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There's a difference — the slightest one, in the slightest areas, paid the slightest attention. There's a weight to it. The magic is heavier in the air and there's a breath behind it, a life that's supernatural in a way that you've forgotten and missed.

In a way that makes you forget what you've left behind.


pre-equestria girls in the room is on fire-verse. sunset 2nd person pov.

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Fascinating, but... Why is this in second person? First person (or even third person) would work just as well, if not better, in getting that deep dive into Sunset's head whilst the second person format just feels somehow... Distracting.

I disagree. Really got me into the head of shim. Good stuff keep it up.

I’m a little confused. Is this meant to make us feel sorry for sunset or something?

i think it's more of a character study

i ADORE second person fics, most i've read NAILS the atmosphere of malaise hanging in the air, and this is no exception

Thank you for writing!!

Oh ok. I guess that works.

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