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This story is a sequel to theseus

Words curl in her throat, like a snake readying itself to strike, and she just barely swallows them down as Rainbow chuckles, pulling the conversation onto another topic. Sunset finds herself left behind — in the cooling remains of the previous — with Applejack's words ringing in her head.

Of course I forgive you, Applebloom. You're family.


The aftermath of Anon-a-Miss isn't as easy on anyone as it seems.

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Speaking just for myself, I think it's quite good, and that you should continue it,
But, of course, that's up to you.

Intriguing prologue.
Tell me more.

I so wanna see more, that is if you're up to it.

i'm glad you've liked it so far! i'm considering going further with this, but whether i do really depends on whether i have time and inspiration enough to be consistent with the style and themes of this fic.
thank you for reading! :)

10615348 I really have!
That's good to hear, but I can understand that side of it, too.
You're very welcome, and good luck with it!

Good. Sunset forgiveness takes time, these people are small. You can do better than them.

I think Sunset should dump them, they threw her away and elf her to suffer greatly, and it's there fault everyone thought she was guilty.
Yet in the aftermath they want to comfort their siblings while they had let Sunset suffer.
That just shows they were never her friends, she do better finding someone else.

They're also teenagers who were tormented by Sunset for a long time, only to see someone spreading their secrets and causing the school to be divided just like it was under her reign, with much of the evidence pointing to Sunset. Is what they did was right? No, of course not. But it is understandable, given the circumstances.
Sunset herself knows how much her actions hurt the others in school, especially her friends. What she did as a bully was bad, and they aren't obligated to forgive, and most certainly not to forget, though at least doing the former would make their friendships with her a little bit more healthy. Whether Sunset will decide that she's better off without the Human 5 as her friends is less a question of whether something is logical and more a question of Sunset's mental state at the time of such a decision. At the moment, even though Sunset knows she personally was not responsible for Anon-a-Miss, she still feels guilty about the things she's done in the past and how they have influenced the outcome of this situation, and that emotion is mixing with her resentment of the Human 5's recent actions to end up in a kind of self-isolating, self-loathing ball of feelings, which is very much. Not a good or healthy state of mind to be making decisions in.
And as for Rarity, Rainbow, and Applejack focusing on the Crusaders... well, there might be more to that than there seems to be.

And i call Bull crap on that.
If that true why did they bother to befriend her treat her like she was forgiven, was it all a trap a set up then?
Where they really just flaunting her around like a trophy or worst a pet, they leashed.

Look behold he vile she demon former bully not anymore but is our little pet, she do what ever we say as we own her.

Ethier way they lied to her, lied to themselves and they lied to Twilight.
Sunset tried to redeem herself, and tried to change her ways the battle of the bands should done that.

i can see where you're coming from, but i feel like that perspective fails to take into account the severity of sunset's actions before and during eqg. sunset's actions were, frankly, horrible. she treated so many of the people in school worse than dirt, among them several members of the human 5, and when in demon form, tried to kill them. this automatically would have given them the grounds to go "nope i'm not interacting with sunset shimmer ever again." the fact that they even were willing to help her after what she did is a testament to their bravery and kindness, or at least to the impact that princess twi left on them.
however, being very kind and brave and loyal to twilight by agreeing to help sunset =/= being perfect friends/perfect teachers/perfectly emotionally mature, and befriending sunset and working to get to know her =/= forgetting everything she did/no longer resenting how she had treated them. heck, you could even make and support the argument that even they didn't know that they were still holding onto resentment — again, expecting flawless emotional maturity from a bunch of teenagers is unrealistic, so its very possible that they were resentful and afraid of sunset without realising that they were feeling that way.
and yes, while rainbow rocks did grow the bonds between sunset and the five, you could still see that the others were somewhat suspicious and unsure of sunset (awesome as i wanna be, anyone?). the problem was that the five never actually sat down and hashed this out with sunset, didn't talk to her and apologise for their mistakes, or tell her about their suspicion (again possibly because they didn't realise they were feeling that about sunset, or because they dismissed the feeling as a side effect of the sirens' attack)

well I don't like how the first movie BS'd sunset being forgiven i do have to point out there is still the issue that if the mane 5 were not willing to take on the task with genuine effort they should have told twilight to her face. it was bad enough in rainbow rocks for the BS no offense thing but your taking sunsets actions to an extreme well mitigating the actual extreme of the CMC. i have pointed this out and well continue to point out that the CMC broke the law and it was essentially ignored by both there families and the school system in general. juvenile hall is a thing and they should have gone there.

there is also the issue of broken trust and the rather toxic attitude the mane 5 had towards sunset during the occasion but we literally had an instant of applejack attempting to tell sunset she was unwelcome in a public place of business neither she nor her family owned. the feeling sunset should dump her friends may be extreme but it is far from as unfounded as you seem to be pushing.

