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A pony of mystery in the darkness. Or I forgot to take the lens cap off. (They/them is fine.)


Can Midnight Sparkle ever escape the girl she used to be?

Midnight is haunted by a Twilight who won't go away.

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Cant wait! Also, the tittle is fine!

Can't figure out if Midnight supposed to be a real person or the product of Twilight's imagination and she's just insane.


You made me feel sorry for Midnight.

This so much needs more chapters. This is not just a nice little intro; the idea of how an overpowered “I used to do X, but now I have given it up“ comes to grip with their current situation is just begging to be fleshed out.

Title idea: the Twilight with everything.

Up to you, the new chapter sounds fun.

Why aren't there as many fanfics of Midnight becoming the empress of the world as there should be?

Yeah, once that initial rush of power wears off, any Twilight will see that world subjugation isn't worth the trouble given enough time. When given a chance to escape revenge and do what she always wanted to do with magic in the first place? Of course she'd take it.

That said, the shift from haughty, internally conflicted world tyrant to grateful refugee feels way too fast. Yes, it was a facade, but there's no visible sign of Midnight dropping it. No sigh of relief, no hesistation as she forces herself to drop the act, no little nod of approval from her saner reflection. Just a seamless witching of gears to moving out. Her dialogue makes it sound like she's exhausted from trying to stay one step ahead of whatever resistance may exist—and how long has she ruled the world, anyway?—but her actions make it seem like she wasted a weekend on a hobby that didn't pan out.

I do quite like the premise here, but the resolution feels way too quick. Also, Sunset's apparent death gets glossed over a little too easily. :twilightoops:

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