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This story is a sequel to Sour Sweet Sorrow

"It concerns us to know the purposes we seek in life, for then, like archers aiming at a definite mark, we shall be more likely to attain what we want."
– Aristotle

In the aftermath of her suicide attempt, Sour Sweet still has lingering feelings of hopelessness concerning her existence. With her father desperate to patch things up along with her boyfriend and best friends organizing a big surprise, can the archeress find the inspiration to go for the gold in the complicated game of life?

(My fifth featured story! - 6/16/16)

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Nico-Stone-Rupan, you've done it again...

I guess that is it then, everything seems to wrap up perfectly for Sour Sweet which she rightfully deserves but is this really the end?
Like I said earlier, these stories are beautiful and have been a really good read (and reread several times) so I guess I'm sad to see them go. Even so I just want to say thanks, thanks for giving me something really wonderful and very relatable at the same time.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do in the future, just know that you have 1 hardcore fan eager to read your stuff! :moustache:

you better make more stories

Powerful stuff man. :eeyup: Looking forward to seeing whatever you write next :pinkiehappy:

An excellent counterpoint to the previous story, reflecting how much not just Sour and the narrator character but all of Crystal Prep has grown since Twilight almost tore the universe apart. Thank you for it.

An outcome that shouldn't surprise readers, of course. Why? Because of the way CHS and CPA have been bathed in magic of late. As we all, know, Friendship is Magic. :twilightsmile:

You're only ever as alone as you allow yourself to be. What Sour has just learned is that she never has to be alone at all. There are many people who love her and are willing to forgive her and be friends with her. I bet she never even really knew how important that she was to everyone.

One message on one card was something she never quite understood nor the signature one she could identify:

Miss Sour Sweet,

We have been informed by Our Sister's student, Sunset Shimmer, of thy troubles and its recent consequences. Although we are strangers, I chose to write this epistle.

Sour Sweet, if there is anypony anyone in the many multitudes of worlds who understands hopelessness in the face of your own mind's betrayal of you, it is I. What I can say to thou is that I have found comfort that, no matter my errors and my imperfections, I have the presence of friends and the knowledge that, even when the sense of worthlessness is overwhelming, beyond doubt they still love me and value me and my presence in their lives. I am sure that you will find the same to be true.

If you cannot believe in yourself any longer or even believe that you have a future, remember to believe this: Whatever burden you may represent, it is one your kin and your friends bear with joy for the joy your presence in their lives brings and you should find contentment in that.

May you find serenity, peace and Harmony in all your affairs and in the arms of thy love.

Cordial Regards

Luna Regina Selene Serenitas Omisciencit; Warden of Dreams, Princess of the Night

Good show!

I do hope this is not the end to this series yet! Simply marvelous work!

The power of friendship > The power of negative emotions and grudges

Ooown! Love that ending! I'm crying here!
Can't wait to the next story!

“Alright!” you cheer. “All we need now is to get the Crusaders, and we can get started!”

All we need now is to get the Crusaders, and we can get started!

the Crusaders

I was actually tearing up a little bit until I got this this point... now I'm filled with abject horror and the steadfast hope that someone remembers to bring a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit, :twilightoops:


It's a little sad, but part of me actually hopes this really is 'the end', because it wrapped up so beautifully, :pinkiesad2:

I'm looking at this, and honestly, if you wanted to, this would be a great way to end this little series. Sure, you could easily keep going, but this is now like what, the 9th story? And such a good note to end on. Maybe that's just my opinion.

7309383 this right here perfectly articulates exactly my emotions after reading this

Aww... Very sweet, this has to be one of my favorite stories in this series of yours Nico.

You do know that you have to keep Sour Sweet and "You" together for the long haul now, right? Because having them break up or something after this would just be too cruel, even for an author.

I was listening to the song from AnimatedJames' "Creative Types". It fit this chapter perfectly!!!

7309227 Yeah, I can totally imagine pony Luna somehow sending a message like that to reassure Sour that everything's going to be alright. You know, I bet pony Celestia sent a similar message. Dunno why, but I'd like to imagine she did just as a gesture of kindness if she somehow heard about Sour's situation.



Well, thanks for the treat of a story bro

I like it. Not one of the best, but still fun to read. :twilightsmile:

After reading the first chapter I expected the gathering, however I didn't think Sour Sweet's reaction would be so... accepting. A real life equivalent would illicit a poor reaction from Sour Sweet, upset that so many people found out about what happened, and so much attention would overwhelm her senses and embarrass her.

*sniff* :raritycry: So what if I'm crying?! Is touching moment!

Can't wait for the next one and every one after

(S)he spent all night thinking about her place in life. It didn’t even help. She still had no idea why she existed. “What did a medication-needing, mood-swinging, reality-questioning mental case have to look forward to?” was the question that she kept asking herself and not able to come up with an answer for.

Woah. That's some heavy stuff right there.

Mental illness is a ::bleep:: to deal with. In addition to the stigma there's the fact that mental disabilities don't have the visibility of physical ones, and people still don't seem to understand that a mental disability is just as bad, if not worse, than any physical disability.

I don't have multiple personality disorder or schizophrenia (two different things often conflated with each other), thank G-d, but I apparently have Asperger's syndrome, and grew up with it before the condition was ever diagnosed and described. I don't have psychotic episodes but I've never been able to do anything and seem to serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever, with the result that I have often questioned why I'm even here at all. I still would, were it not for my distractions.

I'm confident that eventually the existence of every one of us who suffers will be vindicated.

The ninjas have infested this place,
You can try to run but there is no escaping them.

7309771 Yeah. Too sweet. Too happy. Too fairy taily. Especially since everyone is so nice all of a sudden. But in reality, most would not give a damn. And no troll comments on YouTube? Come oooooon....


