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This story is a sequel to Sour Sweet Voices

After Doctor Chrysalis voices her concern over your recent engagement, Sour Sweet believes that she needs to try to enjoy herself more. With that in mind, she decides that you and her shouldn't go to the Crystal Prep Prom together. What follows is a night of introversion and awkwardness as you both struggle to break out of your shells.

(Contains a brief reference to marijuana use)

(My seventh featured story! - 9/2 and 9/3/16)

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Aw.. Its prom already! Good going so far for the author for carrying this stuff all the way up here.
Also, I called it! taken from the image source in derpibooru


You make it hard to think nothing bad is going to happen >.<
Though at the same time I like how this story makes you think about stuff. Kind f rather though provoking and impactful for a second person story actually...

To be fair, Second Person was literally created to be with Sour Sweet. It's only natural he'd be a little obsessed. Of course, the characters don't know that.

In any case, certainly a novel spin on the prom. I'd say this experiment was a success. Hopefully Dr. Chrysalis will also be satisfied with it.

I think that Chrysalis does have one important point - It isn't clear yet how much this is an actual romantic attraction on Sour's part and how much it is a coping mechanism of sorts. Similarly, it isn't clear the degree to which Second really loves Sour and the degree to which she is a victim for whom he feels the obligation to help and care. That's why they're waiting another four years before even thinking of marriage; they'll need that time just to become more sure of their own feelings.

RL example - I knew a a couple who had been childhood sweethearts and they married as soon as the law allowed; it didn't last very long. Childhood affection doesn't always translate into being able to live a life with all its complexities and frustrations together.

"Oh no... The OTP tank of sailing-ship-energy is about to burst!" Grammar immediately pressed the containment button. "Phew, good thing Sunny Flare was there to handle the other Sailing-Ship-Energy."


Nice story. Can't wait to see what is in store.

Aw! Poor Sunny! I'm sure that there's someone right for you out there!

Setting that aside... I really think that Chrysalis should take time to review the consequences of her sessions with Sour Sweet. I'm pretty sure that the way she's interpreting her therapist's advice is not as intended and possibly even harmful.

I'm happy I logged onto the site when I did. It's always nice reading another one of these.

i liked the previous story's ending in the whole "romantic fantasy" atmosphere, but at least you had a reason to right another, so I think this is a win win.

'No man or woman is an island, entire of itself,' :twilightsmile:


Sunny Flare's limo pulls up to the entrance of the Canterlot City Mareiott.

Sorry; couldn't help it, :derpytongue2:

So I just want to say I love these stories. I know Second Person is his own character, but also us and with these stories I can truly insert myself in them. The immersion these stories bring is fantastic. I know this version of Sour Sweet is head-canon and not the legit canon for the character, but that's the only way I see her now and I love. Seriously man you write some of the most fantastic stories. I have fallen in love with them and I can say that with full of pride as a fan. :heart:

Aaaaaaand another great installment in the Sour Sweet archive! Well done, mate! :pinkiehappy:


Also, I called it!

More of a self-fulfilling prophecy, really. I saw that comment a while back :raritywink:

7531844 Thank you.


It isn't clear yet how much this is an actual romantic attraction on Sour's part and how much it is a coping mechanism of sorts.

Sour realized that she genuinely loved him (that her love for him wasn't a delusion) back in Sour Sweet Sorrow.

Similarly, it isn't clear the degree to which Second really loves Sour and the degree to which she is a victim for whom he feels the obligation to help and care.

He had a crush on and admired her for years before he even knew that there were reasons that she needed to be taken care of. As for him just feeling the "obligation to help and care" for Sour, I feel that I've been very clear how that's not the case. As I told someone else concerning the last story, I think you're putting your own head canon into my stories.

"Of course." Sour then looks back at the floor with an annoyed look. "Just let me finish moping, first..."

Guessing that you were going for mopping, not moping, though sometimes one can never really tell...

(Yes, the english language does weird things with the -ing forms of verbs when the only difference in spelling of the base verbs is a vowel added to the end of them. As far as I can tell, the rule of thumb seems to be to double the end consonant in the non-vowel-ended word and drop the vowel at the end of the vowel-ended word before adding -ing?)

7532559 Fixed. Thank you, I was indeed going for "mopping".

7532750 Did you skim over this part?:

After the slide show is over, Jet Set and Upper Crust are crowned Prom King and Queen. You've always thought that they make a nice couple. Perhaps they'll wind up getting married one day.

I disagree with how you made Sunny pretty much a duplicate of Rarity. She is a fashionista too now? I always thought of her as a stage artist, a performer.

But a like needs to be given.

(Contains a brief reference to marijuana use)

This offends my Christian sensibilities. Good thing those died a long time ago. I like you.

