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Equestria hasn’t seen a shooting star in over a thousand years. Derpy Hooves thinks it’s time to give her daughters a Hearth’s Warming gift they’ll never forget.

Written for the 2017 Obselescence Memorial Jinglemas Twinglemas Secret Santa Sendoff, as a present for the fantastic FanOfMostEverything. Thanks to Posh for editing help, and for being the most lovable hugmuffin around.
Cover art by myself and Novel Idea, with a little bit of help from the Scientific Notebook Company.

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Nice story! I never saw a shoting star myself but I know it's an amazing sight.

Still a fantastic story of royal redemption by way of good intentions, maternal love, and never stopping to think about the consequences. Thank you immensely for my Jinglemas present, and for sharing it with everyone. :twilightsmile:

Georg #3 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

Extraordinarily good.

Why can't FIMFiction just make a heart react already?

They're not hard to find. Just look up when meteor showers are, then if there's a clear sky that night keep watching the sky. You can usually do fine by looking straight up, but the info for that particular shower will tell you which direction they'll be coming from. You should be able to see one every couple of minutes on average, or for the best showers, several per minute.

I know, just never had the oppunity and luck to see one.

“Of course not.” Derpy shook her head. “I never regret anything!”

love it when authors play up her wimsy and never thinking ahead.

man. this was the feel good story i didn't know i needed.

and congrats on giving sparkler a bit of personality and not as a backround pony.

Well, now. That was quite nice.

Loved it. I was confused for a minute as to why Luna didn't stay at Twilight's castle and then I realized the point in time that this was taking place, opps. Very enjoyable read. :heart:

8645234 Derpy would make a good classic unicorn from "The Last Unicorn"... they don't regret either, unless they get turned into a human. Then they whine about feeling their body dying all around them and stuff. Pansies.


8644980 I saw perhaps the most stunning meteor storm during the Leonid shower of 2001. At its peak, I couldn't even begin to count them. I lost track at 'IT'S OVER 9,000!!!' in only 20 minutes. Many were bolides which left glowing streaks of ions in the upper atmosphere that drifted and faded slowly into small aurora-like patterns. The storm lasted for 4 hours and kept up even as the sun's disk rose with meteors streaking in front of it and the sunlight danced across the shimmering field of frost, setting ablaze with innumerable diamond glitters of dawn reds and golds the dwarf forest beneath the sand hill where we stood in the chilly November morning.

It was then that I regretted not having invested a grand or so for a good video camera (they were rather costly back then). No one on the East Coast apparently got good video of the event, not even the media. I few videos exist, but none really capture the magnitude of the showing.

Someone needed a studio-quality camera set up for night filming with a wide-angle lens focused upon the 'origin' of the meteor stream during the peak.



Really lovely story. The echo of Kenneth Grahame gave a nice homely feel. The pacing was perfect - it had to take time to reach the climax, but also not go on for too long, so after finishing, we still have time to get some cocoa before bed.

Of course I kept thinking: Just chuck a load of rocks into the upper atmosphere at high speed - should be easy for a pony who can raise the moon - why make things complicated?

Hee hee. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

I keep waiting for someone to point out the fact that shooting stars aren’t actually, y’know... stars, but luckily no one has complained yet. :raritywink:

nooo my life is lie shooting stars are not STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARSSS!!!

how's that?

Posh #16 · 1 week ago · · ·

Thanks toPoshfor editing help, and for being the most lovable hugmuffin around.


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