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This story is a sequel to Sour Sweet Relapse

Following a schizophrenic relapse, Sour Sweet has been committed to Canterlot Psychiatric Center in order to recuperate. New friends will be made, old friends will come visit, and one new enemy will be faced: Tempest Shadow. Sour knows the road to recovery is long but will she decide that it's worth it?

(Contains mental health issues such as depression and suicidal tendencies, language, brief moments of very dark humor, and non-fetishistic peeing of pants)

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Ohhh boy. This could get very bad, very fast. Still, with Sour medicated to the gills, it can't get quite as bad as possible... as long as she stays that way. We'll see what happens.

You're a tease, sir.

D: I was so happy to see this, then the last section hit. Now I'm afraid.

Uoah...The human versions of Tempest and Storm King are pretty pitiful.

Well, Nico, if you were trying to hurt my cold black heart, you succeeded. I really had a feeling before I read this that someone was going to hit Sour with the "eventually they'll stop visiting" stick. We'll see how she handles things from here on in and hopefully her friends and family can help keep her spirits up.

Also, Second's parents are weird.


Interesting start.

"And should I not expect a visit from your parents?"
Second cringed even more. "They're set in their ways, you know."
Sour crossed her arms. "So they still think schizophrenia is caused by demonic possession and that mental hospitals are MKUltra centers ran by the Jesuits?"
Second nodded with embarrassment.

....I want them to die

No, but seriously, how is it that Second turned out a decent human being with parents like his?

Oh, this is going to turn out very bad, very quickly. Still, ya got me hooked, and nice to see Sour's still got her sense of humor, with the "Killing on The View" crack.

The woman chuckled. "Ah, newbies. Always good for a laugh. Listen, enjoy your little visits while they last. Eventually they'll become few and far between. Until finally, no more. Some patients here never even had a visit after they were committed. Not even once. Just dumped here to be forgotten. They think they're safe within these walls, but the truth of the matter is that this hospital could just be one government funding cut away from shutting down. And all of us? Tossed out onto the street to fend for ourselves. First abandoned by our families, then abandoned by so-called 'decent' society."

So I was thinking Sour Sweet should have told her she has a daughter. Then Tempest would know she'd never be abandoned.
Only then I realised that Tempest may also have a kid who she can't see because she's in this place and that's like her counterpart to losing her horn...

wow things are getting good can't wait to see how Second will react not to mention Sunny Flare aswell

Well can't say I saw that escalating as quickly as it did. Sour is really at that point where she thinks she might be there for a good long time. And what kind of security does this place have if one of the patients is slipping in and out of what I assume are restricted areas? But, tomorrow is another day, another line on the wall, another discussion with the voices in your head.

God... Poor Sour... I really need to see Second's reaction all of this now.


And what kind of security does this place have if one of the patients is slipping in and out of what I assume are restricted areas?

Canterlot Psychiatric Center has top of the line security. It's just that they underestimate the sneakiness of edgelords :derpytongue2:


Is Sour Sweet really that discouraged? :fluttershysad:

Also, I'm quite curious about those pictures. :trixieshiftright:

Ugh, after so many redemption stories, you really have a way of making me hate Tempest again! I wonder what would happen if Fizzlepops real name was slipped by one of the nurses :P

I too am curious :trixieshiftleft:

Sorry, I Know I Probably Shouldn't have laughed, but when Sour told Sunny Marry Second, I Laughed. It just came out of nowhere and the sheer Ridiculousness of the Request, Caused me me to laugh.

Cant wait for the Next Chap!

I look forward to seeing the look on Tempest's face when Sunny comes back.

It's that time, when you get caught up and are eagerly awaiting the next part.

I think Second's parents, or at least his mom need a permanent visit too, with all her delusions.

Fucking hell, Edgelord McEdge here really needs to be shadowed. She is the most dangerous thing this place could possibly have wandering around.

Oh Starlight, never change... First a commie supporter, now a priest... (And yet still supporting communism at that!):rainbowlaugh: ...Wait, are we sure this Starlight doesn't belong in a institution?


I wonder about the husbands thing. And the missing teeth.

Okay i'm going to say this right now. Starlight is in the weirdness category now too.

