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Graduation is coming up for the Canterlot High Wondercolts, and Sunset Shimmer is questioning whether she should stay in the human world or come home to Equestria. While spending another lonely night in the bedroom of her apartment contemplating the same question over and over, she stumbles upon an old, worn out spiral notebook that she and her friends thought had once been lost. Seeing the many memories the notebook contains prompts Sunset to realize how much she's changed. Will she stay in the human world or will she come home to Equestria?

Cover art by the amazing CuttlefishDreamer!

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Honestly, I think this is a perfectly good story and it tackles the matter very well, without being overly depressing. Is it sad, yes but the subject matter itself is sad as well.

It's something we've all been thinking since Rainbow Rocks, namely what is Sunset gonna do when Graduation comes around. We know it's gonna happen at somepoint and it will be heartbreaking. In Equestria, people live so close together and with teleportation and everything, distance accounts for jack, while in the Human World, Graduation is often the point where Friendships end and lives change, so it's a big step and I think you handled it pretty well, especially with the journal thing, because in the end while Sunset and her friends won't be together forever, the memories will keep them together.

As for Sunset's decision to leave, really I think that's probably the best option. She has no real reason to stay in the human world after that, her friends will all move on to have their own lives and pursuits and staying there alone would be painful to the extreme, so it makes the most sense. Plus I think making friends in Equestria would probably be easier, since Friendships there seem almost impossible to break.

Anyway I'm rambling, overall I think this story is good and I give it


Nice and slow, letting the emotions of the moments sink in. Good work! :D

(I'll try to draw up some cover art for you if I get a chance!)

Out of all the stories on this subject that I've read, this one actually felt reasonably paced. It wasn't ridiculously fast, and I appreciate that. But uh, this took me right out:

Insert winky face here.


Good story. One tiny quibble.

It was up to Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Twilight now.

What about Fluttershy?

I'll admit it, I had to hold back a few tears because that was beautiful. Only thing that disappoints me is that I was hoping to see the reuinion of Sunset and Celestia. I have a feeling that many manly tears would be shed.:raritycry:

Excellent work, a mere 30 likes is an insult. Have another and a favourite to go with it.

Shit I'm crying :fluttercry:

Omg this was so heart warming…I-I'm just crying because of it. Great story now I shall go try to think of happy thoughts

Wonderful story! And I liked the "Ordinary World" reference in there.. :raritywink: Great song, imagining it in my head while reading this gave me some hella feels.

this..this is an amazing story. I teared up while reading it. :fluttercry:

:trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:This is one of my most favorite stories about sunset shimmer!!!

Principal Chinch is that one downvote.

Actually there's less stories about this out there than you'd think most of them one-shots or short stories but yours is really really good.

I really like this, you've shown everyone's character and experiences very well.

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