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Background scenes from the EG special, "Dance Magic" featuring my OC, Second Person as Sour Sweet's moralistic boyfriend. Contains spoilers, obviously.

(Sex tag for suggestive humor only)

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I'm waiting for the English release of Dance Magic so Ill have to wait a bit before I can read this. Will add it to my read later list for August.

I really like this story

This basically all comes from what Sour Sweet says in the pre-song scene, isn't it? "Stealing isn't who we want to be."

There are few things more terrifying or dangerous than a thinking Lemon Zest. One of them is a Lemon Zest who actually has an idea.

And it's always good to see Second step up and take a stand, even if it's noncanon.

Aww that was sweet.

Supposedly Indigo was on vacation at the time.

8173862 Yeah, I saw a screenshot of that explanation. On a DHX staff member's twitter, right? All I have to say to them is, pics or it didn't happen. And by pics, I mean please show Indigo lounging on a beach :rainbowwild:

This could've been where she was actually better maybe sometime before 'Bitter Pill to Swallow''.

8176666 In my main series, Sour didn't achieve remission until well after graduating from CPA. Also, Cinch was still principal.

Of course, the couple's intimate moment just had to be intruded upon. Bailey jumped up and licked right on their lip-lock.

"Bailey!" Sour laughed as she wiped off her lips. "This isn't a threesome, boy!"

:rainbowlaugh:that's just great:rainbowlaugh:

Honestly, I liked this, I like this a lot, but I think it could be even better if you adapted the special into your universe, instead of trying to write around the special, let us truly see your take on Dance Magic.

I liked seeing more of the Shadowbolts perspective on this. Also, Lemon trying to think was adorable.

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