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This story is a sequel to Bitter Sweet Tidings

Sour Sweet's schizophrenia has been in remission for many years. But with remission often comes a false sense of security. She hasn't taken her pills in weeks.

Her husband is leaving on a weekend trip. Sour and her daughter, Bitter Honey are excited for some quality time together. However, that quality time will be interrupted when erratic symptoms begin to resurface with a vengeance. Now a toddler must deal with being home alone with a mother who has lost her grip on reality.

Contains: mental health issues, the endangerment and brief verbal abuse of a toddler, conspiracy theories, a very smug Anon, nudity, language, magical yet violent hallucinations, the Antichrist, and suicide contemplation.

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This is going to get dark isnt it?

Hoo boy...

This ain't gonna end well...

Never hit the track button so fast in my life.

"Niban!" Sour cheered as she picked up. "I get it! I finally get it! I am among the awakened now! The weeaboos did 9/11, President Filthy Rich truly does have a very good brain, and all the rest of the world leaders are the Gorn from Star Trek in disguise!"
Bitter's jaw dropped. Her mother had never agreed with her grandmama when it came to politics before.
"Oh, Sour Sweet!" she heard Niban's voice joyously gasp from the other end. "I've waited so long for the day that I could proudly call you 'daughter-in-law'! Welcome to the reprehensibles, dear!"

:pinkiegasp: .... That's it. She's gone. Calling it; time of death 9:04 AM.

Wow, what a place to end a chapter! And...tracking.


I think I'm going to hold off on this until It's complete. It seems like the sort of thing I need to finish reading in one go to avoid becoming depressed or something.

This is going to get worse before it gets better. Though I do want to know whatthe Discord the Happy Draconequus Show is like.

Also, sorry for the double shelf alert. I fat-fingered the icons.

Let's see. "Like", "Favorite" and "Track".

Nico, you are officially back in business baby!

Ah yes, the real world EG. I've missed it so. You're pretty much the only author I can think of who has the gut and the vision to do this thing. The rest are too scared of the challenge. Like, "Oh no, the real world is too dark! It will ruin the happy optimistic MLP spirit!"

BTW, a little technical criticism -- when a parent gets her child a sick day at school, they usually tend not to let the child outside. Or they let them go where they know that there's little chance of the child being spotted by her school friends or the teacher. The parent WONT write a note to the teacher "Sorry she is sick today," And then risk being seen with having a good time with her all over the town.

8393071 But said teachers and school friends would be in school when they were at the food place, because it was around noon, no?

Oh boy, When this is over Sour Sweet is not going to be in a good place, if I recall correctly this is her greatest fear


.................well shit.

You know, Nico, I honestly think this could be an academy award winner. Your stories always stir up some powerful emotions with me. This one in particular because it's one I can relate to, not personally but with someone close to me that had a very... unfortunate result.

Keep up the good work.

I hate that I either can't find, or there isn't a notification button for when you post a new story. I never check the updates, so it's hard to know when you release a new story.

Can't wait to find out what happens! Will Bitter answer the phone, and get help? Will Second's Trip be cancelled? Could Sour have forgotten she invited Gilda over? The possibilities are endless!

Yes, please do pull the same shit twice. I, for one, want you to.

So, Sour Sweet can break the fourth wall when she goes kookoo? Neat.

Nice job keeping us in suspense with the award.

I find it funny that Sour has to be literally delusional to agree with Trump politics.

plz... I wanna know moar... plz... :fluttercry:

The last line is..........ominous. *Starts dialing the police*.

Anon Sanderson. That is funnier than it has any right to be, especially given the tone of the rest of the story.

Also, I advise caution in future chapters. At the rate Sour's deteriorating, she may be crazy enough to see you and/or punch you before this is over.


Anon Sanderson.

Glad someone caught it. My portrayal of Anon is only half Brandon Sanderson, though. The other half, the stuff about the groupies, is inspired by Winston Groom, the author of the original Forrest Gump novel. I had a college professor who told the story of how she got to meet Groom at a party once. According to her, all he did was brag about how it only took him six weeks to write Gump, then asked her to go up to his hotel room with him. She declined and he went off to find another woman (and succeeded). Yes, Forrest Gump can get a guy laid :rainbowlaugh:

...I don't know whether or not that jab at yourself was meant as a joke, but I personally don't share the feeling.

This is a story that is in essence everything good and desirable about the fandom in my opinion. It takes characters that most don't even bother looking twice at and puts a ton of effort into developing them; making them look, sound and act so relatable, arguably even more so than the actual show writers do. I constantly keep saying this: the fandom of the show is better than the actual show itself, and it's fics like these that continue to reaffirm that belief. :twilightsmile:

Oh no. If Sour's contemplating what I think she is... Bitter needs to do something and fast if Second isn't suspecting that something is wrong yet if the cellphone wasn't answered:fluttershysad:.

