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You'd be surprised at the emotions twenty-six letters can unearth


2 weeks have passed since Camp Everfree has ended, signalling the start of the Fall semester of CHS. And Sunset could not be more excited.

A new year, new powers and even another chance at the Fall Formal was everything she could have hoped for! However, on her first day back at school, she soon realizes the magic they wield might be more than they can handle. And if Sunset doesn't find a way to control her powers; her life, and the friendships she's forged, could shatter right in front of her eyes.

Story was updated every Saturday, 6pm PST (Sunday 10am SGT)

Amazing cover art commissioned from puff-pink on Tumblr

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7698364 Great! Expect more chapters soon! :D


Can't wait! It's good to have some more beautifully-written Sunset Shimmer stories, once in a while.

You know, which aren't Anon-a-Miss ones. :applejackconfused:

7698377 Heh then you've come to the right place to get your fill on Sunset. ;)

Can't wait to see more added to this already wonderful story.

Pretty good start, I must stay. Nice pace and solide writing. Tracked, upvoted and followed, as I'm curious to see the rest. I liked Rays of Sunlight and I'll probably take look at your other story.

She had found herself focusing not on the teacher, but instead the on scattered thoughts in her mind;

Did you forget a word? Or am I not understanding the sentence?

7698404 thank you!

7698414 I appear to have swapped the 'on' and 'the' for some reason. Fixed now, thanks for taking notice!


Intriguing plot.
And that parody....

Reading this again, and here are just some things I spotted:

“Well, I’m going to start baking treats for the Fall Formal! It’s going to be so much fun!” Pinkie clapped her hands together, shaking in her seat.

Wouldn't Pinkie Pie, you know, be in charge of planning the whole thing? She's been confirmed to be the Canterlot High event committee president, so you'd think she'd be doing way more than this.

“How do we know you can’t use the power without the necklace!? Huh?”

Easy. See if the magical, nyan cat trail is behind her. It's been shown she doesn't have it with her normal speed, plenty of times!


You're British then.

“Have to admit, Sunset. That might be the best banner this school has seen for a Fall Formal yet.” Flash grinned, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

Does Flash do the banners for school events? Is he on the comittee or something? Or is Pinkie just bad with banners?

Can't wait for next chapter!

While I don't think the school would be so gung ho to jump on Sunset or Rainbow given they've saved their collective asses three times, this does seem like something that could happen and if the movies were a TV series this would be an interesting premise. Usually characters in high school with super powers keep them secret so the issue never comes up, but here with everyone already in the know, it raises a whole bunch of new problems.

Eager to see what troubles arises for the others.

7698843 Thank you! And yeah, took me a small while to think of the right lyrics.

7698996 Actually I alternate between British and American spelling :P It's a bad habit of mine. As for the rest, I suppose I didn't really consider those points. (Mostly cause I watched the first movie once and never looked back, so some canon probably slipped past). Flash is doing banners because in my mind, everyone is helping out in any way they can (a lesson they learned from the first Fall Formal). As such, Flash decides to choose banners. I hope you enjoy the next chapter!

7699381 Thank you! I hope you enjoy the coming chapters!

That was one of the things I didn't like about the last movie- its an interesting progression to give them more magic powers, but having those abilities active all the time can be... awkward. Especially Sunset's as now any physical contact can lead to way too much information. Doesn't help that her power isn't very practical unless she's playing therapist for someone else.

I hope the next movie (if there is another one) will tone it down, but for this fic, I'm curious to see how the rest of them adjust (especially with the next fall formal coming up).

And then there's Pinkie, who accidentally becomes a terrorist by blowing up the school with her sprinkles.

Nice job, though. I'm definitely intrigued. :twilightsmile:

7699962 Yeah that's actually what inspired me to write it! I hope the fic fills the same curiosity as mine :)

7700075 Thanks! I hope to keep you intrigued!

7700178 No image shows up on my side o_O

7700448 Wow, thanks a lot for all those shelves! :D Hope the coming chapters will keep that up!

7700526 From what I can tell, you'll do just fine

I love it, is a very different angle from what you would expect from most superhero stories. Can't wait to read the rest. XD


Nice story so far I wonder how this mess is gonna get resolved (how many chapters do you plan on writing.)

Also I think it might be more effective if her RD's coach was spitfire

7701138 I don't wanna let out how many chapters there are gonna be, but it's not gonna be too long of a fic. Hopefully I can write and wrap it up within less than 10. As for her coach, as cool as it would be for it to be Spitfire, canon-ly her coach is some dude. So i decided to expand on that!

7703575 I will, give it a week or so Captain!

I really feel for Sunset here. She brought magic to their world, so sh r might start blaming herself when things go wrong.

Wonder how all the new students react to the fact that magic exists?

7709378 As far as I can tell in the movies, they don't even react. I suppose its now accepted as a norm that these 7 girls have magical powers... at least, not counting how they use them.


“Wait, Sunset!” Applejack called to her, but Sunset did not stop. Fluttershy and Rainbow soon followed, leaving the four girls at the table, all of them with perplexed expressions on their faces. “Is it me, or does something feel off about them today?”

