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Hi! If your viewing my profile, I mostly just read fanfictions on here. I might upload the occasional crackfic, but otherwise I'm just here to have a good time!


Sunset Shimmer is away from the others, and Rainbow Dash is going to find out just what she is up to.

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When you're watching Equestria Girls and writing fanfiction :pinkiecrazy:
But this turned out super good my dude I love it:ajsmug:

I love this story. So funny

Everyone knows Rainbow Dash's other stuffed animal is a generic freckled orange pony with a tiny Stetson, who she goes to sleep with and kisses good night every night.

Totally different, right? Way cooler!

Good start for your first story.

This was pretty funny!

Well that was random. Enjoyable tho.


"Oh nothin', just makin' use of our time before we go off an' do our own thing. Ah for one am excited to go see Dirk Thistleweed!" Rarity rolled her eyes.

“Oh please, that ruffian is nothing of the sort, darling." She said, turning on her phone to look at the time. Sunset smiled.

Of what sort?

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