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This story is a sequel to My Little Twilight

Twilight has been terrified of fireworks ever since a bottle rocket hit her when she was eight. The loud noises scare her and induce panic attacks, but when Sunset’s around she always has a way to calm her fears.

Honestly, this only exists because little!sci-twi has my heart and soul

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D'awwww! Total cuteness! EEE! >.<

Adorable as always , hope to see more soon

This is your otp, isn't it?

Currently, Mal and Ben have reeeaaallllyyyyy been growing on me, but Sci-set is definitely up there among other ships, such as Robin and Kali from Stranger Things and Jo and Laurie from Little Women.

These two stories were precious and sweet. :twilightsmile:

Doctor: I am sorry patient, it seems you have contacted the adorabetes disease. You don't have much time left. Only enough to re-read this story again. HURRY UP!

Me: (Dies Immediately) 😂

Doctor: I am so sorry Mrs Highnose. Your daughter didn't make it.

My mom: 😭😭😭😫😫😭😭 Oh my poor child.


Sunny's just so good to Twiggels. Very cute.

Used to have a fear of fireworks myself when I was little when I nearly burnt my foot when one went off in my neighborhood but I've gotten over my fear of fireworks but I have spent 2 fourth of julys in a row at home with my dog to keep her calm especially last year

Do you think maybe you could have Spike in one of these stories? I bet cuddling her puppy would make her feel better :) This was adorable :D

Ooh maybe I should put him in one. He was in Sparkling Midnight for a little bit, but that was about it.

That would be awesome! I love stories with Puppy Spike! He's so adorable :)

Do ponies have long tongues?

Idk, these are humans.

It's so adorable I enjoy cute SciSet Stories Great Job 👍

This is adorable. Its a shame this and its prequel are literally the only little space stories on this site.
It would be great to see more of this, Sunset caring for Scitwi is super cute.

Darkness Calls by ChiakiNanaMemes is what inspired these stories and is the only other little space story I know of, also with Sciset. You should check it out!

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