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This story is a sequel to Guiding Light

By her mere existence, Princess "Derpy" De Raptura ushers in a new era in Equestria's history. The first commoner to ascend the throne, the first new monarch of Equestria for more than two thousand years, Derpy faces the unenviable task of bending a fractious and ambitious political establishment to her will when her experience amounts to little more than planning the best delivery route each day.

Yet it seems that Derpy must face the true price her new-found power demands. To raise the sun she must love the whole world, but to give that love she must endure a burden far greater than she could possibly imagine.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 100 )

Derpy??? As a princess?

THIS I gotta read!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Hell, yes! It continues! All Hail De Raptura!:derpytongue2:

By her mere existence, Princess "Derpy" De Raptura

Annnd, faved.

Now to read. :trixieshiftleft:

A Continuation of Guiding Light.

Two stories for me to read? This will throw my schedule off completely! :raritydespair:

I could have sworn I read this before. :derpyderp1: The part with Sparkler and Rarity especially.

2887067 The first tow chapters were originally posted on the previous story but they were the start of a new story arc and didn't really fit. I've waited until I had some new material to re-post them. :twilightsmile:

So, I get to reread some of my favorite work on the site, and then get more, full of solar avatars and new dawns and Derplight. Good deal! :pinkiehappy:

The only negative feeling I have that's even related to this story is that I've already given my Ditzy a middle name, so I can't grace her with the metal awesomeness of Thunderpeal. Seriously, I hear that and I imagine a pegasus berserker with a battle axe in one hoof and an electric guitar in the other. Now transpose that image onto Derpy Hooves. Glorious. :derpytongue2:

Well this popping up just thoroughly made my day.

Oh, that ending!

Chance of Sparkler becoming an evil despot: 0.5% and rising.

I think the things that really grabs me about this story is all the things that AREN'T said, the silence itself speaks volumes. Twilight Sparkle was supposed to succeed the princesses, that much is obvious, to her especially, it's very telling that she hasn't mentioned it once or so much as had a single obvious reaction to the fact that Ditzy wound up being chosen instead; no elation, no relief, no jealousy, frustration... anything, so far she just seems sad that Celestia and the others are gone and supportive of Ditzy and her daughters. There's also the silences between the characters, all the words that aren't said, between Ditzy and Twilight, between Sparkler and Rarity, between the Sun and Ditzy... it's interesting, not to mention enjoyable.
*Finally posted on the right story this time.


*Finally posted on the right story this time.

:rainbowlaugh: Honestly it didn't feel out of place on the other story.

I like your insight.

2887860 mmhmm :twilightsmile:

2887112 It is a pretty rockin' name.

OTP. :derpytongue2::twilightsmile:

So... Derpy is a princess...

No offense, but that's like making Forrest Gump the president AND giving him the powers of Superman... It's just a bad idea.

Amazing series so far, can't wait for all the future surprises that Princess De Raptura has in store for us.

I'm getting the impression that more than a few readers are missing the fine print that this is a sequel. :ajbemused:

Meh, It's probably a false hope, but can you keep DerpLight out of this story?

I just read it. And I guess you are going that way... Happy travels to you I guess. *walks out the door*

2891620 Umm ok. Good travels and a polite way of showing I am disappointed and don't like the way the author is going with this...... I don't think I'm edgy...

I hope I was polite at least.


Sorry, not sure what to make of actually telling him you're done reading it, I took a stab at it.:rainbowhuh:

Mmmm...Uhhh....No. Not gonna happen. First, it's an idea that is tasteless. Sure, people wanna see Derpy have something better, but shoving a giant fircken responsibility before her and it's far too much.

Now, if you would have made it to where Derpy was given the chance of a lifetime, giving her a lover, a new family, a great supporter to ehr life as a simpl, lowly mail mare, that would make top of the feature list. It's not a form of thinking, but knowing. Play your cards right, dude, you'll get far.


That's rather rude, you know. You shouldn't tell people what they can and can't write; I mean, it's their story. Let them do what they want. In fact, if someone had said, "Twilight Sparkle shouldn't be an Alicorn, let her stay a lowly bookworm in Canterlot with no friends," I assure you, the show would have been much more boring. Live life for the spiciness, not for the bland mundane!

