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Twilight goes for a walk on her own, but is ambushed by the Dazzlings who place a fourth pendant around her neck. The pendants magic turns her into a siren, but there is a backfire for the Dazzlings that they didn't see coming.

Takes place before the battle of the bands.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 13 )

Interesting setup so far, love to see where this one will go.

Not bad, but I think it's progressing a bit to fast. Especially the change in charactar from Twilight.

Don't worry. She will change more than she already has.

I am not sure if this a good or a bad thing, but I will find out soon enough.
Do you plan to keep the Chapters this short or will they get longer with time?

It's kind of my thing to start out small and go gradually bigger over time

Nice story so far. Can't wait to see what happens next chapter!:twilightsheepish:

Next chapter should be out in a day or two:yay:

Definitely agree
Cannot wait. I am tracking this.

As they came close to the school they heard the Dazzlings sign to gather negative energy. The Rainbooms walked straight up them with Sunset in the front and Twilight behind. The Dazzlings noticed then stood up and walked straight up to them.

I think the first one is suposed to mean sing and at the second you missed something, or isn't it supossed to mean up to them

Also for the last sentence, wouldn't it sound better like this?: The Dazzling noticed this and meet them halfway.

I agree. I'm sticking around to see where this goes.

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