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This story is a sequel to Second Impact

It's Christmas in July as Bitter Honey and Gretchen offer up their small ways to help heal their fractured families for the holiday season.

(Contains some strong language, references to child abuse, and political statements being shouted randomly)

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nothing brings family together more than fighting over politics at least in my house hold.

Anyway another amazing feel good story in the lives of Second Person and Sour Sweet.

Well, Sour talked about two of the things you never discuss with people.
Gretchen and Bitter are just so adorable.

Hope you start feeling better. *hug* have a fluttershy cheering you on. :yay: "yay"

"Niban" lol clever.
So does that imply something of Seconds ancestry?


So does that imply something of Seconds ancestry?

Maybe :duck:

On the bright side it always makes for an interesting holiday :rainbowlaugh:

Her mother-in-law scoffed. "Don't you think it's meaningless for her to be celebrating a holiday without knowing the real reason for the season?"


Just your average atheist doing what we love most: ruining Christian traditions and eating babies :raritywink:

Dammit, I just got my teeth cleaned...Now I'm gonna have cavities for sure!


Niban narrowed her eyes. "Socialist snowflake."

Sour narrowed hers as well. "Alt-right Nazi."

Niban shot up. "Gun rights!"

Sour shot up as well. "Gay rights!"

Niban banged the table. "FAKE NEWS!!!"

Sour banged it as well. "PUSSY GRABBING!!!"

Fuck your politics!! :flutterrage: Both of you!! :flutterrage: (Sincerely, a former Bernie supporter.)

Also, this was cute, this was very cute. :twilightsmile:

(P.S.; fuck the two party system.)

I haven't started reading your stories yet (I really want to), but the cover art for this story is really amazing! Judging from the blue heart at the bottom, it looks like Sour Sweet finally got her Cool UR!


Now all she needs is one more, and she'll have more than I do!

Comment posted by Neonrainbow123 deleted Jul 27th, 2017

Is sour still with second?

Of course, why do you ask?

Because I heard from him for awhile


Because I heard from him for awhile

Do you mean you haven't heard from Second? He had a line in this story at the end. The previous story, titled "Second Impact" focused entirely on him.

Oh alright great! Hope you keep second person in all stories.

Sour narrowed hers as well. "Alt-right Nazi."

Would this line indicate that Sour Sweet is either a part of, or a sympathizer of Antifa and/or SJW's in general? I apologize if I'm misinterpreting that line, it's just that this exact thing is used by SJW's and Antifa towards those that they don't like. It'd be cool if we could see Sour Sweet's and Second Person's political views at some point.

Personally, I would love to bring more politics and other divisive subjects into my stories, but I don't like the comment section becoming a warzone of arguing and trolling either. Most of the time I attempt to just sprinkle and balance that kind of stuff around.

But yes, without labels and such, both Sour and Second are of the left side of the political spectrum. In past stories, Sour was a radical, blogging feminist (later losing the radical part). Ron Jeremy Pony's version of my storyline has gone much further than I've ever done, though. Sour and even Sunny Flare are confirmed pro-choice in one of his stories, for example.

Huh. Thought Sour and Second's mom was on good terms.

Ah, the uncomfortable feeling of trying to get people to get along despite their politics. I'm familiar with that. Thankfully, my family usually leaves such matters off the table, save for preaching to the choir. Friends, on the other hand...

Well, it's usually manageable.

Thanks for some lovely Christmas-in-July cuteness.

bitter gets hand twitches too i know how that feels it sucks donkey dick



Also, Niban sounds more like an establishment conservative rather than Alt Right.

And that's why nobody invites you to the Christmas party.

I'd like to think Bitter Honey would be into M*A*S*H when she's older like how Sour Sweet was with Hogen's Heroes.

Niban narrowed her eyes. "Socialist snowflake."

Sour narrowed hers as well. "Alt-right Nazi."

Niban shot up. "Gun rights!"

Sour shot up as well. "Gay rights!"

Niban banged the table. "FAKE NEWS!!!"

Sour banged it as well. "PUSSY GRABBING!!!"



Sorry, just adding my two cents.

holy day of July 25th

oh wow, I didn't know my birthday was so special :rainbowlaugh:

Don't punch out the mother-in-law, don't punch out the mother-in-law, don't punch out the mother-in-law...

If a scene ever needed to be animated, it's this one!

I'm happy to see that Gilda is such a loving parent and would do anything for Gretchen.

And finally, Bitter and Gretchen at the end in their little holiday dresses was pure Sugar!

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