“Yeah. They didn’t even smile once!” Pinkie ran a hand through her hair.

“And gloves? What an odd request.” Rarity placed the empty cup on her tray.

Twilight did not say a word. Instead, her heart thumped with worry and she knew that something was dividing her friends apart. She sighed, whispering to herself, “Sunset, what’s gotten into you? Why won’t you talk to me?”

These four really don't have all that much to worry about with their new powers. You know, except Pinkie possibly blowing up the Cakes' kitchen while baking, or something.

7716275 Yeah those four have pretty tame and useful powers compared to the rest. Pinkie's sprinkle explosions also seem to shock more than harm.

The dialogue you write feels very natural. So whatever it's strengths and faults going forward, I think I'll be tracking this story.

And another great chapter!

It's good to see that you didn't make the quarrel between Sunset and Fluttershy last long. Sometimes, I find that some authors make this kind of thing last too long just for the sake of emotions and nothing moves forward, and it's not really my cup of tea.

And my Sunlight sense is tiggling, especially with the glove scene. Am I right? :pinkiehappy: (By the way, that scene was clever in many ways)

We could just the one you made for us at the Camp Everfree Crystal Ball two weeks ago!

Didn't you miss a word here?

They were made of a flexible leather, which although it did not restrict her movements by much

Okay this one is more a question. Is the 'it' needed? Do you have to have it with a sentence like that, or is it a choice you can make? Because I would have write it without it but it is just based on 'feelings' toward English. (I'm a non native English speaker by the way so I am probably wrong).

Edit: Hey, you made it to the featured box! Congratulations!

Maybe fluttershy will realise that, even if she has to be with animals who need to be put to sleep, she can still be there to comfort them?

“That’s cheating!” Rainbow yelled, kneeling in front of the television.

“It’s a move I can do! How the hay is that cheating!?”

“Well, it does too much damage! I say it’s cheating!”

Only Rainbow would say something like that. Makes me laugh everytime.

After reading both chapters, I can say that this story is very emotional and focuses on a subject regarding the pendants that perhaps not even the staff writers themselves had ever considered when they came up with them. I can relate to Fluttershy on a personal level as I went through exactly what she experienced a long time ago--I still suffer from the emotional and mental scarring to this day.

I can also relate to Sunset as the thought of losing friends is too much for me to bear. I'm glad that Sci-Twi was the one who had the answers, yet I expect the other girls will have their own difficult moments soon enough.

7716304 I hope you do! More chapters to come!

7716373 No no, those are defintely mistakes. Thanks for pointing them out! I'll fix them immediately! And yay! Glad you liked the chapter! Edit: Wow, you're right. I did make it! That makes me pretty happy!

7716416 Very true! Something I haven't really thought about to be honest!

7716452 You're right, really, only Rainbow would do such a thing.

7716580 I'm glad this story could relate to you. That's honestly one of my goals as a writer, to make sure the stories I write can at least be related by someone. I'm sorry for your loss and I'm glad you enjoyed the story :)

Was her friends worth all this humiliation?

Pretty sure that "was" should be a "were."

Would it really be so bad for them to just keep the pendants in pockets or something, and put them on when they need them?

...I mean, I guess women's clothing doesn't always have pockets, but that's what they have Rarity for.

7717855 Corrected! Thank you!

7717858 Well it's been shown that the pendents still work as long as they have possession of them. Whether they're in the pockets or not.

7718052 Fair, but that still leaves the option of...leaving them in a secure location or something.

It seems like there are pretty good reasons to not keep them on hand all the time. Sunset's powers in particular really seem like a sometimes thing.


Thanks for the kind words. I intend on reading each new chapter as it comes out because I want to see how the characters handle the change within their lives and because of how I can relate to them. I'm hoping the others will have their own problems regarding their new pendants as having Sunset, Twilight, Rainbow, and Fluttershy deal with such problems isn't enough.

It is rare that a story manages to make me go through a real mix of emotions as this one did, and to feel actual empathy for the characters in it.

I say, this is a great continuation. I really like how you take the superpower trope and turn it upside down to show that powers have their down sides, but also that we chose how those powers will mold our heroes.

I think you have done an excellent job between the interaction of Twilight, Fluttershy and Sunset. Twilight was indeed a great help for Sunset as she can relate with Sunset's dark past while at the same is capable to see that they need to work things by working hard and with the help of good friends.

To be honest I thought you would put Applejack to the task since she was the first one aware of the downside of her powers. But Twilight ends up fitting much better to help Sunset.

Great job!

7724353 Thank you! I'm really glad you like the story and I hope the coming chapters keep it up! :D

7720325 I'm happy it managed to do that too. One of my worries was that it would fail to invoke the proper emotions in the readers.

this looks good and the msgs seem positive
ill have a go at it
*sticks in read it later list*

This story is getting more and more interesting by the chapter! :trollestia:

Thanks you two! :D Hope you two enjoy this fic!

7734731 I hope I get to reading it soon. It looks like a really awesome story. :twilightsmile:

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