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A mix of strange circumstances means that Gilda and Gallus are not spending the holidays in Griffonstone
"enjoying," or rather surviving, the Blue Moon Festival. Instead, they are in Equestria for Hearth's Warming. Can Gilda put her griffon grump aside to enjoy a more wholesome holiday? Maybe she can with Gallus's help.

Written for Teofilo for Jinglemas 2023

At Teofilio's request, Gilda and Gallus are step-siblings in this story.

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YAY!!! an actual Gilda and Gallus story!!!

AND GASP!!! they aren't human, or anthro, or in some smutty sexual situation!!?


thank you for writing this, i thoroughly enjoyed it.

This had resulted in Gilda and Gallus, in theory, spending the Blue Moon Festival on their own. And truthfully, Gilda had been looking forward to it. It was going to be calm and quiet. Gallus actually liked and appreciated her griffon scones, and they could skip the seed gruel altogether. In so many ways, it might have been the best Blue Moon Festival ever had in Griffonstone.

It's too bad that Gabby didn't come along but then again she's probably busy with the holiday delivery

YAY GRYPHONS! Gilda and Gally boy getting to have some fun and enjoy things? heck yes!!

Damn son you got a Gryph radar or sumtin? You got here fast.

“I’m here now, aren’t I?” Gilda snipped back as she took a seat next to Gallus on the couch, only to raise an eyebrow. “Nice sweeter.”


The lack of fighting and bickering, it felt like something was missing. But she wasn’t sure it was a bad missing. It was like missing a thorn in her paw. The pain was gone, but the lack of that sensation… in some way, the holiday just wasn’t feeling right.

I guess there's some Old Wounds never healed

I don’t like this.

I looooooove this. The ambience, the dialogue, the inner feelings of Gilda not completely loving this holiday but also no completely rejecting it. Gallus pinging off her like a good brother.

Seriously, thank you!

Thank you for the correction.

So very happy that you enjoyed the story. Merry Jinglemas!

That's actually a really nice story so it looks like Gilda was invited by Rainbow Dash to come spend the holiday with her and the family and apparently Gallus is there as well which it was always nice to see the kid and she's not used to all the happiness and wholesome tradition of Hearts warming I guess after being growing up what you learn and everything you get used to it but but it's nice to see her actually having fun especially the snowball fight and Gallus giving a pretty good reason about the holidays I like it this was very nice Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and also keep up the good work

Sweet Celestia, a new story from Pen Stroke!!! This is an awesome little one-shot.

Far be it from me to try to correct the author of "Past Sins," but:

Windy Whistly came out of the kitchen, chuckling as she crossed the foyer. “Oh, you can just call me Windy, dear. It’s not like you’re still at the junior speedster’s camp.”

The fan-given name for Rainbow Dash's mother is "Windy Whistles."

Rainbow Hothoof & Windy Whistles--Fan Wiki

This is cute, though I can't help wondering--why would there be snow in Cloudsdale? I mean...how would you even tell if there was?

You get a fave for this one. Reminds me of my own Gilda fics from back in the day.

Nice story, thank you very much :twilightsmile:.

cute! I like the "griffons thrive in conflict" point. It's got me inspired

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