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Instead of sending Twilight to the caves, Chrysalis chose a different method of getting rid of Twilight, she changed her race, and banished her from Equestria. How will she adapt, to her new race, especially when where she ended up, has it's own dangers.

Well, Twilight is the Element of magic, and even becoming a pegasus won't change that.

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Love of flying and yes on turning into a filly.

Applejack is probably more enjoy/value hard work.
Rarity, possibly along the lines of giving time to others at the expense of her own work. I agree, not an easy one.

I'd go with stay the same age. Lessons can still be learned.

For Rarity’s trait, I would say her compassion. Rarity always helps those who need it. And I think her turning into a filly would be AWESOME!

Personally, I always pegged Rarity as thoughtfulness. She's less about how much she gives, but rather doing the right thing, for the right person, for the right reason, focusing on the quality, rather than the quantity of giving.

Thanks for the help. Rarity will be as suggested, and with a vote of two to one, Twilight will be a Filly. Time to start writing the next chapter.

Maybe artistic cloud shaping?

This story is definitely interesting, you've got a really unique CW idea, but if I could suggest one thing, try fleshing out the story a bit more, go in with characters emotions, describe the area/setting, make the dialogue more in depth, and in turn, this will help lengthen your story up a bit, and give it more substance.

Seeing that the elements cutie marks disappeared along the elements themselves, this could only mean Equestria will be needing new heroes.

Not too bad of an upgrade, the chapter is definitely more descriptive, and what communication there is seems a bit better, now see if you can fit a bit more in them.

Maybe Generosity to Applebloom, Honesty to Scootaloo, and Kindness to Sweetie Belle. But don't take my word for it. It is in part from me never really liking where honesty, loyalty and generosity (though this one has somewhat grown on me of late) ended up in the Mane 6. Still think AJ and RD should have been each other's elements but that's just me.

Thanks for the Christmas Gift.

So Twilight pretty much can out fly even Rainbow Dash. Wow. Not even Rainbow Dash can outrun the speed of light.

Tip aim for 1000 word chapters it will help in the long run,

ah yes the 8 pointed arrows........


*Proximity fused artillery round hits you* One less heretic.

Good but please make it longer.

For the first question IMO the answer is no but in the end it's your choice on the second I have no idea and on the chapter itself... interesting.

I think that, since the elements are different now, maybe Twilight is faith, Bark Wing is trust, Pandora is patience, Scootaloo is courage, Apple bloom is teamwork, and Sweetie is forgiveness.

First question: A very intelligent pony with the ability to defy the laws of physics? Yes
Second question: Do what you wish.

Im glad Im not the only one to think that. You think the show made a mistake in writing by having their elements that way. It would make sense as to why Applejack couldn`t see through the lie made by Chrysalis.

They fired their lazer! BLAAAAARGH!

Great chapter with the new bearer defeat Sombra.

How's long until the next chapter is ready?.

Good. For the next chapter, please have Princess Celestia restore Twilight back to normal (unicorn) before she and the others apologize to her.

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