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Readers of the friendship journal still pursue Fluttershy for answers as to why she keeps learning the same thing. Thankfully Discord is there to have a little...chat with them when they interrupt the two's Tuesday Tea.

This is a cute little fanfic idea I had a small while after the episode "Fame and Misfortune" was aired.

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gg Discord... gg


This was such a great and sweet story! When I saw Fluttershy in Fame and Misfortune, I was hoping for Discord to show up and tell those harassers to back off.

Ah, what a nice little story. Good going, Fluttershy and Discord! ;3

and they never bothered fluttershy again

They went on through their tea party talking and laughing as Discord told jokes and Fluttershy told funny stories about Angle Bunny.

"-and then he got stuck in the mouses' house," Fluttershy finished as Discord laughed. She was pleased that she could make him laugh.

Sounds like acute story. :pinkiehappy:

Great story!

Now I want to see a series of stories like these where the loony fans do returns and Other intervene...Like Spike for Rarity, Big Mac putting his hoof down for Applejack, Rainbow Dash getting angry when one of her fans hurt Scootaloo, etc

That was sweet :pinkiesmile:

this is great.

Alondro peeks his head into the story, "She's still too meek!"

Discord grumps, "I know it's you Alondro. I'm not playing your game."

Alondro grumps too. And so they were both grumpy Mc Grumpsters!

"Wait... are we being narrated by Pinkie Pie?" Discord blinked.

Cracks began to appear in the fabric of reality. "Uh oh..."



Aww! That was an adorable little story. :twilightsmile:
I can also actually see Discord defending her like that, so good job on characterization as well. :rainbowkiss:

Excellent. I can easily see some Fluttercord here, too. Of course, I see it all the time. They are sooo cute together. I'm always waiting for Fluttershy to someday pull her trump card and call on Discord to deal with those who hurt her, but she never will. She's just too nice to use him to stop ponies from hurting her. Leave it to Discord to help only when he sees what's going on, because I know she would never tell him.

Still, it would be awesome if just once she used his devotion toward her to get revenge on those who scare/hurt her. Let Discord show them what REAL fear is like. Let them see if they can be brave when faced with pure chaos, just like she was.

Hello, I'm Jacob M. Keene, a voice actor and narrator. I just wanted to inform you that I did a dramatic reading of this fanfic on my YouTube channel, I narrate the story and do a few of the crowd voices, ShimmerBunnyVA voices Fluttershy as well as one of the crowd mares, Brian Random VA voices Discord, and the rest of the crowd voices are done by FireStormRawrVA, AnimeWolfGamer, Israel Yabuki, ThunderSpeakVA, JohnnyFireFlame, and Loyalty Streak. I hope you enjoy: https://youtu.be/dtzHIDW_y84

I just finished watching it. I think you did an amazing job, thank you so much!

You're quite welcome, and thank you too!

Bravo, Discord!!! *claaping*

"S-so w-would you agree that Fluttershy wasn't strict enough? That she didn't discipline you enough?" Discord shot a glare towards the mare that spoke.

Why the flame you talking about discipline? He ain't a dog.:ajbemused:

Awwww... Poor Fluttershy... :fluttercry:

You tell them Discord! 👍

No, but he sure acts like a spoiled child sometimes.

Daaaamn, protective discord is scary discord :)

Yeah how exactly would she discipline the lord of chaos.

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