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A guy who is trying to prove that a guy that isn't all that good at writing can still produce great works that almost everybody will enjoy.

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Next chapter for MIE · 2:24am Feb 29th, 2016

So I'm working on a new chapter for Moondancers Interdimensional Encounter. The name of it is 'A Cringeworthy Morning'.

So, yeah...... I haven't died yet.

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1928930 you'll have to wait for the other stories to come out to find out.:scootangel:

1928142 no problem it was a good story wondering if you'll ship either vynil or octavia with the doctor?

Thanks for favoriting my story "Doctor Whooves: Ever Changing". It really means a lot to me. :twilightsmile:

1773905 no problem and adagio ended up being a big jerk and I cant stand that I think she wouldnt be a good mirror of sunset given the chance.

Thanks for the fave!:pinkiehappy::ajsmug::raritystarry::twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::yay:

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