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It's been a few months since Discord's "redemption," and as far as he's concerned, he is the goodest good guy ever to be good. Nopony in history has ever been as perfect as him!

That is, until Princess Luna points out that he's still pulling pranks and still hurting his friends. In her eyes, Discord isn't a "good guy"—in fact, he's not even trying to be.

So when Luna challenges Discord to give up his chaotic ways for good and prove that he's truly been redeemed, he's more than willing to play along. But can Discord ever really give up his evil ways? Or is he just a disaster waiting to happen?

An Easter story.

Originally written for the Writeoff Association's September 2015 contest, Distant Shores.

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Not half bad! This actually feels like a episode of the show. I laughed at the ending.

When I saw the sign the first time, I thought it said something other than kick me ;)

Hee, I remember this.

Nice story. 100% Reformed Discord is Boring Discord, though. Besides, it would completely go against his name...


Mayor Mare cast a wary glance at the flowers, but still walked forward to sniff them. She stuck her head in just as Discord snapped his talons again. When she stepped back, her face was covered in bees.

“What do you want?” Twilight asked..

I see 2 periods :moustache:

To start a fire (Lesson)

Follow exactly as I

Twilight Sparkle fucking sucks.

Now, wait patiently.

7069944 [insert rage-rant here]

-mission accomplished-

Something tells me this isn't going to end with Discord freezing to death in the Yukon

Huh. I'm surprised this doesn't have more hits. While it might be a little bit of a rehash of Discord's moment with Twi at the end of "Twilight's Kingdom," (a moment I've always loved, as he was finally truly redeemed at this point) I think it's very suitable. More like him getting his own personal friendship lesson. And from Luna of all ponies. While you didn't directly reference it, I'm guessing this is at least somewhat inspired by the Discord & Luna Friends Forever comic.

It was almost like an epilogue. A final piece in getting Discord to really get what his pranks actually do. That just getting a laugh isn't enough. But the ending is what really sells it. That he's finally gotten what harmless pranks actually are... and he's not giving those up. Because, come on.

Best part? I could hear every character in their VA's voice. Nailed each one of them. And I've seen Discord done wrong a lot. So nice job!

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