Just when things were getting a semblance of getting better that last part happens. Sour has gotten some of her wits back about her but she's come to the absolute wrong conclusion. Now I'm going to be sweating bullets until the next chapter comes out.

Whoa, shit just got real.


Sour scoffed loudly and obnoxiously. " What a bunch of PONY PUCKEY! There is no flooding. All that water the FAKE NEWS is showing is CGI courtesy of their HELLYwood elite buddies! All apart of the NWO's plan to bring a God-fearing red state to its KNEES! " She turned to her daughter and asked with a warm smile, "Don't you agree, Bitter?"

While I agree that Filthy Rich is a terrible leader, that does not mean that Harshwhinny would have been the perfect president; after all, her visible corruption cost her dearly in the rust belt. Plus she flat out said "I represented Hoofstreet after the 9/11 attacks."

I mean, come on; she lost to a reality star buffoon who said "grab 'em by the pussy; I don't even wait!"

"And the winner of this year's Perdita Finn Award is..."

So? Does Second get laid or does he get laid?

"I'm broken," she uttered. "I need to be thrown away..."

Nope! You just need your medicine. Hopefully she takes it soon, because I'm getting worried for hers and Bitter's sake. Where's Indigo Zap with a sedative when you need her?

Nico-Stone's a sucky writer, but he's not that much of a hack to try pulling the exact same shit twice.

You absolute madman.

Hear hear, plus Sour being able to see the future when she's off her meds isn't any crazier than most of the stuff in the actual show, especially Pinkie.

...Now I want to see a fic where the Shadowbolts get magic geode powers, and Sours' is precognition.

That was bittersweet.

Awe! So sad yet happy ending. You are a genius!

Possible title for the sequel: Sour Sweet Treatment (she could hang out with screw loose or screwball)

How is it that you managed this to be equal parts hilarious and heart wrenching? Did you take notes from James Guun?

(1) Paradise Lost was an amazing read.

(2) I imagine she will cry rivers of tears when she fully comes to her senses and realizes that she could have accidentally killed her daughter.

(3) I wouldn't mind a sequel -- Sour Sweet shenanigans at the hospital. Who knows what crazies she meets there and what games they play to pass time.

Well.... that ended on a somber ass note. :fluttercry:


Great work!!

So I need information.
Where are these stories, Paradise Lost and such, what format are they in, and such.
I feel like this is information I should know.

You call it "sad yet happy". I call it barely not tragic.
Bitter doesn't have her mother and we have the strongest implication yet that she's inherited her mother's condition.


Paradise Lost is an epic poem by John Milton from 1667. Here's a link to read it online: https://www.dartmouth.edu/~milton/reading_room/pl/book_1/text.shtml

Left Behind is by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. There are sixteen novels in the main series. There are forty chapter books in the Left Behind: The Kids spinoff series, however they recently put out new editions that combined those into twelve YA-style novels. These should be found in any Christian bookstore, such as LifeWay. Amazon offers Kindle versions if you don't want physical ones.

If you're interested in movie versions, you have Left Behind: The Movie (2000), Left Behind II: Tribulation Force (2002), and Left Behind: World At War (2005) which all star Kirk Cameron. There's a 2014 remake of Left Behind starring Nicolas Cage. The latest one that came out just last year is Vanished - Left Behind: Next Generation. I don't know if Netflix has them all, but there are low quality uploads on YouTube.

That is kind of what i ment.

I personally write it as Gaia, as that's how all movies, video games, and books seem to name it.

Given the slow leak of magic into this world, Bitter seeing the same dapper Antichrist figure as her mother fills me with more concern than you probably intended.

In any case, this isn't really a happy ending per se, but it could've been much, much worse. Hopefully Sour will remember from now on that feeling like you don't need the meds only means that they're working. And if Bitter does have her mother's condition, she'll have much more understanding parents... thiugh I can't guarantee that Sour won't flagellate herself over cursing her daughter as she has.

On the bright side, Sour's a much better fanfic author than she thinks.

A shiver went up my spine at the very end.

Clap clap clap!
Awesome! Just straight out awesome!

Baby nooo!

Well, if she does have a similar condition or developing it, at least she'll have a strong support system of family and friends that have Bitter's back.

Both Perdita Finn's novelization and the MLP Wiki entry for LOE spell it Gaea Everfree.

Yet Sonic Unleashed, Smite, and even God of War pronounce it as Gaia...

"Deo Vindice!!!" Sour shouted in a disturbing tone.

I never thought I'd see that said in an MLP fan fic.

I like it.

Honestly, I like the Bitter-Sweet Ending, I think a series of shorts showing old friends visiting her in the hospital would be nice, plus a good chance to bring back some old faces.

....And lets hope that Bitter knows the man with the sinister look is a bad guy.

Hmmm... Juniper MonStar... I like it!

Yeah, that's what they're calling her on Derpibooru.

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