• Published 5th Nov 2016
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Among Memories - Deathscar

2 weeks after Camp Everfree ended, Sunset and her friends are excited to start the Fall semester with their newfound powers. However, Sunset soon realizes that the abilities they've been given could send their friendships, and their lives, into ruin.

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Epilogue: One Last

The crowd cheered loudly as Twilight gripped the mic. “Hi everyone! And we’re... the Rainbooms!” Twilight glanced at her friends, who waved and smiled. Rainbow, especially, seemed to be more than happy to bask in the fame. Twilight turned to address the crowd. “We’ve been asked to play for all of you till the Fall Formal officially ends!” She turned her head to the left, catching sight of Sunset adjusting the strap on her guitar. Suddenly, an idea popped into her head.

“For our first song, we thought we’d play something we have never done live before.” Twilight turned to Sunset, who was staring at her, perplexed.

“Twilight, what’re you doing?” Sunset whispered, but Twilight merely gave a playful grin.

“The Rainbooms would like to present, Embrace the Magic!” Twilight quickly shoved the mic into Sunset’s hand before running to the backup microphone. Still in shock, Sunset turned to the eager fans, who had their eyes locked on her.

Thanks for that, Twilight. Sunset cleared her throat and strummed her guitar. Slowly, her confidence started to build until finally, she started to sing in a crystal clear voice.

So you have magic
And it’s not that great
But when it found you
You know it was fate”

A smile had crept it’s way onto Sunset’s face, pushing away all the nerves. Memories of the past week filled her mind, causing her to sing with unwavering confidence.

“And it might seem scary now
But it can be wonderful too
So how about we embrace the magic?
And make the magic part of you!”

The concert lasted for another hour. The Rainbooms had played most of their songs at the request of the crowd. Once they had finished their set, Sunset quietly slinked away with a drink in hand. She made her way to the roof of the school, her getaway place for when she needed to think. The height allowed her to stare past all the houses of the town and even into the hills and trees in the distance. Her eyes focused on the moon which hung just in front of her, bathing her in its soft moonlight.

“There you are.” Twilight’s voice had caught Sunset off guard. She turned to see her friend strolling forward, stopping once she was beside her. “You know, the crowd’s asking for one final song before we call it a night, and we were wondering where our Fall Formal Queen went.”

Sunset giggled, taking the tiara off her head and setting it down. “They can wait a little while longer.” She continued gazing at the scenery, resting her hands on the raised wall at the edge of the roof.

“Quite a week, huh?” Twilight leaned forward, looking straight down at the entrance of CHS.

“Tell me about it.” Sunset shook her head. “And I couldn’t have done it without you.” She turned towards Twilight. Twilight rolled her eyes and lightly nudged Sunset with her elbow. “Hey! I mean it!”

“I know. I just wanted to do that.” Twilight reached over to Sunset’s cup and took a sip.

“When’s your next date with Timber?” Sunset asked, eyes focused on the few stars that glimmered in the purple night sky.

“We don’t know yet,” Twilight admitted, staring at the pink liquid rippling in Sunset’s cup. “Timber’s got two more camp sessions next month. So we’re hoping we can meet up after that.”

“More than a month? Wow. And you’re... okay with that?” Sunset turned to Twilight, who shot her head up to meet Sunset’s gaze.

“Mmhm. I wish we could meet more, but there’s not really a solution for it. Not one I could logically calculate anyway. I have school and he has work.” Twilight returned Sunset’s cup, sighing softly. “But it’ll be worth it. I like him, and if waiting is what I have to do, I’ll do it.”

Timber’s one lucky guy. Sunset sighed as well. Upon feeling the atmosphere get a little heavy, she quickly changed the subject. “Well, I still owe you for how you helped me. If you didn’t talk some sense into me on Tuesday, I probably wouldn’t have recovered the way I did. And the Fall Formal might not have even happened.” Sunset laughed. “Actually, everyone at the Fall Formal right now owes it to you, even if they don’t know it.”

“Oh really?” Twilight softly slammed her shoulder into Sunset, knocking her off balance. “Well you saved me from transforming into a giant terrifying winged monster, thus allowing me to help you. So actually…”

“Alright, alright. I see what this is going. You win, I forfeit,” Sunset said, taking a sip from her cup with a smile.

“Do you think,” Twilight circled her finger, levitating the tiara with a faint purple glow and into her hands. “Maybe next time you could let me win Fall Formal Queen? I’ve always wanted to wear a tiara.”

Sunset smiled and faced Twilight. She reached forth, placing her hands over hers. “Well, you could very well just compete. I think you stand a fighting chance.”

A blush grew on Twilight’s cheeks as she looked away. “Yeah, as if. Competing with the most popular girl at CHS?”

“I’m not joking, Twilight. And if being the Fall Formal Queen is what you wanted...” Sunset moved the tiara up to Twilight’s head, causing her to stare in shock.

“Sunset, what’re you—”

“You just needed to ask.” Sunset nestled the sparkling headpiece neatly between Twilight’s purple locks. She took a step back, watching Twilight run a finger over the tiny gems that adorned the front. “Wow, you look much better than me with that. It’s like you were made to be royalty.”

Twilight pushed her glasses up, attempting to hide her rose-colored cheeks. “We should go back down. We still have one more song to play.” She made her way to the staircase exit, pulling open the door from a distance with a wave of her hand.

Sunset grabbed her cup, sipping the last bit of the punch. As she walked towards Twilight, she ran a finger over her orange necklace and felt a rush of confidence flow through her veins. Stepping through, she paused, staring at the steps in front of her. “This would be a lot easier without heels.” With a hand on the railing, she descended one step at a time, trying her best to make sure she didn't fall.

