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This story is a sequel to Sour Sweet Life

While waiting for his girlfriend to arrive for their date, Second Person encounters Button Mash who is having anxiety over his newfound relationship with Sweetie Belle. Second tries to calm the gamer boy with the story of his own doubts experienced early on with dating Sour Sweet and of the humiliation of bringing her to meet his old-fashioned parents.

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*Haven't read anything yet and sees the description* So his real name is really Second Person now?

*After reading* I'd like to think this is canon. And that Second Person really is his name. Now that brings up a thought of First Person hitting on Sour Sweet, and she ends up beating him. Badly.

No issue with this being canon. Opens up some new story paths I would think.

I sense reluctance in your voice.

And now I'm picturing Sour Sweet as a Sith Lord. It's a frankly terrifying image.

This seems like it fits seamlessly into the established story. Characterization is never a bad thing, and no audience self-insert survives contact with the audience for long. (Female readers, for example.) Letting Second Person be his own... well, person is definitely the right choice. (And it's a good thing he isn't a middle child, given how many people prefer Third Person. That's the last thing his ego needs...)

In all, a very enjoyable spotlight on a character who's stuck to the shadows until now. Thank you for it.

“You have to excuse our excitement, Sour,” Mrs. Person apologized. “You don’t know how hard we’ve tried to get Second to start being more of a man! Always asking him when he’s going to get a girlfriend. Reminding constantly how many girls his big brother was dating at his age. We even bought him a subscription to Maxim magazine to help encourage him!”
Meanwhile Second person slowly lifted a gun to his head

I think most people would prefer Second to have more character. Or at the very least I would, I never read this series as a self-insert. Any entry in this series is good though, I just love the comfortable familiarity both characters have with one another in subsequent entries.

Second person, huh? Oh the creativey -_-
Better than aeon I suppose

7435343 You can blame us for giving him that name

Second was glumly slumping next to him holding up a teeny, tiny, and insignificant trophy. Sour had to squint hard to make out the single word engraved upon it, “PARTISIPANT”.

You gotta feel sorry when the trophy has so little thought put into it that the word "PARTICIPANT" couldn't be bothered to be spelled correctly.

Got into a fight with some purple emo. She kicked my ass. Mentioned something about ‘a thousand years of fighting experience’. Pretty RANDOM experience, if I do say so.

Let's see, assuming this mysterious character is canon to the show, we I can try to figure out who it is...

Characters who lived for at least 1000 years:




It just occurred to me that you were talking about Aria... :twilightsheepish:
Well I'm embarrassed with myself.

Could we expect the dazzling so in any future editions of this series?

Sour’s nose crinkled. “Ugh, it’s like I can already SMELL the Axe Body Spray and douchiness. Who is this?”
“That’s my big brother, First Person,”

I have never before heard First Person described so perfectly, :rainbowlaugh:

“Got into a fight with some purple emo. She kicked my ass. Mentioned something about ‘a thousand years of fighting experience’.

God dammit, Aria, :facehoof:

Nice concept, but I don't like the character being called second person. I prefer the original style. Good story though.

I must consider this canon. I wanted see what happened when they went back down! Please make more for this!

Also, seeing the name Mrs. Person made me crack up

And Second Person's brother......First Person :rainbowlaugh:

I am always happy for character development. I'm taking this story as canon.


You gotta feel sorry when the trophy has so little thought put into it that the word "PARTICIPANT" couldn't be bothered to be spelled correctly.

I'll be completely honest, that was just a simple error on my part, but your comment is such a brilliantly hilarious idea that I added a new line to make it part of the story. That's a happy accident if I ever saw one :rainbowlaugh:

7435161 I very much want to read this.
7435721 And here I was thinking his Mom's name would be Mrs. Sue. First name Mary.

Good filler is good! Jokes land as always. And of course thank you for that organic integration.

Now, you absolutely must write a story about Sour Sweet's feminist blog. I'd take her on in the comments section.

I wish this was canon in the Sour Stories.

Sour... Don't pick fights with a Dazzling; they really aren't nice people.

That's what I call a fine character development. Great story as always. :yay:

Yes definitely.

Aria: she will beat you within an inch of your life.
Adagio: she will beat you, and then sexually abuse you.
Sonata: you would be surprised how many ways a taco can be used to torture people...

One thing that struck me (ha) was the domestic violence quip at the end. Morbid yes, but I think it does contribute quite a bit to Sour's characterization and sense of humor.

I'm actually surprised she was able to make it through the dinner.

