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I've never seen a place that's quite like this. Everything is turned around; this crazy world is upside-down.


A dragon has lived alone for centuries in a cave far beneath the earth. When a pony trespasses on his domain through no fault of her own, what will become of her?

Are you the kind of person who would rather experience this story with your ears than your eyes? You're in luck! Here's a reading of the story courtesy of Thornquill!

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Cadence never did get that dragon's true name, did she? Even in a world of anthropomorphic equines, griffons, minotaurs, and talking cattle, the laws of magic are resolute; names have power. She gave him hers, so he had the power to smite her whenever he deemed it necessary. And yet he didn't. It's a wonder what a little love can do… :twilightsmile:

Surprisingly sweet. I'm not sure what I expected when I began this story, but I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

Awwww. I want to see the dragon as a guest at Cadence's wedding... I can totally see him just eyeballing Shining Armor and deciding he might be worthy of Cadence, and getting ready to squish Chrysalis.

That's so sweet! Maybe Cadence will take Spike to see Mr. Dragon someday.

That was saddeningly sweet. :pinkiesmile: Good luck.

I really like this story. Any chance of a sequel?

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shon #8 · Aug 4th, 2014 · · 2 ·

well done nice fic keep it up

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Good story. Please make a sequel.

4794670 4796953
Funny y'all should talk about a sequel. :raritywink:


:pinkiehappy: You sir, or ma'am have just gotten favoured.

Who´s the asshole who allways downvotes every comment on any popular story?

4784761 true names hold power, a given name is less likely to hold power then a chosen name and partial or pet names hold not but what we give them. the thing with Cadence is we don't know is if her name at the time of this story is 'Mi Amore Cadenza' or 'Cadence'. so the dragon might not have had

the power to smite her whenever he deemed it necessary

plus the size deference means he could have crushed her

Yooo do you think you could source your over art? This story is great but please credit the artist :twilightsmile: Other than that I looooove this and will probably read it again!

Try as I might, I haven't actually been able to find the original artist. The picture is sourced from here, but I haven't been able to trace it back to the artist. The best I can do is point to Lo-23 who apparently enhanced the original image, but rest assured that I'll give credit where it's due once I manage to track down the original artist!

And at any rate, the art is just a placeholder until I decide on a more fitting one.

Never thought I would see another story containing THE Flightless Fury. Good work Argon. I really enjoyed it and finding out more about him. And that little lesson in there -

“Kindness and fortune are fleeting in this world, little one,” the dragon said, his eyes going glassy. “You should not rely on them… but you must be able to recognize and appreciate them when they come along. Hold onto that kindness, little pony. It is precious beyond measure.”

Well done indeed.
I wonder if scribbler will get another dramatic reading out of this?. Seriously I would love to hear that

I'm not sure this story has the same capacity for a dramatic reading as They Call Me Flightless Fury did, but I certainly wouldn't object to it! Very glad you liked this one.

Very nice take on a preshow canon Cadance. This is the side of her I wish the show would give us a taste of: real alicorn-level love power.

4797057 I may have to start following you. :yay::yay::yay::yay:

Thanks! That means quite a bit, coming from you. I've always been a fan of your "Cadance of Cloudsdale" saga, and I even have plans to write a similar series of stories somewhere down the line (a series hinted at in this story, actually). I'd definitely love to see this side of Cadance more often, too. I love her to death, and it's a shame so many people gloss over her.

Glad you liked it!

Thanks! Always good to know when the admiration is mutual. :D

I bet his name is Bahamut...
the volcanic dragon

Aw, man! You had to go and leave that comment literally as I was searching for a more appropriate cover image. Serves me right for being lazy, I suppose. :twilightblush:

Ya caught me, though. The original cover art was indeed an edited version of Bahamut from Castle Age. I mainly used the image because it's what Reverb Brony used in his song about the dragon in this story, but I changed it because that's not quite what I imagine the dragon to look like.

4807577 your picture, is that from Okami?

Yep! It's my favourite video game.

This just made made my night. Quite a charming little story, made me even tear up a bit.

Author Interviewer

Hooooly crap I was not expecting this to be a sequel! :D And one that actually stands alone too. How cool is that?

Hooray for kinda-sequel-sorta-prequels! Figured it was best to not mark this story as a sequel to They Call Me Flightless Fury for the sake of the contest. Just decided to leave it as a little surprise for folks who have read that story, and looks like the surprise worked well! Glad ya liked it.

