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This story is a sequel to Sour Sweet Friendship

Bitter Honey finally notices that the girl in the framed crayon drawing hung in her parents' bedroom looks like her. She asks about it, prompting Sour Sweet to explain to her daughter some difficult subjects as well as just how special Bitter really is.

(My ninth featured story! - 9/18/16)

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For a moment I almost thought that Bitter was going to end up becoming a self-aware hallucination.

I wonder if Second Person, ever wondered why Honey Bitter had 0% of his DNA

does bitter have that thing called a tick were one of her body parts spasim without her countrol

A bit of uncertainty in a lot of hope for the future. Lovely overall... though I am a bit concerned with where you might be taking this. Still, thank you for it.

First, arn't you punny -_-
Second, surprised you didn't try to have sour stretch the truth a lt further and leave stuff out

That twitch could be nothing, but my imagination is already kicking into overdrive.

7573890 if that's the case, be glad it's only minor twitching. It could be a lot worse, like Tweak from South Park.

That was sweet, but I wanted to see Sour Sweet go though the difficulties of being pregnant. I thought it would make a great story where she goes a little more crazy due to hormones.

That ending... Awwww, just awwww!:heart:

Wow I knew I was behind but I didn't know I was that far behind, when did they have their daughter ?

7574428 There was a time skip ahead 15 years starting with the story before this one.

7573853 Second acknowledges and accepts that the universe favors his wife over him :rainbowlaugh:

So, what is with the twitching? Is it actually an indication of schizophrenia? A sign of some sort of neuro-muscular developmental problem?

So I've gathered that this takes place in the future, just as the story Gilda told her daughter takes place in the future. But why is Bitter's hand twitching? I assume she has a mental condition like her mom's, but what?

Wait....I thought this was a Ron Jeremy Pony fic.
Damn it!
Contact him and discuss sharing continuity with these stories! Because that first sentence is proof that I'm already seeing them that way.
Keep it up!

A Star Wars recreation in the beginning.

Sir, I love you.

And then a Shining reference!

A'www what a cute story...:heart:


And then a Shining reference!

I realized the "old zombie woman" mention could be interpreted to be a Shining reference only after I wrote it. It was initially inspired by a real hallucination by someone with schizophrenia which I had read about. Only in their case, it wasn't some random woman, it was their own mother who had previously died.

7575029 Oh. Shit, that is horrifying

loved it as always, but what's wrong with bitter's hand ?


Hey, with the power of magic ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

This was absolutely adorable :twilightsmile: I love it~ Yet another amazing addition, time to go update my page!
Also, I love the twitch. Is that a hint of future plot I see? :pinkiehappy: Can't wait for more! Woo!

Oh. MY. GOODNESS!!!! :yay: That was so cute! I love the way you are able to visualize so easily. This makes me happy! Keep on writing! I love your work!!!!

Darn you Rupan! You know how to hit a guy right in the feels, with the force of six atomic bombs. :applecry:

That ending was adorable. :rainbowkiss:

I just checked out what physical symptoms could be indicators of Schizophrenia.

Here is one

Parkinsonian type symptoms- rigidity, tremor, jerking arm movements, or involuntary movements of the limbs

So, I found out.

Ahh, Nico-Stone-Rupan. You've done it again!:pinkiehappy:

I'd like to read about Sour finding out she's pregnant like what happened an such. That would pretty sweet, huge time skip though lol

Wait so hold on... We've just jumped about 10 or 15 years ish into the fate. Is this a permanent jump? Or will we return to teenage Sour Sweet eventually?

7579684 The story is moving forward, but with the possibility of flashback tales to the teenage years, among other periods of time.

7574529 That actually seems like something I would do

So no more Sugarcoat, Lemon Zest, etc? No more Crystal Prep or college? Shame but I'm glad the story is progressing. Do you plan to keep exploring Sour Sweet's mental health? As always keep up the fantastic work, my man.


So no more Sugarcoat, Lemon Zest, etc? No more Crystal Prep or college?

I didn't say any of this. Sour's friends will have more appearances. There may be flashback stories to the Crystal Prep and Crystal State days as well.

Do you plan to keep exploring Sour Sweet's mental health?

Not her's, but someone else's...


are gilda and sour friends in your stories

7599473 Yes, there has been a long story arc between them and they officially became friends in the story before this one, Sour Sweet Friendship.

Oh boy. I'll tell you one thing, If you keep writing these I'm gonna need more tissues. Sour worries about her daughter and that's what really gets me. That's a big risk that she worried about in the earlier story but no matter what this child has changed her life for the better. On a lighter note it's nice to know that even in the future responsible parents still teach their kids about classic films.

I have never before seen such a sweet, happy author's note at the start of a story; seriously, that was wonderful to read.

And then you went and topped it with Sour saying, "But she came back." :heart:


Please please please PLEASE just let it be Bitter Honey's sword hand thirsting for blood, oh god nobody deserves mental illness.

Nice story, Nico. Time to go follow you. Wait, already did.

Keep up the good work!


My good sir, remove the hallucination part half the time or so, and that is a thoughtform, or a Tulpa.

Here, have a good description of what a Tulpa is.

Twitch? I'm thinking seizures.

Twitching hand... Don't tell me she has it too?

Back in other story its 10% chance!

7611180 True that. :pinkiehappy:

Also, $50 says Disney bought Nintendo film rights at this point.... if not Nintendo in its entirety. Can you say "Pokémon/Marvel crossover?"

When I found out that I was pregnant, I instantly kissed your daddy and told him, 'It's her'.

Probably the most adorable thing Sour has ever said.

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