Personally I prefer the self insert. When it comes to reading, i don't really feel for the main character and the side characters like Sour unless I am the main character. I actually felt scared when i read the first story and I did feel some anger when her father said he was emotionally distancing himself. I know its all fiction but self inserts are the best way to really get my attention. I loved just about every story previous, and when it changes, my attention and support for the series just dropped. A little more than i would prefer. Sorry but that's my rant. :twilightblush:

Keep everything else, toss the Second Person name. That's my vote

7437543 Thank you for that perspective. It's expecting reactions such as that which made me allow readers to decide for themselves whether it was canon or not ( notice I didn't even tag it as a sequel ). I may do another story like this, but I won't do all future ones like it. There's still going to be proper 2nd Person perspective tales to come as long as I can keep coming up with ideas.

7437558 I really enjoy this series! Schizophrenic girlfriend, character with very little to her name fanfic wise, surprises at every turn, this is the stuff that gets my attention and it sure did! Its the disruption of the flow that does it. Here we have 14 short stories where the reader is the main character and suddenly it changes. Something this long, not many people like change. But, if this was an alternate universe or just side stories, it adds a new perspective and the reader knows the back story, its just a simple name change. Its creative writing in my eyes! :pinkiehappy:

Please continue what you do! :rainbowkiss:

I accept this as cannon.

Okay this one hurt a bit to read. Why? Because of this:

Her tone was sweet but her eyes were screaming, “This is SO going into my next feminist blog!

A feminist!? Really!? Well Sour just a whole lot of cool points there.

With my own eyes and ears, I got to witness the first-hand shaming of the cisgender male into patriarchal submission. Just wait until my blogger group hears about this!

Gah!!! And there goes the rest of them. Sorry but I just lost all respect for Sour here.

Overall though, a neat story, even if it did destroy most of the appeal of Sour Sweet.


You've missed the point entirely. Right there, in the author's note, it says that this took place before Motherhood. So at this point in the series, she is still supposed to be aggressive, prickly and insecure. In fact, in the first stories, she is not that likable at all -- you gotta learn to look past the flaws to see the potential. And if you read through all the entries, it gets clear how this combatant attitude of hers gets debunked and she step by step she learns to let go of it.

Also, if you drop all the obnoxious terms like "cisgender," what she says here is not wrong at all -- parents shaming their son to be one particular type of man is a no-no.


“That’s my big brother, First Person,” Second informed. “He’s away at college right now.”

Im going to descibe my reaction with the sound of my laughter when I heard that boy's name
"Akh-HhHaahaHahahahaHaHA*muffled ahaha's* AHahahaaa"
You absolute madman, you done did it

I agree with some comments here, namely the 7435252 as it had said everything it needs to be said about this chapter IMO. Sorry if I came off as pushy about my ideas about Second Person and his family shenanigans, but looks like you managed to find your own, best-tailored, standing over the whole thing.

Its a bit of a weird question, but did you happened to be tempted to wrote this after the Sunny Sides of Crystal Prep was published?

7438039 Firstly, you act as if this is the first time I've brought up Sour Sweet being a feminist. It's been said before, or at least strongly hinted. Secondly, the feminism is mainly just there for humor's sake as Sour needs stuff to gripe about. Thirdly, I find it ironic that you seem to be so against feminism yet you are on a fan site for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, a series that is very feminist in its ideals. Spoiler alert: Lauren Faust is a feminist.


Sorry if I came off as pushy about my ideas about Second Person and his family shenanigans, but looks like you managed to find your own, best-tailored, standing over the whole thing.

Happy to include your great ideas, my friend :raritywink:

Its a bit of a weird question, but did you happened to be tempted to wrote this after the Sunny Sides of Crystal Prep was published?

I was already writing it when it was put up.

Yo. It's been a while ^-^ Man, it feels nice to be commenting on your stories again!
This experiment is brilliant! Seriously, it's brilliant! I love it! We get to see more into the life of Second Person and have some background for his character, I love it. Excellent choice for your 'lull period', and I do hope to see more awesome stuff come out soon!
So, now here comes the criticism.

Until she showed up, he glanced around to see if anything interesting was going on.

This implies that she showed up at the end of the action. I would use "While he waited for her to show up," or something similar.
And that's about it. I don't have much criticism for this. I love it. Off to go update my Best Author's page and mark your story size at 15!


Excellent choice for your 'lull period', and I do hope to see more awesome stuff come out soon!

Yeah, my inspiration has started to increase again. Got another drama-heavy story being cooked up as we speak... or type... or whatever :derpytongue2: Plus, the "Second Person" experiment will continue to defy the laws of nature :pinkiecrazy:

Also, thanks for the grammar correction :twilightsmile:

More stories coming soon?! :pinkiehappy: Yes!!
And, of course :twilightsmile: As a hypercritical smart-alec Grammar Nazi, I couldn't leave it alone :pinkiesmile:
Can't wait for the new stuff! How soon should I expect it?


