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I've never seen a place that's quite like this. Everything is turned around; this crazy world is upside down.


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Twi? It's okay, Twi. You're nothing like that dark aberration claiming to be you, and you never will be. Remember, you earned your wings and your crown through the magic of friendship. You of all ponies should know that nightmare will never become reality. And even if it did, your friends would be able to save you.

You should go to them now and confide in them. They'll probably tell you the same stuff I did, but it might feel better to hear it from somepony you know. *pats Twi on the back*

I'm not sure why Twilight would have this nightmare, and I'd actually like to see what Luna would have to say about this; being the dream-walker she is and all. But man, was that powerful. The dark atmosphere; the slow buildup; the shocking revelation. You just hit all the right notes here. Very nicely done. :heart:

i feel sorry for twilight :fluttershysad:

Woah, that was very, very good. It reminded me a little of the famous "September" song, but I think you did very well on making something different. It's a shame we'll never have any explanations, but overall it was a fairly good story. Good luck. :ajsmug:

EDIT: Oh, and the way you handled the ending, the "Alone __ the ___, Twilight Sparkle ____.", loved it.

very suspenseful for a simple story, good work:twilightsmile:

Luna, do yer job dammit.

I love walks like that. :twilightsmile:
There's just something about those lights in the distance, and being able to think back on a productive day.

my lord....That gave me chills!

Now for the sequel.

Twilight, girl, you have issues.

Wow...thats all I can really say. This is a good example of the kind of story that appeals to me, well done Argon for the simple yet interestingly creepy story.

-Frost :pinkiesmile:

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I liked this.
A lot.

I must say, this certainly does make me want to read the sequel.

Guuh, that was unpleasant. Pretty good nightmare, the constant, insistent "nah, it's probably nothing", despite something obviously being off is pretty good for building the atmosphere. That's about what I can say.

Must admit, for a while I thought this was more of an age horror, as cliche as that is in this fandom. For much of this, particularly the Boutique and the Apple Farm, could have just as easily been because of decay and people being gone. At first I thought the light show was because the Boutique was abandoned and some hoodlums were having a party in there.

Still, I think you did great.

Wait. What? :rainbowhuh:

Was that a dream?

Twilight goes for a walk.

Well . . . this was certainly dark. So what does it mean? Is Twilight secretly dreading the eventual and of all things but also relishing in that fact? Hmm . . . you've got me stumped, good sir. Whatever this is, I think being alone is only the tip of the iceberg for what Twilight is really afraid of.

that human is more alien than the aliens

hmm, another twilight corruption story.

An incredibly interesting read. I really enjoyed all the mystery you had surrounding Ponyville—like this story was superficial in comparison to a much larger background. Quite intriguing overall. And despite the writing style being tremendously simple, I liked it. The ending was ambiguous, though.

But that doesn't matter. Off to the sequel!

A very well crafted piece. Funnily enough I just came off another "just a dream" story and felt that it sucked all the atmosphere out of it, but this one didn't.

Twilight's constant "it's probably nothing" brush offs kept me waiting for the moment when something was going to go wrong. The sudden flash of memories, of destroying everything around her, then the abrupt wakeup and the quick end after that, gave the feeling of a true nightmare, where we're left to ponder the meaning of what flows through our nightly minds,

I enjoyed it very much. :pinkiehappy:

Author Interviewer

I doo'd it!

Thanks a million! This is awesome. :twilightsmile:

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