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I've never seen a place that's quite like this. Everything is turned around; this crazy world is upside-down.


Nearly a week since the Storm King's defeat and still no one has seen trace of Discord. For Twilight and friends, what started as mild irritation at Discord's inaction in their most recent crisis has turned to worry at the inexplicable disappearance of their friend. So when he suddenly shows up in Ponyville acting as though nothing's wrong, he certainly has some explaining to do.

And it's an explanation that no one could have seen coming.

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I had it figured out during the knockout. Certainly an interesting hypothesis, though it relies on what could generously be called a specious connection. I can't say I saw any connection between the throne and the cages, especially since one appears to act as a grounding material for magic while the other outright deadens it. And, of course, there's the question of how Chrysalis bypassed the security jellyfish. Can she even give herself functional gills? A few other assumptions and implications also leave me cold.

Certainly an interesting concept, but there are too many pickable nits for me to fully enjoy it. Of course, some of that may be a defense mechanism given the overall tone. Still, thank you for presenting it.

Fair criticism, thank you! I knew going into this one that there were going to be some assumptions and logical leaps that not everyone would be able to reconcile, but I figured the concept itself was interesting enough to warrant a quick exploration. I could offer explanations for the points that you brought up—I've considered them all and just couldn't really fit them in the narrative—but that would bleed into the realm of headcanon and probably wouldn't be very satisfying regardless. At any rate, thanks for reading!

This is awesome. It shows how smart and cunning Chrysalis is.

SEQUEL, PLEASE!!! :fluttershysad:

Interesting story, but I honestly can't see Chrysalis beating Discord on her own.

He landed and stepped on Chrysalis’ head with a sickening crunch.

Sweet Celestia, did she just kill him?! :rainbowderp:

Oh boy, I can't wait to see how they get out of this one!

Uh. Huh. You accidentally set your story to "complete". :rainbowhuh:

Ah well, looking forward to chapter 2! :trollestia:

I've been mulling over the idea of a sequel. Not sure if it'll happen, but the thought is tempting.

That's fair. Chrysalis can be pretty cunning, though, so while she may not win a head-to-head confrontation, she might have a chance at outwitting him. But to each their own!

I think I'd have to change the rating on this story if someone was killed by getting their head stepped on! Nah, changeling heads just seem like they'd be crunchy.

Hmmm... I would say they are a bit even in the outwitting game. Both can come up with some pretty smart plans, but Discord has been able to spot changeling tricks before in the season six finale. Honestly I think it's up in the air on who can outwit who.

I had fun with it—

had? Don't you mean having? As in, you're still writing more? :derpytongue2:


Nice, I really like this concept, not to mention that you're quite a skilled writer. Regardless to this forever bring a standalone or simply part one of a longer story, it's a great read.

Hey you there!

I enjoyed this.

Please continue.

o R E l S e . . .


An interesting departure from what happened in "The Mean Six".

As for the story, the only thing that confuses me is how did Chrysalis make Discord look like her? Changlings don't have the power to change the appearance of others, unless you're saying that she used the pearl to do it.

It is indeed my intention that Chrysalis used the Pearl make Discord look like her. Granted, it requires a pretty lofty interpretation of the Pearl's power given that we never saw it do anything of such a scope in the movie, but it seemed like a suitably powerful use for such a well-protected artifact.

Well done. Hints were well laid. Always s did wonder why Twi didn’t walk out of her cage in the movie. I mean those bars were so far apart.

This was simply amazing! It was so well thought out and written,everyone was so in character and the plot was beautiful. If there isn't a sequel to this yet id love to see u make one, of course that being if you felt inspired too do so.

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