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This story is a sequel to Bitter Pills to Swallow

Second Person is involved in a car accident. His wife, Sour Sweet is not amused. Inspired by a true story! :pinkiehappy:

(Gore tag for descriptions of minor injuries involving blood)

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So if the "Second Person" name is canon now, than what is Second Person's special talent?

He's the Element of Masochism, of course :rainbowlaugh: Seriously though, it's writing.

Second tried to find the movie on a steaming service with no luck.

tried to find the movie on a steaming service

on a steaming service

no wonder he couldn't find it. he was looking in the wrong place.


Sour leaned in to get a better look. "Talking boats, huh?" She chuckled. "Sounds good to me. We'll watch it together tonight. Hope Bitter likes it."

"She better," Second joked. "I almost died to get it."

Ah boo! Get off the stage!!

I know I know, tough crowd.

Oh, and this story was pretty good. You actually made Cinch look like a decent human being; that is one of the most difficult things to do.

Hope you are feeling better dude. I love your stories and it would be a shame to see them end with no explanation.

Come on, you know Sour Sweet would kill me if I died :derpytongue2:

How could she kill you if you died?

Car accidents are no fun.
That last line.
Doctor horse, heh.
Very nicely done.

Sour Sweet is a lot like life itself. She, uh, finds a way...

Interesting; is this your explanation for Cinch's abrupt departure from CPA between Friendship Games and Dance Magic? Poor health combined with the humiliation of the draw at the latest Friendship Games? Either one, Cinch could have handled but the two together left her in a weakened position and, with some thought, may have convinced her that it was time to retire before her health declined to the point where it became a life-changing.

FWIW, if Cinch had a full-on hypoglycaemic blackout then it's quite possible that the judge may disqualify her from driving. She was basically on 'application lock' with her foot hard onto the gas and no-one really driving (the car or even her).

Of course, Sour wouldn't be Sour if she didn't assume malice over happenstance. :raritywink:


is this your explanation for Cinch's abrupt departure from CPA between Friendship Games and Dance Magic?

In my main continuity, "Dance Magic" never happened and Cinch continued to be principal as portrayed in the previous stories. However, the Cinch at this point of the story is indeed retired for health reasons.

No one's going to say it?
"Get in the Eva Shinji!!!"

Perfect Dr. Malcom Quote!

If his name is now Second Person, does that mean he's married to a "Sour Person"

The thumbnail for the fic wouldn't happen to be an image of your own accident, would it?

Sour fights the patriarchy, so she didn't take her husband's last name. Her highly conservative mother-in-law, Niban Person, hates her so much :derpytongue2:

It was a joke...., after all, we all know the main character is really Second Sweet

Well, they say write what you know. Glad to see you were able to make some good from your misfortune. And Cinch... I find myself split between karmic satisfaction and justified pity. I hope you were going for that sort of thing.

In all, a very nice chapter in the happy couple's story. Thank you for it, and I hope your own injuries weren't too bad.

ADAM in Antarctica is roughly equivalent to Sour Sweet on a bad day. Though ADAM usually leaves more survivors.


I hope your own injuries weren't too bad.

Second's injuries were my injuries. I'm doing great. My seat stamp is nearly faded away completely :rainbowlaugh:

I have always liked the Second Person name. I wouldn't mind seeing more written in second person perspective, but you don't have to pretend the reader's name is the character's name anymore.

I think adding the 'Second person' tag would be an entertaining paradox though. A Second Person fic that is not second person.
Considering this is based directly on an event in your life, would adding the "Self Insert" character tag be appropriate? (And I just checked what the top rated self-insert fics are; six of the top ten are yours)


(And I just checked what the top rated self-insert fics are; six of the top ten are yours)

Just quickly checked myself. Holy moly, I had no idea they were that popular :rainbowderp:

When picking a less common tag like Self Insert, it is not surprising that you're up top. If we looked at the more common tags that you use, or just all fics in general, you do very well but not amazingly well. For example, Sour 'n Sweet 'n Pretty is currently the 4342nd highest rated fic on the site, putting it in the top 4% of all stories.

Real life is often the best inspiration. Thank God you're okay.

I just looked myself 12 of the top 20 are yours :rainbowderp:

It wasn't a blockbuster by any means. It was a cheap CGI animated story about talking boats made by a Brazilian studio, proudly boasting the names of has-been Hollywood actors which contributed to the no doubt subpar English dub.

That still sounds better than Cars 2 or Planes.

Second entered the gravel parking lot of the pool business. A small crowd was around the older woman who had been helped out of her car and up the ditch. Someone had taken one of the plastic chairs from the front of the business ( probably used by employees for smoke breaks ) so she could sit down. Second was relieved to see that it appeared she didn't have a scratch on her. Someone handed her their cellphone for her to use.

"Is she okay?" Second asked as he came up.

"She's fine," somebody confirmed. "Were you the one in the red car?"

"Yeah, I think I'm okay."

A woman, ironically wearing the shirt of well-known insurance company, came up. "I was already on the phone with 911, following her. She was driving erratically and running stop signs even before she hit you."

"She said she has diabetes," another person informed. "Her blood sugar must have dropped quickly while driving. She doesn't remember the crash."

Second looked at the older woman with newfound sympathy. However, the more he gazed at her, the more recognition began dawning on him. Her hair was down and graying, but their was no mistaking that angular face and beauty mark.

It was Abacus Cinch.

:rainbowderp: Well.... that's a thing.

Also, really glad you're ok.


Third Strike is better Kappa

"She better," Second joked. "I almost died to get it."

I'm torn between correcting it to "she bitter" :trollestia: And "DUDE, TOO SOON"

His older brother is First Person? Does he have little brother named Third Person?

I kinda expected 2nd person to be hospitalized and has serious injuries.

All well that ends well.

I'm genuinely glad the DVD survived.

Bitter, take care of Sour for me, okay?

This line was so sweet, far more so than the more usual alternative :twilightsmile:

These things happen; when fallible humans are each driving a ton of metal at up to 80 mph, it's sometimes amazing they don't happen more. Really good to hear you're ok.

Dear Cinch was a fantastic choice, I really like how you showed her as someone just dealing with the unpleasant realities of life, regardless of her former station. Also an excellent fit for the role in the story, where the first instinct is to see them as a villain.

By the way, I think this needs to be latter rather than later:

The possibly of the later made Second's empathy grow.

Even though Sour was pissed at Second about what happened, you can tell that behind that anger was even more fear. I love how you write Sour with so much character depth.

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