Well, this is probably going to be my second most contentious scoring in the competition so far (since this is one of few stories that came with a healthy dose of hype).

I thought it was a bit of a lame duck. Mostly for two reasons:

1. The ending felt like the only obvious ending available. I was waiting too see how you would come up with something besides the obvious, and it kind of felt like a let down on the time investment.

2. I assume the flashbacks were supposed to be tied into the story somehow, but I can't fathom the relevance and it made the whole thing feel a bit schizophrenic.

There's nothing overtly wrong with the story and the writing is serviceable, but the prompt use is fairly weak. Not rejection-level weak, but it certainly doesn't seem to use it in any appreciable manner beyond simply having a pony in it and having a short reference to how ponies care for each other. Tangential, at best.

4/10 Prompt: Very Weak


P.S. More than happy to hear how I'm a complete idiot and missed something important :)

I've never been one to try to vouch for my own stories—it makes me feels like an arrogant jerk—so I won't try to sway your opinion. I'll answer your concerns as best I can, though.

1. You're entirely right about the ending; it was predictable. I knew that going in, so I tried my best to execute the story leading up to that ending. I'm a firm believer that a story can be as predictable as it wants if the execution is done right.

2. The flashbacks were relevant to the story, but saying how would undermine the importance for me. I did my best to drop hints throughout the story as to why the flashbacks were there and how they tied into the story at hand. If you couldn't derive that importance, that's entirely my fault for not making it clear enough. Apologies.

As for the prompt, part of that may be because I wasn't originally writing this story for the contest at all. It just happened to coincide nicely. Though I still did my best to make it fit the prompt—most of it was written between the lines, which was probably a bad idea on my part.

At any rate, thanks for the review! Sorry the story didn't live up to your expectations. Can't win 'em all, eh?

4905076 It's just funny because usually it's people (and usually Present Perfect) complaining at me about obscuring things too much.

It's almost nice to be on the other side of it!

Definitely an interesting development! I'm always worried about obscuring things too much because I think I adhere to the "show, don't tell" philosophy a little too religiously.

4905338 Eh, you expect a little more than the average from your reader, just like I do. There's nothing wrong with that; for me it's just writing what I'd like to read. It does make me wonder how you'd feel about Every Mare Needs Her Stallion, though. To say it has proved contentious for it's unabashed lack of hand-holding would be an understatement; it's certainly the most read-between-the-lines work I've produced.

I shall have to look at some of your other stuff, too. (one the competition is over – 25 stories to go!)

Yeah, I generally try to write stuff that I want to read too. My favourite kind of stories are the ones that are enjoyable on a simple reading but are enriched a lot by reading between the lines, so that's how I try to write. The description of Every Mare Needs Her Stallion intrigues me, so I'll definitely check it out to see what you mean!

And if you're looking to read more of my work, I'd suggest The Firework Lotus first and foremost; I'm proudest of that one. Good luck with the rest of the contest entries, by the way!

4906791 Yeah. I confess that's been on my read-later list for months :(

Simple and sweet.:twilightsmile:

Like, fav and added to my recommendation group.

Thank ya kindly! I'm glad you enjoyed it to such an extent.

ArgonMatrix. I left a comment a while back, wondering if there will be a sequel. You responded, so now I ask you...


Good things come to those who wait. :raritywink:

In less cryptic terms, though, I can't say for sure. The sequel looks like it could have a lot more to it than I'd originally planned. Hopefully it'll come in due time!

Even at your age you must have heard legends of my conquests. Legends of towns razed and civilizations ruined. Every battle waged against me has ended in firestorm, for I am power.”

And then Bard the Bowman shows up and ends the dragon with a single arrow.

Lol, Smaug. :trollestia:

Clean prose. Well established context without infodump. Have a ribbon:

I love your title. That alone made me investigate. Tomorrow, I shall read the story.

This was simply beautiful. I don't even know what else to say.

This was a lovely story! I would really like to see a sequel where Flightless Fury and Cadance meet again later after she has ascended to Princess of the Crystal Empire. Great Job!:twilightsmile:

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

Very happy you liked it!

Thanks! And that exact situation might just play out in a story down the road. I adore these characters and have a lot planned for them.

Thanks for the tip, but the story's already been posted on EqD. You can find it here.

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