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A pony of mystery in the darkness. Or I forgot to take the lens cap off.


Can Midnight Sparkle ever escape the girl she used to be?

Midnight is haunted by a Twilight who won't go away.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 7 )

Cant wait! Also, the tittle is fine!

Can't figure out if Midnight supposed to be a real person or the product of Twilight's imagination and she's just insane.


You made me feel sorry for Midnight.

This so much needs more chapters. This is not just a nice little intro; the idea of how an overpowered “I used to do X, but now I have given it up“ comes to grip with their current situation is just begging to be fleshed out.

Title idea: the Twilight with everything.

Up to you, the new chapter sounds fun.

Why aren't there as many fanfics of Midnight becoming the empress of the world as there should be?

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