How soon should I expect it?

*Shrugs lazily* Can't rush insanity, man :raritywink:

:derpytongue2: As someone who's also insane, I know just what you mean! :twilightsmile: Good luck!

7438730 Yeah, I suppose it was hinted at before, but this was more blatant. Why wouldn't I be against feminism, it's a toxic subculture that promotes female superiority, it is not about equality no matter how much they say that. I was not aware that Lauren Faust is a feminist, that is disappointing, but it changes nothing. I am a fan of the show, because I haven't seen any of that toxicity in the show itself. Sure it is very female heavy but it's a show for girls so that's to be expected.

7438458 I did read that authors note, and you are right, I had not taken that into consideration, fair point. Also, yes, what she said was right, I just hate words like cisgender *cringe*.

7439854 Speaking as someone who has had feminist studies in college, it sounds as you may be listening to the more radical voices of the feminist movement and generalizing the entire group. Remember that all groups have their bad eggs ( such as Sour Sweet to an extent ). If you think men and women should be equal in society, then you're a feminist. It's as simple as that.

If you want to know about Faust's MLP feminism then here's an article she wrote on it: http://msmagazine.com/blog/2010/12/24/my-little-non-homophobic-non-racist-non-smart-shaming-pony-a-rebuttal/

Something else I find ironic is that both you and K Nielson have agreed with Sour since "toxic masculinity" where parents/society pressure males to act a certain way actually is a genuine feminist concept. I simply borrowed it for comedy purposes :rainbowlaugh:

Of course, at the end of the day, everyone has their own beliefs and opinions. I'm not advocating anything, just trying to entertain and hope you stick around for more "non-feminist" stories :twilightsmile:

7440021 Yes, perhaps I am generalizing a bit. Maybe I have only seen the radicals, but boy are there a lot of them. Also, isn't 'If you think men and women should be equal in society, then you're a feminist. It's as simple as that.' also a generalization? If anything I just see myself as supporting equality, I do not focus on female issues therefore I don't consider myself a feminist. Then again perhaps I'm just against the word because of those radicals.

Not to start a debate but Egalitarianism is equal rights for everyone/every thing. Fiminisim is mostly for women's rights.

7447164 Both feminism and egalitarianism are essentially the same as far as I'm concerned. While it's true feminism is more vocal about women's rights because of the larger history of oppression, it does deal with men's issues, just as I portray in the story.

7447164 I agree completely.

7447228 Nope, modern feninism may be trying to spread into other causes but that makes no sense. The vey word implies female rights activist. And the only time that a modern feminist seems to care about men's rights is when they are trying to figure out how to take them away.

Can u do me a favor :raritywink:and make the book where Sour Sweet gets pregnant for me because I don't think I'll get time to finish:ajsleepy: it and can u mention me in it actually PM me to get the idea of what the idea of it is:twilightblush:

From what I've read and the way it's presented. I think his name should be 'Second Place' instead of second person (and First person should be First place

Hi I just got an idea for a future story that I thought you might what if there was some sort of couples obstacle course or other compation where sour sweet and her boyfriend compete against other couples it would be a great chance to add in a bunch of shipping jokes, just an idea I had rattling around my head that I thought you'd might like

Blop. Blippity blip blooop beep.

Did I beep a bit too much? Sorry.But I'm a jeep.


Thanks to Nico-Stone Rupan for making these stories, and SoDF's best authors list for telling me that there was a new chapter.

I'm not that great at being descriptive in how I liked something or didn't like it, so I can just say that this chapter was really good, and *Monologue Monologue, incomprehensible rambling, Evil curse, Beeps and Bloops, End monologue.*

What? Evil curse? Of course not! Me? Never! *Looks around nervously.*

And oubviously I'm late to the comment section, and the big comment rush on this story was weeks ago.

Well, Nico, keep making great stories, and SoDF, keep updating your user page so I stay updated on this series.
What's that? Following a user, you say? Interesting...


:rainbowlaugh: No problem! I'm happy to keep updating it~
Now we just gotta get him to drop some new content! :pinkiehappy:

All right everyone, get ready...

Poke poke poke poke poke Poke Poke Poke Poke Poke Poke Pokemon! Gotta catch 'em all! Poke P0k3

Ow! Gah! Stop with the pokies already! It's submitted! The new story has been submitted! :derpytongue2:

and yet another story stabbed right to the feels, you should consider doing one of those things to get them published into a single volume or something, i'd put money to that, your 'sour sweet tales' are amazing.

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