Twilight adjusted the tiara on her head and grabbed Sunset’s open palm, letting the door close shut behind them. “It’s easier when you have a friend to help you.”

Sunset and Twilight met each other’s gaze with a bright smile. “So, what song are we playing?” Sunset asked, following Twilight’s pace down the stairs.

Twilight grabbed her necklace in a tight fist. Immediately, the memories of the past week rushed through her mind. With a grin on her face, she answered,

“Better Than Ever.”

Author's Note:

And that's it. Thank you for taking the time to read this story. A lot of time and effort went into making this, and I hope it showed! Most importantly, I hope this tale gave you something you can take away from it. Be it a smile or a morale. And whether you're reading this at release or years later, I hope you have an amazing life ahead of you. Once again, thanks for reading this, and until next time!


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Why cant I like this story twice! This feel-good-slice-of-life-with-moral-lesson felt exactly like those chapter books published by Hasbro! Ahhh love it! About time theres a story about friends helping each others again!

What a fun tale :twilightsmile:. Aches and pains, hurts and doubts. Poor Sunset, but lovely interactions between Twi and Sunny.

Glad I read this :raritywink: Keep it up!


Great Work! :twilightsmile:

And it's over!

This is a great conclusion for what you have started. I have enjoyed following the publication. Every Sunday (for me), a chapter was waiting in my feed to be read. Now that it won't happen before a certain time (but I hope you'll keep on writing), I think I will miss those days.

Some scenes were a bit cliché. Was it a bad thing? Definitely not, at least not for me. Indeed, even if Sunset became the Fall Formal Queen it served a purpose in her progression, that wasn't just for the sake of it. The other scene on the roof, under the stars, again, cliche. But I loved that moment. The talk between Twilight and Sunset helped to end the story gently and smoothly.

And I was right, time was ticking for the characters :derpytongue2:

Overall, I felt a lot of empathy towards the main characters. They were very well described and I'm happy that everything ended well for them.

About Tangerine, I feel that her story was a bit rushed. It's too short and not handled very well. You could have keep her as a villain or just stop with Flash dealing with her. But that's just a third character so it's not that big of a deal.

Anyway, it was a great fic and I enjoyed every chapter. I hope to see more of your work in future.

Edit: I reread my comment and I may be unclear about Tangerine. It's just a little flaw in a great story. Nothing really important and more a matter of taste. Hard to say, for me, how it could be improved.

7768974 Heh thank you! I'm glad you liked this story :D And the fact you relate it to the chapter books feels like a HUGE compliment, so thanks!

7768981 I will! Thanks for reading it!

7769098 Thank you!

Awesome! :pinkiehappy: 9/10 on this story. :pinkiehappy:

You did a great job on this , I love it

This feels like it could be the official plot of a mini-series, or maybe a chapter book or comic. Everyone was very in character!

Well done! 8.5/10 would read from author again!

This was a very good story.

7770006 Thank you!

7770492 Thanks!

7771550 Heh glad to hear it!

7771858 Thank ya!

7772267 You're welcome, to be honest this does feel like a continuation of Legend of Everfree, but in the 2nd half of the story to me it lost some of its energy in contrast to the great first half. But that's me. :)

I featured this on episode 165 of my podcast, Pony 411. I enjoyed it a lot, and Alca7raz did as well. We talked about it before you finished, so we'll get to the final chapter in a future episode.

We were both impressed by how you handled Fluttershy in the early chapters. Wow.

7773446 Oh wow! Will you please link it to me when you upload the video so I can listen to it? :D

7773446 I didn't realize that you included a link, sorry! I'll give it a listen as soon as I am able!

7777847 Thanks Captain ;)

7779542 Heh thanks for checking it out! I felt the same way and wanted to come up with a side story to tackle those issues, instead of waiting to see if this is the direction they were gonna go. And well, the only way to find out your suspicions is to continue reading ;)

7782187 Chipmunk Sunset is one of the favorite things I've written. Just the imagery is adorable.

Sorry I took so long to finish reading this story. I absolutely loved what happened in the previous chapter, and what you did here was a perfect way to conclude things without having it drag on for too long. I also liked how Sci-Twi references a quote from Twilight when she talks to Sunset about saving her from becoming a monster.

Nice to see that Sunset is over her issues with crowns, especially about Twilight Sparkles wearing them. :twilightsmile:

7790715 Heh glad someone caught that :P Thanks for reading it all the way through!

7791856 I thought I'd Tangerine should have a point to be there rather than a 1 dimensional bully ;)

7791862 Yup. A lot of juxtaposition in this fic I wanted to fit in! Glad someone caught it!

Just read this story today, man it is very touching, good job!!!!! :pinkiehappy:

i was expecting sunset to tell twilight she had feelings for her here

and i dont see scitwi wanting to be a princess or queen or any of that its not who she is

I think Sci-Twi wanting the crown was a reference to Princess Twilight being a princess. :moustache:

This was really good :twilightsmile:

This is a beautiful story <3
Thank you for taking your time to tell it !

You know, when the EqG episode "Overpowered" has been released, it made me remember your story (even if they're not struggling or having insecurities about their geodes, it was a bit the same).

There's some stories as well about the girls having to adapt their lifes with their new powers, but right now, I can tell Among Memories and Sweet Dreams SunnyBun are part of my favourites when it comes to that kind of idea for a story plus fav pony girl :p.

Short; great job, satisfied reader ^^.

+ : Need to read again to get who is the one harassing Twilight.

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