There's someone asking explicitly about Sour's body if im not mistaken, I guess thats as far as thing would go in EqG world.
But, while there are nothing wrong with an unrealistic fiction, I have to agree that I somehow also felt that the recent stories have been.. I dunno, mellower than expected? Maybe not in themes, as Nico here had written how Sour Sweet attempted to kill herself, but more like how theres rarely any consequences for the character's actions (dicking comment, punching your girl's dad, etc) but, I guess thats bound to happen as each chapter are only 2000-3000 words long usually, so most the times the story had to make a jump (or several skips) into the happy ending, which, IMO, is seen here. Reminds me to a comment by some guys in a certain imageboard that said each story in this series could have worked as chapters in a single, multichaptered fic.

But hey, to each on their own, and Im glad you had finished this series of yours! On to thr next stories! Goodbye, Sour Sweet and boyfriend! See ya


Too sweet. Too happy. Too fairy taily.

Sorry you don't like to read nice things :trollestia:

Especially since everyone is so nice all of a sudden.

I've been eluding to the fact things have gotten better at CPA ever since story #1.

But in reality, most would not give a damn.

That's certainly a cynical way to think. While I was writing this, I couldn't help but have tragedies such as Orlando on my mind and how much humanity shines through in support of the victims ( notice the "We're with you" banner's letters are multi-colored... like a rainbow flag ). Some people just want to focus on the darkness, though.

And no troll comments on YouTube? Come oooooon....

Because Sweetie deleted them :rainbowlaugh:


Sure, you could easily keep going, but this is now like what, the 9th story?

13th story, but, hey, who's counting? :trollestia:


I suspected that Orlando may have had some effect on this story. But the reality is that most people's "solidarity" only goes as far as posting a comment. And in a few days, the world will forget and move on.

"Sorry you don't like to read nice things" -- I wouldn't be following you if I didn't. Come on now.


Reminds me to a comment by some guys in a certain imageboard that said each story in this series could have worked as chapters in a single, multichaptered fic.

I don't understand why people keep singling me out for having so many sequels when there are plenty of other authors on this site who do the exact same thing as I do and likely have even MORE stories in their collection than I could ever come up with.

But hey, to each on their own, and Im glad you had finished this series of yours! On to thr next stories! Goodbye, Sour Sweet and boyfriend! See ya

It's not finished.


Well, the series keep getting featured and featured somehow, (which is a good thing!) expect people to flock and throw their thoughts into it more often than normal.

Well, since it was still getting continued, dont mind me if I say that I can only see for more good things to happen to Sour in the future!

You did it again. You wrote another masterpiece. :rainbowdetermined2:

7310168 *Phoenix Wright Mode Activated*
A contradiction! Clearly!

:fluttershysad: Oh, no. I seem to have some emotion in my eyes.

What's kind of sad is, given the way this particular chapter in Sour's story has come to a close, this might just be the end of this series. I have loved reading the progression of things and how things have panned out for our lovable schizo. Whether or not this is the end, it has been a fantastic ride.

Thank you for that :twilightsmile:

Please don't let the other students turn this into Carrie!

7310962 Agreed. Thank you so much dude! This story, and it's many predecessors, have helped me deal with my own depression, even though it's kind of weird to be in the guy side of a relationship. Either way, thank you. Thank you, for everything. :twilightsmile:

I wanna know who else's heart grew 5 times it's size after reading this?
Mine sure did.

If somehow this is truly the end for our precious Sour Sweet then sir I salute you. These stories have been nothing short of awesome (they also gave me the idea to have a small plush commissioned. So yeah I really enjoyed them.) So thank you for the wild and fun ride. See you space cowboy...

Damn it. This was truly special. You almost had me crying by the end there. If this one is the end of this series, then it has been a good ride, and I liked getting a glimpse as to what it might be like for somebody with Sour Sweet's condition. Thanks for providing an excellent read, and if you happen to have another one planned to come after this story, then I look forward to reading it!

~ Super-Brony12

I have no idea where this story will go next but I'm sure it will be great. Maybe college life? I think you closed this part of her story perfectly. Good writing as always my friend.

I can't contain it anymore.
Thank you so much, so much, for creating this series. It's amazing, simply amazing. It's hard to find perfection on a fanfiction site, but I do believe that you, sir, have made a series that achieves it.
It seems like every time I turn around, you've drawn out another amazing story. And I do mean drawn out. Normally, I say 'cranked out' or 'threw together', but no. These stories are art. They're amazing, I'm... I'm so into this series... I don't want it to end, I don't... *sniffs* But, alas... it's gotta get closer to an end if we're to ever meet Bitter Honey...
*grabs your collar* And be warned: if we only see a snippet or two of Bitter Honey, there will be Tartarus to pay...
*releases you* Sorry... :twilightsheepish: I mean, please let Bitter Honey have good screen time.
Eheh... Please forget I just assaulted you :facehoof:
Anyway. All in all, you are amazing, your stories are amazing, just... everything is amazing. Amazingness for everyone! Amazingness on you, amazingness on your cow...

Welp, nice to know my heart is still working, because this fired a salvo into it, and im tearing up. I relly do like this set of stories, and this one didn't dissapoint either. from Sours prodding of her dad to the utterly hartwarming (igniting for me) turn out of folks... so good.

just so... beautiful.


.... okay, between the story itself and this post, my words have now failed me. i will just sit here, nod, clap, and hold back my tears. thank you.

Beautiful. Such as is.

Although here I was hoping a wedding would be featured in this... saga? Series? Not sure what to call it haha. But not complaining. You created a piece of art

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