives you your sword* I dub thee Sir Scribblesheet, Captain of the Muffin Knights.

7015644 I hearbye swear to fight the foes of the bright eyed mare Derpy queen of muffins! :derpytongue2:

*turns to the crowd* Let us feast in celebration! *throws muffins to everyone*

7015713 Hope I'm not too late. Doesn't matter actually cause I'm the KING OF GAMES! I place one monster in face down attack mode.
I end my turn.

7053032 I sacrifice my king and six to summon serpant of the deep!

7053278 I move my Baneblade and roll to fire.

7054312 Then I will move my space marine scout into cover to snipe your Bane blade then call an orbital strike on the invading Tirinids to save us both from being eaten alive by Gene stealers.

7054645 -Draws four- Haha worst move of yer life! -Slams down four aces on table- :derpytongue2: :trollestia: :moustache:

So sweet!

::Sigh:: I wish someone during the course of my life had loved me.

wow and I thougt Trenderhoof was just being an asshole guess I was wrong :rainbowlaugh:

“Oh, for the love of-- THE WORD PLAYS AREN’T FREAKING FUNNY!!!!!”

Don't lie, it's your secret turn-on. :trollestia:

RelationSHIPS should always have PUNteful jokes and this guy gots jokes for days.

"You might as well go write crap FANFICTION with that kind of lousy sense of humor!”

I need to go to the hospital for two reasons.
A. I am choking to death by laughter.
B. My palm is stuck in my face from excessively hard face-palming.

Great stories!! Keep up the good work!

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