7532990 It's kind of hard for me not to picture Sunny as a sort of duplicate of Rarity, especially when they made her say the word "Dearie" as to knock-off the word "Darling".

These are too good my friend. You have a way of conveying some really heavy stuff and making it an enjoyable read.

On a side note: Jeez, I'm lonely.

Okay the way you described sour's voices being her individual emotions given voice makes me think of raven from teen titans who has to meditate to keep her emotions in check

don't use radical feminist ideology to cover up my insecurities

Oh boy. You are going to catch a lot of shit for that.

7531950 she also clearly leaves anyone questioning if she got her degree on an online college, seriously she has no manner for working with people with serious mental issues, does sour sweet have issues with her relationship? yes?

but chrysalis is doing to sour sweets current mental state what a person throwing hammers would do to already cracked vase, it only takes one good hit. seriously she has no ability to use tact and that's a problem.

part of me really hopes chrysalis loses her license.

7533334 Why? She's absolutely right about that. It's the only thing feminism really does.

Another fantastic story. I noticed Chrysalis getting a lot of shit here in the comments, I'm not sure she deserves that but she does seem to be a monkey wrench in Sour's life fairly often huh?


Why? She's absolutely right about that. It's the only thing feminism really does.

You completely missed the point Sour Sweet was making there. She's still a feminist through her bucking of several traditional female-oriented social norms as she stated in her dialogue. She only gave up radical feminism such as her "absolutely no having children ever" view from the beginning of Sour Sweet Motherhood.

7534327 Perhaps I should have said radical feminism, but most feminism seems to fit the definition of radical. Most feminism that makes sense is more egalitarianism than feminism.

Ooh, a new Sour Sweet story! Awesome! *goes off to read it*

Another excellent addition to this wonderful series. I like this spin that you've done, this angle of relationships. "Can you be apart?" is one heck of a question. It's actually one that I'm still asking myself on a daily basis. Other side of the gym? Try a few states away.
Personal stuff aside, this was, once again, a worthy, fitting addition. Took ya a long time - *nudge* - but it was completely and totally worth it.
Good job, mate. Well done. :twilightsmile:

7535291 Forgot to inform you? I told you about it and said that it would be out soon. That's it. Was there a misunderstanding here?

Anyway, thanks for the love for this one and don't forget to give some love for A Bitter Sweet Surprise as well :twilightsmile:

Well, Celestia on a unicycle. I.. Well, shoot, I've been misreading it this entire time as "you'll be the first one to know that I've decided when the next Sour Sweet story will be." :twilightblush: I am so sorry. I thought it meant you'd message me a little before the story was out, I now realize that I have dun goofed...

I will take a look at that! And, once again, sorry! :twilightsheepish:

Not my personal favorite really, but not bad. I debated writing my own Sour sweet story but after reading all yours I feel like I'd just be copying you lol :twilightsheepish:

another sweet story. *sigh*

Well done. this seemed like such a time. I do not remember those years.

Here's a comment about the series in general. This is my favorite series.

I'm kinda curious about how Sour would react to her boyfriend going bonkers. Just a thought for my favorite fanfic series.

That was beautiful. It brought a tear to my eye at the end. :fluttercry:

7533334 Eh, screw'em. As long as we get to read some good Sour Sweet stories.

Very nice. Some good insights were brought to light, and life lessons were taught/learned as well. Great as always!

~ Super-Brony12

Well, I'll be honest, Chrysalis pisses me off for kinda, sorta, basically fucking up what should be a special night to an extent.

Also, potential What If story where Second Person decides to give up on Sour Sweet, and ends up confessing to Sunny Flare instead incoming? Damn I'm curious now.
7531958 "Oi, Grammar!" NVS yelled, hoping his voice carried behind him as he floored it on the Stillernautmobile. "We have a swarm of Raptors incoming, use the Cluster Shot to destroy all enemies!"

You turn your head to see Sunny Flare. As one would expect, the fashionista couldn't help but to dress up for the occasion. Matching the Japanese theme, she's wearing an electric blue kimono. You have to admit, she does look quite stunning.

Headcanon: Sunny is of Japanese descent.

7533334 And your profile pic makes that comment all the more ironic.

"My voices," Sour growled with a roll of her eyes. "It's like if you took each and every one of your personality traits and gave them a body, then crammed those people into your head and sat back as you get pissed off by multiple you's inside your mind talking, shouting, laughing,

Sounds like Inside Out reimagined as a horror/thriller film.

You sigh and pour your own as Tree Hugger comes up to the table.

"Man, what they got good over here?" she asks, her eyes clearly red with influence. She starts randomly laughing before adding, "I'm, like, starving..."

Not EVEN going to ask what she's doing at Crystal Prep.


Sour starts to dance harder, even putting a little more sass into it.

Out of one happy moment and back into another serious issue. This series is the ultimate emotional roller coaster!

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