I can understand your anger and see your point believe me i do, the situation was handled with a 'whelp our bad' and sunset essentially going 'ok'. this is both unrealistic and insulting to the audience as that trust would take a lot longer to repair and may infact be irreparable.

that being said sunsets no angel either in this matter and has done a lot to instill a problematic atmosphere in the school that well likely take years for people to forget, you may forget the minor bullies but you never quite forgive the really bad ones. does this excuse the mane 5's actions? hell no but it does make it understandable within the context of them being teenagers.

your both taking one degree too far and not considering one degree far enough and i just wanted to weigh in and make a point here.

Wow, this is only the first chapter and It’s already different from other anon-a-miss stories.

First off, I appreciate you being very respectful and actually putting thought into your comment (don’t see many of those).

Second, Sunset being easily forgiven was one of the reasons why I didn’t like the first movie.

Third, would you deny a request from a princess, even though she’s from another world?

And fourth, I love how you considered The Cutie Mark Crusaders action from a law point of view, but didn’t sunset also break a few laws as well?

you are correct that sunset broke laws, the more pressing issue with those is proof, they had the CMC admitting what they did.

in sunsets case what she did to the main 5 was only based around twilights suspicions as accurate as they where it would be impossible to prove she hacked anything.

if you mean at the school? hell yes what she did was illegal but the issue is if there from a world without magic then it's likely much like our own society today, they don't consider the supernatural as viable evidence in a courtroom.

as for denying the request, yes that's true from a teenagers perspective I'd say but I'd also say in most cases better to disappoint someone by refusing then by failing.

We could use that as an excuse for some of the characters, but what about the readers and fans? They know all the things that sunset has done but as soon as the cmc come up with anon-a-miss, you have people in the comments saying that their punishment was too light or that they should go to jail. I don’t know if it’s just sunset fans being biased or if there’s something that I’m missing.

Honestly, I wouldn’t know if I would wanna refuse or fail someone, especially if that person is a princess, so I can’t speak much on that.

Now this tells me that Sunset still struggled to forgive, even though she wanted to

Little late, but i think Sunset can't forgive them as they revealed a horrible truth.

No matter what she does she never be forgiven, thus why she was betrayed.
At least she may be thinking that deep inside.
As this just revealed how easily they turned their backs on her and how easily they forgive their siblings why with her she was treated as garbage.

I can't understand a single thing you wrote at the end on author's note . What id you say?! It
s all compressed into one big mess.

Pinkie, Dash, you are usually wonderful people, but the sheer, persistent, agonizing obliviousness you're showing right now makes me want to shoot you with a fire-hose.

Looks like Sunset isn't the only one here who needs to learn to forgive. And the difference between saying you forgive someone, and actually doing so.

As oblivious as Pinkie acts, I don't always buy it. I can see her pushing people through the awkward in order to get to the good stuff on the other side. I can easily see her knowing that Sunset isn't truly happy now, but hoping that just getting her and the rest of her friends together at a party will build opportunities for them to work through all this drama so they all can start to have fun together again. The party environment at a sleepover with everyone having time and attention to spend on social things is much more conducive to forgiveness than a school environment filled with distractions and reasons to leave.

I have to wonder how much of Pinkie's and Rainbow's actions are sincere obliviousness and how much is intentional ignorance.

All the rainbooms need to see therapy or something.

It’s funny how I was having a discussion about this with someone ages ago.

Interesting to see this upload. Curious to see what happens from here on in.

You might want to go over those author notes though, and try to break them down into something more manageable to read.

A very interesting continuation. I'm greatly looking forward to the upcoming drama.

Love Applejack being the one to be conflicted/notice Sunset’s fake smile.

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