Also, great story, keep it up.

2893915 Really? IMO, Guiding Light was an amazing story and this is shaping up to be just as good.


Now I'm just not going to try. I wrote something long, soemthing which actually would be a good diea to make this story hat I would dab as (and have only ever claimed 3 specific stories as so) perfect.

I don't even know how old this person is, and the simple fact that no younger child could understand what I say, is what is keeping me form doing so. Never once said the author was a child, I'm just not taking the chance of looking like some (can't think of a word other than a fak, Un-understandable) person.

2894703 How old I am should not matter. Patronising a writer by declaring that only you know the way to fame and fortune when that writer has already been there several times, however, is considerably bad form.

I could point to my educational achievements. I could point to the fact that I've popped the top of that feature box three times already and hovered in it many times more. I could point to the fact that this very story crawled half way up the damn thing the same day it was posted and that its predecessor was guaranteed a slot there every time it was updated. I could point to a lot of things, but I think I'll just point at you and laugh, because you really are very amusing.

You want a story where Derpy gets some fancy happy fantasy life and everything is hunky dory? Great! Go write it. Make it the perfect tale you want it to be. Me? I don't want that. I want a story where she's thrust into a world beyond her comprehension and has to learn and grow and overcome challenges and experience things she never thought possible, and in the end rise above every obstacle because of the sheer strength of her character and the support of her friends and loved ones.

That's what I want to read, so that's what I shall write.

And for the record? I'm thirty-three.

2894703 You are either a troll, or a serious case of the Dunning-Kruger effect (i.e. so ignorant and incompetent that you actually have yourself believing you're an expert). But in either case, someone who mangles grammar as badly as you do, to the point where you can barely even write an intelligible comment, really has no place presuming to lecture anybody about how to write.

But if you really have yourself so convinced that you are a better writer than this author, then by all means show us. Write your terrific Ditzy Doo story, please. Given what you said in your previous comment, I bet it would suck majorly. After all, there is a reason why William Faulkner, probably a far better writer than anyone on this site, once spoke about “...the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself which alone can make good writing because only that is worth writing about..." But feel free to prove me and Mr. Faulkner wrong with your tale of sunshine and roses.


It does matter whether or not you can or can not understand. Unlike what you people do know, I hate insultign children, and lvoe to communicate with people more of my age. So, bottom line, I'm here to make my opinion.

2893915 ...Don't tell somebody how to write their story. That's such bad form I don't even.

Like, you aren't even criticizing how they handled the plot - you're telling them they shouldn't have done this plot at all. What's your problem?

This is fanfiction. We do crazy things. We play with canon. We bend it out of shape, twist it into new things. Not everything is going to be your cup of tea. There are plenty of stories on this site, but I only take a glimpse at the five or so percent that interest me.

So I see stories with plots that don't sit right with me, don't seem plausible, don't interest me. The vast majority of them just... don't. Specific tastes and all. What do I do? I move right past them. Should I go up to every one of them and let them know that I didn't like their story because it wasn't about, say, vamponies or Changelings or sudden Alicornification? Should I tell them to go add the things I like, to change the plot, because I'm all-important and my opinion is king?

Look, I know concrit like the back of my hand. When somebody's making errors - somebody needs to tell them, or they'll never improve. Some people handle this more tastefully than others, but at the end of the day, there's nothing wrong with pointing out grammar mistakes, lapses in characterization, things that just felt off to you, the reader.

But if your issue is the story itself, the only thing you can tell the author to do is to change their whole plan to suit your views. And speaking as a writer - you have absolutely no right to do that. You're placing your views over theirs - something we all do in the real world, but this isn't your world. This is Archonix's little microcosm, and what he says goes. Sure, we can suggest, bring up things we hope will happen. Superimposing our worldviews over his? Not a chance. This isn't your story, it's his.

Sure, the idea of Derpy becoming a princess is a little out there. but Celestia's choice makes sense. It was quite well-explained. There's no mischaracterization here, and the writing is quite good - and if you're here to complain about the story's fundamental plot, I have to wonder why you even read it at all.


Walls of text I see, Walls of text I will not read.

