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I entered the fandom during season 2, and never looked back. I write as a hobby and enjoy nothing more than to please the readers.

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Back to Work · 8:21pm Nov 19th, 2015

A tall man stepped from the elevator and onto the fourth floor of the FimFic building. The office was separated by cubicles no higher than the tall man's chest. Walls were painted in various themes about popular ponies. The floor was a hard grey carpet. As the man strode through the office his shoulder bag bounced left to right, and the only thing keeping the hot coffee in his hands from spilling was a firm plastic lid.

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beyond in pieces

You plan on continuing the walking giant ??

Name changed, but glad to see you back -- even if it was 4 months ago -- don't suppose you could give us a blog post or somesuch letting us know whether you'll keep on with your stories or you've canned them? I'm a big fan of Walking Giant myself and haven't seen an HiE quite like it for all the years I've been on this site.

Rest in Pieces.

The Walking giant is my favorite. LIVE DAMMIT

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