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This story is a sequel to Sour Sweet, the Christmas Parade Critic

Schizophrenic symptoms include severe mood swings of course, however they also include delusions of persecution, the beliefs of the afflicted that those around them will betray or hurt them.

You and Sour Sweet attend Sunny Flare’s toga party where a drunken Gilda ridicules Sour Sweet for having not “given any” to her boyfriend yet. Afterwards, Sour Sweet begins to believe that you’re going to leave her. Even worse, it will be her friends to take you away. It’s up to you to set her mind straight and perhaps help her begin to open up sexually in the process.

( Contains no actual sex, just discussion, strong language, and the one naughty, titular gesture )

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I love your Sour Sweet stories! Keep it up and good work! :3

Admit it: you set up the entire toga party theme just so Gilda could call herself dumb, didn't you? :ajsmug:

Also, Jeebus, I hope our hero here has a bed with a sturdy frame... something tells me he's going to need it, :twilightoops:

kul #3 · Jan 6th, 2016 · · ·

Whoa, thats my picture you used as a cover there! Thanks for the interest!
Lovely fic as well! Been following the saga so far, and never expected you would be using the pic.
If anything, I like how the pair been saving themselves for later, but sadly, I guess that time is surely gonna end by the next installment...

6806439 It's incredible art which speaks volumes about Sour Sweet and you should be proud of it! I was afraid that I wasn't going to have a fitting cover until I saw it.

If you like chaste romances, then don't worry about this whole "You and Sour Sweet" series thing I got going on here. I feel that my strengths lie with humorous drama/fluff and not clopfics. After reading some articles about schizophrenia, I just felt here that I should at least touch upon some realistic relationship problems that someone with Sour Sweet's mental state could face.

6806097 Maybe, or it could possibly be that I have a toga fetish which ended up working out perfectly for the story's context by happy accident :raritywink:

kul #7 · Jan 6th, 2016 · · ·

Thats very nice thing to hear! Will definitely stay tuned for the other stories from you! haha

This was really good! The best of the three so far, in my opinion.


And omg, poor Sour Sweet! I was almost crying with her! The things Gilda said were so heartbreaking and I would be crying if someone said that to me :fluttercry:

But yeah, really nice job! I've been following this from the beginning and I hope to see more!

Sequel? Now? Please?!

It's funny -- I'm sure the authors did not intend her as a schizo, and they would be surprised if they were told that she comes across as such. Just like Derpy, she is another great example of a character developing its own personality with the fans' participation.

Also, I usually don't like the stories where I'm a character, but you did this one well. Catch a like.

6807905 At first, I didn't see Sour Sweet's behavior as a mental condition as some fans were saying it was, either. I thought it was just a quirk or an act on her part. However, the more I looked up schizophrenic symptoms, the more I now can't un-see it. I mean, the mood swings are an obvious point but her moment with Sci-Twi where she spouts, "You are such a sweetie! I am watching you!" kind of resembles to me a paranoid delusion of persecution such as I highlighted here, as if Sour Sweet's mind made her suspicious of her for no apparent reason.

OK, we need a sequel where they finally do it...in so many crazy ways until she's satisfied.

And I can see Indigo talk to Dash about what Gilda did.

Indigo Zap: Hey Dash, did you hear what Gilda did at the party?
Rainbow Dash : No, what?
::explains details::
RD: That is so not cool. I'm hunting her down and teaching her a lesson.
Indigo: Shall I bring my hunting rifle?
RD: As long as Applejack will let me borrow her shotgun.
Indigo: Applejack has a shotgun? Then bring her along.
RD: No problem. Just bring Sour Sweet as well. I'm sure she'll want to improve her target practice...on Gilda. :rainbowkiss:


OK, we need a sequel where they finally do it...in so many crazy ways until she's satisfied.

As much as I want to do that, I'm afraid that it would take a far more talented writer than me to compose the magnificent clopfic of epic proportions demanded to fully realize the animalistic quest for carnal satisfaction Sour Sweet would have...

I have to say each of these stories has been fantastic, really cute, and has made me fall in love with Sour Sweet out of all the other girls. Seriously dude please never stop writing these. :heart: :twilightsmile:

These stories are good ever think of doing a longer one ?

6808689 I don't like the fact that my stories come off so short either, but I just don't have enough brain juice for anything longer than about 2000 words.

6808498 That sounds like Sugarcoat talking. But I can understand if you haven't done anything like that.


That sounds like Sugarcoat talking.

Huh, didn't even mean to do that :rainbowlaugh:

I'll eventually try a clopfic out, maybe with different characters first to see if I can write one decently. It's not like I haven't put some thought into what my interpretation of Sour Sweet would do in bed :twilightoops: :pinkiegasp: :raritywink:

"Oh how cute! Red polka-dots? Seriously?!?"

Keep making more of these, they're surprisingly good.

