• Published 22nd Mar 2020
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Dear Twilight Sparkle - Gaydream Shimmer

Sunset Shimmer's brain becomes jumbled, leaving Demon Sunset and Daydream Shimmer in charge.

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Chapter 2

Hi, my name is Midnight Sparkle, and I’m a Magic-o-holic. The first step to fixing your Magic-o-holic problem is admitting you have one. Who’s next?

Midnight, please, shut up.

Twilight Sparkle sat in AP Geology, trying her best to focus on jotting down her notes. Unfortunately for her, one Midnight Sparkle decided that she’d rather be elsewhere, and made it very clear.

But I’m booooored! We already know this particular lesson, you studied it three weeks in advance! The demonic being complained.

With an irritated groan, Twilight sat back in her seat, muttering under her breath, “it never hurts to be prepared…”

“Miss Sparkle, is there something you would like to add?”

Jolting up straight, the mentioned girl stammered for a moment before making her recovery, “no, ma’am.”

With that Miss Maudileena Daisy Pie continued: “Very well. The lesson was almost over, anyway. If you turn to page 7, that is the section on sedimentary rocks. Since this is a class, assignments of sorts are required. Each of you now has the task to create 9 rock poems by the end of the week; 3 on sedimentary, 3 on igneous and 3 on metamorphic. You may take the last few minutes of class to begin working on them.”

Twilight momentarily hummed over the assignment. Surely, while an interesting task from Ms. Pie, she would have little trouble with completing it! There are many different ways to take to a poem, after all. Moments later the bell rang, signifying the end of class as well as the school day.


Twilight rolled her eyes and packed away her things. She slung her backpack over her shoulder, and, together with Rarity, left the classroom. One could only hope Midnight would see fit to not interrupt her conversation with Rarity as the two navigated towards their lockers.

“Do you think Sunset will be alright?” The dress-maker began, maneuvering between the students heading in the opposite directions.

“I sure hope so. From what Applejack and Fluttershy said, things got weird at the office.”

“Wow, so cool! This is the office? I wish Sunset would’ve blown this place up too, it’s bo-or-ing.”

Applejack continued to ignore Sunset. They just couldn’t make sense of the comments she had been making, and the way she argued with herself was confusing. One moment, she was happily talking about how magical friendship is, the very next saying it was “overrated” and “who needs all that emotional-ness?”.

They paused, before Fluttershy spoke up. “Um, Sunset, you are Sunset, so you did blow up the front of the building..”

Sunset frowned. “No, I-” She blinked, before regaining her stature and speaking up again. “Oh! Haha, of course! I was just err.. Joking around?” She hesitated, anxiously looking away as to not meet their gaze.

Applejack groaned, before turning to the secretary. “We’d uh, like to check out our friend here?” The secretary glanced over questioningly, before their gaze landed on Sunset.

“And your friend would be?” It was a pointless question, really- there wasn’t a single soul in school who was unaware of Sunset Shimmer. Regardless, the employee asked, just so they could have something more to do with her otherwise boring day.

“Well, since you asked so politely, Demon Shimmer at your service!” Sunset froze, before she frantically began to interrupt herself. “I mean- Um- I’m Sunset Shimmer. The real, 100% pon- er, human who saved everybody countless times!” The secretary raised their eyebrow, before beginning to type on the computer.

“This says you’re 18 so you don’t need a parent signing you out. What’s the reason you are leaving early, Miss Shimmer?” They asked, glancing back up from their computer.

“Well uh, Sunset’s a bit unwell in the head right now. No offence, Sunset.” Applejack filled in, nervously chuckling as she was glancing back at Sunset. The mentioned girl let out an airy snort.

“Wow, thanks.”

“Very well, be on your way now, you’re starting a line.” They said, pointing out the ever growing line of students waiting behind Applejack and Sunset. Fluttershy was already waiting on the other side of the door, doing her best to remain unnoticed amongst the students. Applejack nodded, silently wondering if there was something in the food that so many students were there.

“Alrighty then, now c’mon Sunset, let’s go.” AJ started, starting to pull Sunset by her arm. Sunset let out a shriek.

“NO! I’M NOT DONE ADMIRING THE DOOR YET!” She shouted, fighting against the farmer’s strong grip.

“C’mon now, quit bein’ so stubborn!” Applejack heaved, even with her newly found strength she struggled with Sunset’s flailing. After a few moments, Sunset seemed to give in to her fate and slumped over in Applejack’s arms. “See, now that wasn’t so hard was it?” AJ quipped, and the three began the journey to the parking lot to bring Sunset home.

“It would certainly seem as such, wouldn’t it?” Rarity pondered, as she grabbed the last notebook from her locker and carefully put it in her bag. “Whatever got to that dear, I do so hope it passes soon. Heavens knows we could use a break from magical situations right now, especially poor Sunset.”

Twilight nodded in agreement. “She’s always pushing herself so hard, I wish she wouldn’t feel so responsible still for bringing magic to this world.”

An unwelcome voice scoffed in her mind, As if you can say that you don’t still feel guilty for the Friendship Games incident. Besides, she deserves it if she gets a little loopy. She’s the reason I can’t get to the magic!

The bespectacled girl shivered at the accusatory statement, but had no comeback. Even if she claimed it wasn’t true, she and Midnight both knew that she held onto that small bit of guilt. Not that the said ex-villainess being there and reminding her of it daily helped at all.

Her friend hummed and brought Twilight out of her little world. “Well, no point wasting time over talking about it, I suppose. We’d best be getting to practice, wouldn’t want to not take advantage of the time we have scheduled for using the band room.”

The friends continued on to the band room, with not much else to talk about. They arrived to find all the Rainbooms already there- minus Sunset of course. Luckily, they were still just getting set up, so the two quickly joined them and began to play.

Author's Note:

And scene!
Hey, sorry this chapter took so long! I didn't intend for us to take until two months after I promised we'd release another chapter, but we struggled with this one. Juggling school and the motivation to actually write was difficult, but with school ending soon we should be able to get the next chapters out quicker, but since what happened last time when I gave a deadline, I won't make any promises. But we do intend to get this story finished, no matter how long it may take. See you all next chapter! :twilightsmile:

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