2898071 There you go again with this "children" thing.

I'll put this simply, because you clearly aren't interested in dialogue or criticism and equally clearly are only here to whine about pointless things and insult everyone who disagrees with you.

Fuck. Off.

2899914 Well, aren't you mature. First you're insulting the author and his work, then you're implying that you're oh-so-high-and-mighty in comparison, now you're refusing to read any dissenting opinion.

This may just be experience speaking, but when somebody writes a wall of text at you, it's good form to read it. Walls of text take a while to write. Although honestly, I'm not sure what I could accomplish at this point. Nor would I consider that a wall of text, but whatever.

Bottom line - you have nothing useful to say here. Once you tell the author to completely scrap his plot, you've moved past any sort of constructive criticism.


No. I simply could care less, and could spend my time doing something other than babysit and read long rants from angry people.

2903004 So basically, only your opinion matters.

I suppose that's a decent attitude if you're a solipsist.

In all truth, though, it's rather ironic how you're claiming we're all so much lesser than you when you're the one acting like a petulant teenager.


I don't care how you word it. Doesn't effect me if I don't care and ignore it, because I'm actually doing something productive.

2903407 Meh. If this is your idea of being productive, I doubt it.

But really, I'm getting tired of talking to you. If you ever decide to, you know, get a shred of common decency, and respect, and all those things that people like to be treated with? Quit the swaggering. The way you're presenting yourself will earn you no friends and no admirers.


I've been writing for the past few hours. When I see the notifications pop up, I got ot get rid of them and tell people my opinions. Thats what commenting is all about, so that people can give others their opinion. Now whether or not it's good is up to the person speaking. Have a ncie day, stop replying.

2903534 Look at me, I'm replying! Try to stop me if you can! :trollestia:

Just got done readying your stories up to this point and I must say that I am rather enjoying it. De Raptura is right up there with Nyx as being one of my favor characters. Both are just behind Applejack however :ajsmug: .

Keep up the great work I look forward to your next chapter

... Or it could be the GREATEST PLAN OF ALL TIME! :rainbowderp:

3013826 Mmm... nah. :derpytongue2:

2914811 Of course. Applejack is Best Pony and always will be.

3013826 Yeah, no.

If she just has a lazy eye, that's one thing. But if we're talking legitimate mental deficiency, it's a BAD IDEA.

Thoroughly enjoying this so far, just as I thoroughly enjoyed Guiding Light. How you can take such a relatively outlandish premise and expel such a well written story is impressive. Then again, it's quite en par with what I have come to expect from you having read several of your other works.

Looking forward to how it plays out.:twilightsmile:

Wonderful Rarity there.

I love the idea of the three in one Talent, Job, Art.

I came to see how much I needed to read in the next couple days since I had fallen behind. I stayed once I started reading the wonderful back and forth with Bro Dash. I wish I had some popcorn for that. For someone so "amazingly talented" he sure doesn't have very many well rated stories. Most are about 50/50 with the thumbs up and downs. Many have more thumbs down than thumbs ups. His best is 47 thumbs ups and 10 thumbs downs. I'm sorry you had to deal with someone so stupid Archonix. All the while just this story alone smashes his best with 97 up and 5 down at the time of this writing. Anyway, continue with your wonderful world and story and I can't wait to catch up on this so I can go crazy waiting for more updates :pinkiecrazy:

"I do like the odd muffin now and then, but I've never seen poetry about one."

Perfect. At last, a tale in which Derpy is NOT obsessed with muffins. Seriously, it was one word! One word spoken in the presence of delicious-looking muffins.

Oh, and she's a princess, but that's not too unusual.

Oh, there was a critical slip of the tongue in there... :derpyderp1:

"The only thing that saves us from the bureaucracy is its inefficiency."
—Eugene McCarthy

Ah, political intrigue. Now that the sun's working again, ponies can focus on the little things, for good or for ill. Still, Penny raises a good point. What do you do when the government can be decapitated without warning at any moment?

In any case, very happy to see this update. Eagerly looking forward to more, especially when Derpy finds herself in the parliamentary shark tank.

All hail De Raptura!:derpytongue2:

I love how you bring the politics of Canterlot to life in each chapter and bringing up Twilight's personal feelings over Derpy's ascension. This makes it for a good read and I cannot imagine what else you have in store!

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