“Wait a minute… you’re seriously not getting ANY, are you?!” Gilda bursts out laughing. “Oh Sour Sweet, at least suck your own boyfriend off every once in a while, sheesh! I bet he’s ready to dump you anytime now for someone who WILL give up the ass! Jeez, you’re totally going to die alone in a mental hospital at this rate!”

It. Is. ON!!! :flutterrage:

Speaking as someone who is actually suffering from Schizophrenia, this is very true to our everyday lives. Fortunately, she has yet to show any of the more extreme of our symptoms, such as hallucinations, both visual and audial. It is quite true that many of us never get into relationships, either from anxiety issues, or people being unable to handle our sometimes severe mood swings. This story actually gave me a bit of hope that I will find someone who will see the person beyond the mental issues.

This needs a sequel, and please, do try for a sex scene. You have managed to do so well in their relationship so far, I am looking forward to seeing what else you can do. I hope to see more.

6808273 I have a Covenant Energy Sword and a Katana at the ready!!!

I'm enjoying these far more than I thought I would. Very fun to read. Can't wait for the next part of this little anthology.

I also noticed that her being "a normal human being" isn't a miracle anymore. I guess the extra support is helping to curb her extremes somewhat.


I also noticed that her being "a normal human being" isn't a miracle anymore. I guess the extra support is helping to curb her extremes somewhat.

All you need is love :twilightsmile:

Really enjoying these! Keep 'em coming!

Strong feels in this chapter:pinkiesad2:

But you still had me laugh at:pinkiehappy:
“Sour Sweet, I don’t want to date one of your friends.”
She rolls her eyes.
“So, going the HAREM route,
i see?”


I read this a while ago but I'm reading this again. This story deserves more attention that it is getting.

6856660 Thank you for saying that. I'm quite proud of it.

I usually stay the hell away from second person fics given their least than great reputación but I have to say yours is probably the best I've seen in how you handle the characters,really good all of them:twilightsmile:

pretty good but I should point out gryphons are in the majority of the myths there from, good mythical creatures, generally considered noble guardians or the kings of creatures (indicating myths not beasts like a lion) if anything gildas actions are very un gryphonish.

This reminded me of that one time my ex girlfriend flashed me in highschool

I would have had to hit something very hard after what gilda said I can't stand people like that :twilightangry2: Great story with a sweet ending :pinkiehappy:

I love the end.
And Gilda don't you dare insult my favorite Shadowbolt!

My money was on an arrow shot to the knee but she actually loves us/him. Sweet Celestia I'm loving this.

“It’s like we’re a Philosopher and an Amazon Princess! While you’re overthinking life, I’m plotting your castration!”


that was just great, haha, man, except for that last part, that was a little awkward.
great piece, my friend!

6856724 oh man, this one's hillarious and kinda creepy at the same time

You suddenly pause as you see her arms uncross and her shaking hands lower. Her fingers reach the hem of the plaid skirt of her uniform and pinch it. You stare captivated as she slowly and nervously lifts the cloth up to reveal her pure white panties to you.

She's givin' me a sneak peak, eh?

Suddenly, Sour Sweet gives you a naughty smirk. “You know, it’s only fair that you show me your underpants now. Come on and show mama the GOODS!"

And she wants me to give a sneak peak too...
Wait! She Wants A Sneak Peak Too!? F*ckin' B055!

Also: I'd totally kick Gilda's ass over what she just said. I'm a guy who's willing to defend my gal's name, and what Gilda's saying is enough to harm it to my mind. I'd make her feel physical pain for every millisecond she made Sour Sweet go off. And if it's lots of times, then The Pain-Train has no brakes.

excellent balance of emotions here, brilliant work. :twilightsmile:


First off, there would be no team-up. Second off, I'd make movie and video game references like this...

"Oi! Gilda!"
Gilda: "What!!"
"Would you kindly take back everything that you just told my gal?"
Gilda: "F*ck off!"
"Well! That was rude. Time to teach someone some manners!"

7054185 Need I remind you that Gilda is in fact HUMAN in this story and by that logic, every unicorn should be a pure beacon of positivity in Equestria, yet there are even some who are complete assholes.

Gilda shrugs and rolls her eyes. “Whatever. I’ve had enough of this dweeb-fest anyway.”

She turns to go, but staggers right into the gryphon painting and knocks it off its stand and onto the floor.

“Dumb bird thing,” Gilda mutters before making her exit.

Umm.... funny? :applejackunsure:

I love seeing deep into her character like this. It's why she's my favorite because of all of the character depth we never get to see in the show.

Also, I wouldn't mind getting a sneak peek from Sour like that.

It’s like we’re a Philosopher and an Amazon Princess! While you’re overthinking life, I’m plotting your castration!

That is an awesome line.

Of all the places Sour Sweet could have gone, you know her well enough to be at the archery range behind Crystal Prep. There she is, of course, firing arrows at a circular target as she regularly does for practice or just to simply pass some time.

Give the girl a griffin target 🎯🎯🎯 or a picture of Gilda, or Abacus Chinch.

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