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This story is a sequel to Sour Sweet, Sweet Love

Gilda's daughter, Gretchen despises the doctor's office with a vengeance. In an attempt to remedy this, her best friend and daughter of Sour Sweet, Bitter Honey decides to turn their playtime into a practice session. However, their pretend takes an unexpected turn when Bitter starts to take her role too seriously.

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Yes! A new story! It was great.

The man. the myth. THE LEGEND, has returned! ...Hi :pinkiecrazy:

In all seriousness, this was a good, fun read. It gave me a laugh that I kinda needed right now. Great job, dude!

This kid's got a great imagination. She'll be the bane of the Shadow Line in no time.




So glad to see this series back. You're treatment of Sour Sweet has always been so understanding and compassionate.

Personally I'm more interested in the parents than the children, but you wove it all together nicely, so I give it a thumbs up :twilightsmile:

I think Sour might prefer more knocked over medical equipment then what Gretchen just said :pinkiecrazy:

This was worth the wait.

Last time you thought you were a winged pony living in a magical land for a whole afternoon.

So travel between Earth and Equestria hasn't been established yet, has it?

Last time you thought you were a winged pony living in a magical land for a whole afternoon.

That's nothing. There's this little pegasus filly who convinced herself that she was a balding ape for half a day.

In any case, truly adorable stuff... even if it does end on a somewhat ominous note. Still, always good to see more from you.

"Not yet, Gretchen." She pointed to the other stuffed animal in the next chair. "It's Mister Lion's turn."
Gretchen glanced over to the toy to her right. She then reached over and gave it a flick in the head, causing it to fall over onto the floor on its side.
"Oh look, Mister Lion died," Gretchen deadpanned. "He doesn't need to see you anymore."


I couldn't read that part out for fear of choking on my laughter

That was so cute and funny. If you've ever actually watched children at the doctors' office, you'll know that Gretchen's behaviour was pretty much average all told. Bitter has obviously been learning histrionics lessons from her mother and possibly from her paternal grandmother.

So, Bitter's doppelgänger is a Pegasus, yeah? It might explain a lot; Pegasi do tend to be hyper-emotional ones!

However, the 'imagination' thing makes me wonder. Has Bitter got the ability to 'think' herself into a particular role or skill set? Is that the gift that Equestrian magic has given her?

Dude, nice! Great to see you flexing your writing muscles again! And the plot thickens. What else will we learn of Bitter? I feel there are more mysteries in there.. Ah, and now to wait once more. Here's hoping you'll have more random ideas soon. You gotta go fishing more often!

I thoroughly agree that it sounds like Bitter's got some skills in a unique field.. Can't wait to see them more defined. :pinkiehappy:

She became a doctor! A paediatrician, I think. I also want to be a doctor, second to being an animator or game developer but you know asian stuff.

Ayyy, welcome back!


I really liked this story. A few bits of extra information about the lives of Doctor Sweet and Author Second Person. Never thought about what their jobs would be when they would grow up but now I know they just fit (Especially Second Person, with a name like that what else could he be? (and now I'm wondering what has become of his brother :rainbowlaugh:)).
But besides the extra information bout the lives off our favorite Shadowbolt couple we also got plenty of cute!

Bitter Honey and Gretchen are some of the best written kids I've ever seen. Great job! :twilightsmile:

Memories of checkups past flashed before Gretchen's eyes. Every time, that demon stick would trigger her gag reflex so hard that it sent her into a panic. Every time, her body would go into survival mode, thrashing about as she screamed, resulting in her mother to have to hold her down, which would only succeed in terrifying Gretchen even more.

God, why is this series so damn relatable for me?

8146281 Umm... that's.. racist... I think?

8197483 it's racist if you think it's racist but the point tho is that most Asian countries are familistic and due to the gap between those from te late 90s and their parents it is hard for us millenials to really reach for what we want and enjoy. Because we are compelled to give back and value our family so much so that their opinion on almost anything is of to be considered as the highest of recommendations to choose.

8198093 Dude... I was really just making a joke. Maybe I didn't word it the right way for people to grasp that, but I meant no harm.

Like if you ship bitter honey and gretchin as childhood sweet hearts

I can't believe Mister Lion is fucking dead.

Gretchen was unamused. "The last time I was asked to play doctor ended with me punching out the boy behind the park jungle gym."

First that asswipe dentist and now THIS?!

Bitter's so damn cute.

Bitter Honey is just too adorable.

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