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This story is a sequel to Sour ‘n Sweet ‘n Pretty

You take your girlfriend, Sour Sweet to go see Canterlot City’s Christmas parade. Naturally, she mocks the whole thing.

Also, Derpy seeks the autograph of the parade’s Guest of Honor, Time Turner, star of the Doctor Whooves TV series… and it may only be up to her best friend, Rainbow Dash to make that happen!

( Serves as a follow-up to Riding Into the Future as well, however it's not required reading to enjoy )

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"My parents were blessed with just one child Sorry to rain on any perverted twin fantasy you may have had"

Haha you made my day:rainbowlaugh:

I staright out loved this one instant fav and upvote and im pretty picky

6774479 Thank you! That means a lot to me. Glad to have made your day :pinkiehappy:

Both this and the prequel story were really cute. Well done! :heart: :heart: :heart:

6779511 I will continue to do my best to make sure that I earn that follow.

Awesome! Funny and cute like the first! Sour Sweet is my fav Shadowbolt and you did her justice! Good job!

Sour Sweet is such a tsundere.

The Communist float.. oh god..

I just realized this, but you missed a great opportunity to have Rainbow Dash pony up and simply fly Derpy up to Time Turner.


I just realized this, but you missed a great opportunity to have Rainbow Dash pony up and simply fly Derpy up to Time Turner.

In Friendship Games, they pony up after they do something involving their element. Rainbow Dash ponied up after rescuing Sunset, not to rescue her for example.

6926435 In my mind, Rainbow Dash could have ponyed up halfway through and flown the rest of the way.

totally nessesary

Oh my Celestia. I almost cried at the Derpy/Turner scene. So cute :derpyderp2:

Rainbow Dash sweeps a surprised Derpy into her arms and lifts her body straight up over her head. She then charges straight into the crowd, plowing aside everyone in her way. She makes it up to the front before a startled Time Turner.

It was after this touching moment of caring for a freind, that Rainbow Dash throws down her football and proceeds to do a touchdown dance. You see, Rainbow Dash had just set a personal record. Her spot on the football team was now assured. It suddenly occurs to Rainbow Dash that the people weren't cheering her on. Looking at the aghast faces staring at her in shock and disbelief did she finally figured out why. As it turns out, her "football" had just broken her coccyx and leg.

You’re out of step! You’re SHADOWBOLTS for crying out loud! MARCH like it!”

:facehoof: Thank you for that I'll never be able to unsee that now

Jokingly trying to grab your girlfriend's boobs while joking about her heart size is the best.

I think Santa did it on purpose.

i think i just died from the laughs guys, seriously, communist floats and other parts. too great my friend, too great!

Second person perspectives always mess with my head a little. It often feels like the story is talking to me and is telling me how I'm feeling. For example: I now feel like I'm a masochist. Which I'm not.

I think.

“I meant horses in THIS world, not YOURS, Bacon Hair.”

I did not noticed that her was like that.
By the way,this line made me hungry

You instantly wrap your arms around your girlfriend to prevent her from running straight over and climbing up the float to beat St. Nick to oblivion in front of all the innocent children

I had to do this at my senior prom when my girlfriend at the time tried to say hi to someone but they ignored her. She tried to get up and beat the living hell out of them but I managed to hold her back.

Cute :twilightsmile: Also, very happy with the pizza scene ^-^ I want a slice!

Starlight Glimmer rides by, screaming into a megaphone in one hand and waving around the Staff of Sameness in the other as if she thinks it makes her look regal or something. The cult leader is up front on a very plain float baring only two poles holding up a white banner displaying a large black equal sign. She is accompanied by some of her followers who are standing at attention in two straight lines, all wearing matching, purple military-style uniforms with berets as well as sporting their usual spooky smiles. Starlight is indeed wearing the same uniform as the rest. Her beret, however, is special in that it sports a small, silver equal sign on it.

Oh god not the SJW crowd

7487523 Who let the freaks out of their safe space?

That moment between Derpy and the Doctor was the highlight of the fan fic.

Also, if Derpy were compared to any companion from the show, which one would she be? Because I some what get a Sarah Jane vibe from her.

That bit with Derpy made me tear up. :fluttercry:

I'd put up with any mood swing she could throw at me! <3 Sour!

Pinkie Pie giggles. “Would I be silly billy enough to load a Party Cannon with a bunch of small, deadly but flavorful projectiles?”


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