Nice try Tempest, but Sour is not going to break that easily. Unfortunately I get the sense that this will only encourage her to try harder. These kinds of ordeals are truly hard on the family, especially the kids and it shows in Bitter. She's had to grow up really fast in a short period of time and she has no idea why. Hopefully her Stand...Guardian....Spirit animal person can help or make it worse. Time will tell.

Wait... Bitter can see Sour's hallucinations to? This can't be good:twilightoops:.

I seriously doubt that a pastor would say "badass."

I've always said that Marx secretly stole the whole idea of communism from Jesus. Had he not put the millitant uber-aggresive twist on it, this ideology would not have been despised so much.

With that ending, that can't be good.


I seriously doubt that a pastor would say "badass."

My best friend is a Methodist preacher. He cusses all the time. According to him, most of the preachers that he's met and studied under do to... not in front of their congregations, of course :derpytongue2:


Keep up the Good Work Yo!

I like starlight in this light, wonder if she's a pastor helping patients or if she's in there as a patient.

Also bitter honey....:twilightoops:

Viggy Viggy Viggy you have been a bad monkey!

Great chapter by the way.


I like starlight in this light, wonder if she's a pastor helping patients or if she's in there as a patient.

Pastor helping patients.

Ah okay, thanks for clearing that up!


Ay Starlight, religious Marxism? So now she's preaching an authoritarian ideology AND religion? And she DOESN'T make it sound repetitive like Second's parents?

I feel like I should be scared right now because of her beliefs.

Okay I must be an idiot. Who's Carpathia? I've read all of sour sweet stories, but did I miss something?

Nicolae Carpathia, the fictional Antichrist from the Left Behind book series, was a part of Sour's hallucinations in the last story, Sour Sweet Relapse. That story ended with Bitter catching a glimpse of him.

Okay, I remember reading the ending of sour sweet relapse where Bitter was on merry go round and saw the guy. I just thought since his last line in chapter 3

Certainly, my little one. I am sure Sour Sweet would be delighted to see me again...

he appeared earlier in the series like... sour sweet voices and whatnot.

This makes me think that Satan is actually haunting Sour and Bitter and I don’t know if I’m ok with that yet.

Part of me has always hoped that it would actually be true for several reasons -- (a) that would make for an incredibly awesome dark and scary story; an epic would just write itself, (b) that would absolutely fit in the realistic, yet still magical version of EG that our gracious host has cultivated here, which has proven quite popular, (c) and frankly, EG overall desperately needs an great scary no-bullshit villain, and who can hold a candle to the Prince of Darkness?

So. The plan was to wait until the story was over before reading the rest, because seeing Sour like this hurts. But I want to see what happens too much to follow through on that.

Good to see so much strong support coming Sour's way. I just hope she takes it to heart next time Tempest tries to get in her head. (And I would pay good money to see Niban and Starlight get into a scripture fight.)

As for Mr. Carpathia... Best case scenario, this is a twisted magical bond between mother and daughter. Worst case, this is literal Satanic visitation. I'm not sure which is more concerning.

When's the next chapter coming out?

It's getting polished up. Maybe in the next day or two...

sometimes doing what who were just doing

sometimes doing what you were just doing

Discord popping in really does not help the mental stability here, but at least that's one less worry about Bitter. The question is, was he always there or was the initial instance really a hallucination?

The Leaks. Its all because of the leaks!

One thousand years ago, me and my daddy came here to scope out your pathetic, little, magic-less world with the intent to conquer it in the name of chaos

What's up with magical beings and their damned habit of talking shit about muggles and non magical worlds? :flutterrage:

Still, I imagine "daddy" couldn't get back for Screwball because he was too busy being a garden ornament courtesy of the Sisters.:fluttercry:

Ayyyyyy, I got Maladaptive Daydreaming too.

Discord?....eeeehhh...I already got my hopes up for some good old scary possession story. Discord just doesn't cut it anymore.

Ah. Well, I suppose that's a suitable form for the spirit of chaos and disharmony to assume. And in a bit of irony as lovely as chaos spawn speaking a conlang, he may have actually helped Sour Sweet out of the asylum. She sees her recovery as a matter of "when," not "if," a fantastic improvement from just a chapter or two ago.

That said, whatever Tempest is plotting likely won't end well...


sometimes doing what who were just doing

sometimes doing what you were just doing

Fixed :twilightblush:

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